World’s Strongest Man Tries Navy Seal Fitness Test | Passes?!

30 aug. 2020
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Team Beast

  • WHAT A WAY TO SPEND A SUNDAY 🤙🏼I don't think i will ever see a 1.5. mile run like this ever again... heart of a lion and legs of a rhino 😂🤙🏼BIG thanks brother... let's do something easier next time, like another eating challenge and swim, 😂🤙🏼

    Ross EdgleyRoss Edgley4 maanden geleden
    • Breathe more on ur ups and push ups u won't get gassed as fast eddie

      deltadave11bdeltadave11b7 dagen geleden
    • You, Nick, Brian, and Rob are such fun, wholesome athletes. I love watching you guys.

      aBigButterStickaBigButterStick9 dagen geleden
    • What is the name of this tune

      crazy gammercrazy gammer10 dagen geleden
    • I would like to see you try the royal marine commando fitness test

      Jake LaytonJake Layton10 dagen geleden
    • you're annoying but funny haha

      LasolLasol11 dagen geleden
  • Navy Seal Fitness, it,s a machine gun and to kill children

    Ante JoduAnte Jodu59 minuten geleden
  • I'd love to see hik re do this now that he has a lot more cardio in because of the boxing?

    MegaMad11MegaMad113 uur geleden
  • Of course the seal did better they’re completely different builds

    Terry The SharkTerry The Shark3 uur geleden
  • Dude Eddie's abs look like a freakin bodyarmour.

    adadadad7 uur geleden
  • Why don't you both try out the Russian slapping tournament

    HIDE DA WEEDHIDE DA WEED8 uur geleden
  • Imagine being chased by a Zombie Eddie hall that wants to eat you.....!!!

    KrishnaKrishna9 uur geleden
  • Military training isn’t really about strength or agility. It only want to see the stamina, endurance and desperate tenacity of survival. I’ve met some UDTs and SSUs and they were never insanely strong but their stamina is off the chart.

    MJ C.MJ C.15 uur geleden
  • Water feels so heavy when eddie swims.. how is my comment

    Sam DamSam Dam19 uur geleden
  • Girl is holding America so that guy behind eddie hall opening pants a little

    Sam DamSam Dam19 uur geleden
  • He is laughing too much .lift him upside down.

    Sam DamSam Dam19 uur geleden
  • Eddie hall bro my kids want to play and climb on a buffalo which is harmless and hornless. Can you give a chance.?☺

    Sam DamSam Dam20 uur geleden
  • He is worlds strongest not the worlds fittest

    Sam DamSam Dam20 uur geleden
  • Very funny and good

    fernando barthfernando barth21 uur geleden
  • Imagine having so much muscle between your abs.

    King beefKing beefDag geleden
  • imagine that beast bursting through a window and screaming "GET ON THE GROUND"

    ScullyboyScullyboyDag geleden
  • Imagine eddie punched you as hard as he can in your face

    Alayja OwensAlayja OwensDag geleden
  • Ur mutch stronger

    Leander SætherLeander SætherDag geleden
  • that swimmer was so obnoxious. miscounting made it kinda annoying.

    Ryan DickinsonRyan DickinsonDag geleden
  • You are amazing man. Your incredibly fit for a strongman. And at your weight to be capable of keeping up with a marine with unbelievably good stamina

    יונתן אביבייונתן אביביDag geleden
  • Imo being a soldier with that much muscle is not ideal. It is good looking, for sure, but it takes a lot of energy to move that and also it takes a whole lot of food to keep the energy. I think the SAS approach of strong but lean is better. I might be mistaken since I am not a soldier. I did do MMA for a long time and people with large muscