Worlds Strongest Man 2020 | Qualifiers Day 2

31 dec. 2020
87 389 Weergaven

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  • I like Mikhail, and watching this after the finals (and seeing him dash through the atlas stones), I was already afraid he gets an injury there. That's sad, he was in a really good shape this year, heavier than usual. I'd love to see him in the finals. No idea how much longer he will compete, he is not getting any younger.

    v1asecv1asec11 dagen geleden
  • Novikov is not bloody human omg.

    Billy 007Billy 00712 dagen geleden
  • I appreciate your content. I've been in pretty heavy depression and dying for real and just watching your stuff and all your action has giving me such relief mentally I feel a change for better inside my mind and body. Just wanting to say thanks keep up the great work!!

    UAC Blasters!!!UAC Blasters!!!13 dagen geleden
    • Hi UAC Blasters!!! , I hope you continue to do well. Take care and all the best to you!

      Sage BarnesSage Barnes13 dagen geleden
  • This is the craziest Crossfit Games I've ever seen !

    Aussie Dad BlokeAussie Dad Bloke14 dagen geleden
  • Looks like Tom's future in WSM depends on if the organizers want this to be a strongman or crossfit competition.

    SnifferSockSnifferSock14 dagen geleden
  • @52:40 God Luke is THE best hype man ever! Tom is lucky!

    Mr.MangoMr.Mango15 dagen geleden
  • Knowing already that Brian didn't win kind of makes this depressing for me. I honestly thought that was going to be his #5 and I was excited for him!

    KalevipoegKalevipoeg15 dagen geleden
  • Gavin Bilton looked like he was pretty strong just had bad luck with the rib, dude is built like a tank to.

    Pool SharkPool Shark16 dagen geleden
  • Surprised Oberst did not dominate the log...

    Sos DenesSos Denes16 dagen geleden
  • Terry Hollands is a straight up video game character. From the voice to the build and the dialogue he uses in every day life. Like a war veteran who's "seen some things."

    Cody AbellCody Abell16 dagen geleden
  • Камент на русском в поддержку канала!)))

    УроборосУроборос16 dagen geleden
  • gotta say eddie your a really good commentator, its a joy to watch and listen to your expertise! wish u all the best buddy :)

    SaintMarneusCalgarSaintMarneusCalgar16 dagen geleden
  • Brian Shaws competition to lose, shows how much Eddie knows lol 💪💪

    John FurnissJohn Furniss16 dagen geleden
  • tom stolman is strongest man on this urs flat earth

    kublaj djurokublaj djuro17 dagen geleden
  • ❤️ And happy new year to everyone 🙏💛

    Kuro Ryu Dai RyuKuro Ryu Dai Ryu17 dagen geleden
  • JF-Caron doesn't participate in last two exercices and still ends first. That's how amazing this giant is :D Let's go JF!

    Michaël NadeauMichaël Nadeau17 dagen geleden
  • Tom stoltman will definitely be a future champ

    Olbap RabocseOlbap Rabocse17 dagen geleden
  • You keep this sport alive Eddie

    LEO SpearheadLEO Spearhead18 dagen geleden
  • Did Brian Shaw pressurise Terry Hollands into tying the deadlift? Very strange Brian saying "It's not worth fighting over half a point" - these competitions are always pretty close and he must know this. If Terry had won the deadlift he would have only needed third in the dumbell lift to qualify first in his group and avoid the stone off.

    MegaCityPatrolMegaCityPatrol18 dagen geleden
  • Mikhail Shivlyakov got robbed. Bishop shouldn’t be allowed to “step in” instead of someone else. What kind of bullshit is that? If Singleton dropped out, Mikhail was supposed to simply move on to the finals and not risk an injury like he did, just for the sake of the show. Unfortunately, strongman is still just a TV show for the masses and not fully a sport, that’s why shits like that happens. It’s completely biased towards British athletes, whether you like it or not.

    IronsideIronside18 dagen geleden
  • !When did they start allowing such obvious use of sticky stuff for the atlas stones? The damn rings wouldn't fall off and you could hear it suction cupping to their belly buttons! Atlas stones was always my favorite... but if you can use forearm wraps and sticky shit, kind of defeats the purpose of the event.

    redlinezo613redlinezo61318 dagen geleden
  • Great video.

    Hellscream GamesHellscream Games18 dagen geleden
  • Pritchett wasn't lying when he said he worked really hard at his log.. jeeze, i remember only a couple years back it was pretty well his weakest event..

    Jughead SmithJughead Smith18 dagen geleden
  • You can really tell who has the best conditioning with the medleys.. always loved those for that.

    Jughead SmithJughead Smith18 dagen geleden
  • I'm super surprised Hicks has such poor grip strength..

    Jughead SmithJughead Smith18 dagen geleden
  • Did oberst leave his legs at home?

    daniel kendalldaniel kendall18 dagen geleden
  • 31:49 - Lyosha that is enough! hehehe

    Master OrionMaster Orion18 dagen geleden
  • they should put the weight on the ends of the dumb bells.

    allothernamesbutthisallothernamesbutthis18 dagen geleden
  • Graham Hick is exactly what I picture in my head when someone says Brit. Minus being massively strong and all.

    Alex SmithAlex Smith18 dagen geleden
  • tom spoltman? :D

    Hardcore BackpflaumeHardcore Backpflaume19 dagen geleden
  • 52:30 Tom does feeeeeeeel the stones

    Kimboy92Kimboy9219 dagen geleden
  • I think these stones shit themselves if Tom’s up next time

    sjoerd koerssjoerd koers19 dagen geleden
  • Merry Christmets 👍👍🦁🦁🦁🦁

    Gassan BehnoGassan Behno19 dagen geleden
  • Nothing but respect for Gavin

    Nathan WiebeNathan Wiebe19 dagen geleden
  • Pay for more music.

    Sage BiasSage Bias19 dagen geleden
  • 30:03 who needs technique.

    Sage BiasSage Bias19 dagen geleden
  • I like how eddies predictions of whos coming i what place in events are usually correct

    sundui galmandakhsundui galmandakh19 dagen geleden
  • TOM S. OWNS THE STONES!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

    Deanna WheelerDeanna Wheeler19 dagen geleden
  • I can’t remember ever seeing anyone lift Two dumbbells that are that heavy that easy and that quick like Brian did. That was insane...I really really hope he goes to WSM next year

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly family19 dagen geleden
  • Maxime really made an effort probably knowing Tom was going to smash that event. Brain just looks too big to run as quick as the smaller contestants. He is one Big bloke.

    786philb786philb19 dagen geleden
  • can we all agree Brian has THE STRONGEST shoulders in the competition?

    Daniel DuCong'eDaniel DuCong'e19 dagen geleden
  • Novikov and young Stoltman, those guys are only in the beginning, cant wait for next years ;) =)

    Vaclav Katona 90Vaclav Katona 9019 dagen geleden
  • Eddie is literally the best commentator for this, he has much knowledge and predict everything right

    J MJ M19 dagen geleden
  • anyone ele wait for Eddie's coverage as its far better than channel 5?

    rikrik19 dagen geleden
  • Better coverage of WSM on Ed’s NLworld channel than channel 5! Cheers Ed!

    Marcus HulmeMarcus Hulme19 dagen geleden
  • The dumbbell event is brutal, huge athletes made to look like weakling amateurs. You could see nearly everyone get to the 220 and the look of 'holy ****" when they first lifted it. Except Brian!

    John DJohn D19 dagen geleden
  • Bood row! Ignore the rest of those letters in his name 😁😁😁 Hannah, slap some sense into Eddie, would you? 😂😂😂

    Tim LarsonTim Larson19 dagen geleden
  • It's a shame a few individuals aren't shown... Is that to avoid showing them do badly/injured e.g. Nick doing medley

    John DJohn D19 dagen geleden
  • Why do different groups do different events? It seems a bit unfair, is this standard practice?

    John DJohn D19 dagen geleden
    • Yeah, it's a bit on and off depending on the mood of the organizers. But this year and for a few years straight there's been "variety added" throughout the groups.

      Vain4223Vain422319 dagen geleden
  • The medley really illustrates how important technique is

    John DJohn D19 dagen geleden
  • its nice to see a video with eddie back to normal instead of pretending to be a boxer

    Orlando PocketsOrlando Pockets19 dagen geleden
  • Im 175 lbs i will beat the fuck outa beast

    mamasboy 94mamasboy 9419 dagen geleden
  • terry letting the brits down for a 50% british final hahaha, just kidding terry! you absolute brute of a man. Amazing to have you back on form.

    Ashley GoggsAshley Goggs20 dagen geleden
  • Why u holdin 2 toothpicks beast ? Everything looks ridicoulously small in that beasts hands

    Valledanne DanielValledanne Daniel20 dagen geleden
  • God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His love and mercy and grace and forgiveness never ends. He has such an amazing plan for our lives. Leave it in His hands. Come home to Jesus. This life is only temporary. Eternity is forever. Do you know where you will spend etenity? Do you know Jesus as your Lord and savior? If not, please come home to Him today.

    Michael HarrisMichael Harris20 dagen geleden
  • why do you never take part?

    mileshall123mileshall12320 dagen geleden
  • Poor Gav Bilton... guy is a 200kg beast and a very cheerfull lad but just didn't have much luck

    Ruben BraekmanRuben Braekman20 dagen geleden
  • Happy New Year

    Shahryar 2001Shahryar 200120 dagen geleden
  • As a non UK/US guy I am loving to have this as an easy way to watch WSM. Great job Eddie

    Jenara19Jenara1920 dagen geleden
  • Robert Oberst really has to train this...

    DerParadonymDerParadonym20 dagen geleden
  • The performance of Tom Stoltman on the atlas stone is something i've never seen. Incredible

    D-9341D-934120 dagen geleden
    • @kublaj djuro Yeah, whatever

      D-9341D-934116 dagen geleden
    • @D-9341 good for u too is flat and aliens made covid virus

      kublaj djurokublaj djuro16 dagen geleden
    • @kublaj djuro Good for you

      D-9341D-934116 dagen geleden
    • once i seen bear poo in a was incredible too

      kublaj djurokublaj djuro17 dagen geleden
    • When Tom ist lifting stones he looks like a guy playing with pebbles😂

      Magic MaxMagic Max19 dagen geleden
  • Gavin was laying shit on his stomach

    Seifeldin IsmailSeifeldin Ismail20 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one super pumped to see Brian win his 5th WSM (knock on wood)

    Carrie TannerCarrie Tanner20 dagen geleden
    • Y’all gonna tell ‘em? Or should I

      Tony GonzálezTony González20 dagen geleden
  • screw the relay event...

    whatsappwhatsapp20 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for uploading these!!

    MarcelEnduro300MarcelEnduro30020 dagen geleden
  • These guys even recognize skinny Beast?

    Paul BakerPaul Baker20 dagen geleden
  • Those goddam rings

    Cameron ShapiroCameron Shapiro20 dagen geleden
  • 🥰😍😘😘😘🍑🐻🦀✨🤠🌮🌮🌮

    Noctis CaelumNoctis Caelum20 dagen geleden
  • my heart rate so high - gettin good cardio just watching

    BoBo20 dagen geleden
  • You've gotta feel for anybody who has to compete against Tom in the stones. Especially if Luke is there doing his best demonic, Bravehart cheering.

    Christian BChristian B20 dagen geleden
  • Bilton is carrying far too much fat

    james gjames g20 dagen geleden
  • Happy New Year Eddie have a wonderful year ahead :)

    Tanmay FadnisTanmay Fadnis20 dagen geleden
  • Eddie look and sound like a proud dad talking about Tom 😂😂

    Fecey RandomFecey Random20 dagen geleden
  • Happy New Year Eddie and your family also, thanks for entertaining me this past year🙂

    Meowie PlayzMeowie Playz20 dagen geleden
  • It’s weird seeing how strong these guys are then how weak some of their events can actually be

    OGGY 1998OGGY 199820 dagen geleden
    • There's are extremely heavy weights my dude

      alex stamalex stam20 dagen geleden
  • I have heard the reports from Loz & Liz but really nice to see the Men in action. In both your videos I really found myself rooting for the Guys.

    Michael JacksonMichael Jackson20 dagen geleden
    • Watching Tom on stones is always impressive

      Michael JacksonMichael Jackson20 dagen geleden
    • Really cool to see Brian on the dumbbells. Impressive

      Michael JacksonMichael Jackson20 dagen geleden
  • Annoying to still see people walking around with a mask on their mouth but not their nose. Like why. Just don’t wear one at that point??

    Jayden ReidJayden Reid20 dagen geleden
  • Terry should be there that's messed up if him and brain didn't do that 6 reps shit and brain just let him win with 7 they would both be there right now o well way it goes .

    in motionin motion20 dagen geleden
  • have a happy new year :)

    MrFatbardMrFatbard20 dagen geleden
  • Eddie's new year resolution to BE HYDRATED

  • 36:53 shaw coming up

    Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 202120 dagen geleden
  • tom stoltman wins it next year

    Mark SMark S20 dagen geleden

    Shady TreeShady Tree20 dagen geleden
  • At 7:36 man in front tell him to do less of the chest and zlower abs they are getting in the way of his actual legs impressive but cant run like that.

    Shady TreeShady Tree20 dagen geleden
  • Just think what would happen if a hydrayed Eddie ended up joining the events.

    beenallaroundtheworldbeenallaroundtheworld20 dagen geleden
  • Happy new year guys can't wait for Eddie to beat Thor's ass

    forty fortforty fort20 dagen geleden
  • Very nice to see stoltman at finals👍 very exited to see how this will go

    MaTaasEnMaTaasEn20 dagen geleden
  • Happy new year champ. 👍

    Tito NelTito Nel20 dagen geleden
  • I feel bad for Oberst. The guy has heart and a massive drive but he's just simply outmatched and his injuries don't help either. I really want him to win some day but I'm losing faith.

    Colin MackayColin Mackay20 dagen geleden
    • @A A2327 which is why I said im losing faith. I always thought he had a chance a few years ago (I thought he would get better and better each year) but he hasn't really gotten much better. If anything his injuries and setbacks have made him worse.

      Colin MackayColin Mackay19 dagen geleden
    • You need your head testing mate if you have any faith in Oberst winning WSM. Fun guy to watch and brings some drama into it but he's massively outmatched at the top level.

      A A2327A A232719 dagen geleden
  • I am the only one not liking those speed events?

    M.JanskiM.Janski20 dagen geleden
  • 👍🏼

  • I can tell you who wins...

    PsychoMushroomPsychoMushroom20 dagen geleden
  • Gavin looks like either the most wholesome uncle ever, or the kinda uncle you don't let be around children alone. I can't decide which and it's killing me.

    DamascusRavenDamascusRaven20 dagen geleden
    • @Alpha Mogg I think he was a last minute decision because someone pulled out of the competition at the last second

      Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar10 dagen geleden
    • @Lasse Madsen Its a bot. It spams these messages.

      DexDex16 dagen geleden
    • ​@OGGY 1998 He pulled his back on the squat. Mad props for soldiering on.

      Georg FGeorg F19 dagen geleden
    • Just read about him. He's actually a cool dude with a cool past

      AeroSlayer74AeroSlayer7419 dagen geleden
    • @OGGY 1998 why?

      Simon BSimon B19 dagen geleden
  • Happy new year Eddie and family! 🥳

    Craig MacdonaldCraig Macdonald20 dagen geleden
  • When is the final?

    Nacho Martínez LatorreNacho Martínez Latorre20 dagen geleden
  • RIP Aaron Page Gone to soon.

    sidcupsidcup20 dagen geleden
  • I hear that Brain Shaw is planning on shredding, probably taking inspiration from Eddie.

    Truman LauerTruman Lauer20 dagen geleden
    • Eddie is hardly getting shredded!

      John DJohn D19 dagen geleden
  • Eddie should give the title of The Beast to Tom Stoltman

    ALRIHAEALRIHAE20 dagen geleden
  • Loved the video Eddie

    Alca2020 TelAlca2020 Tel20 dagen geleden
  • This just shows how pathetic the tv show WSM is and how some of the athletes don’t even belong in this tv show. Thankfully we have the new guys to take this sport to a new level. This is awful. In addition, since Brian Shaw just showed you how it’s done these athletes need to get away from this trash tv stuff like WSM and Giants live. Get far away from Colin Bryce and change the game.

    Rob ORob O20 dagen geleden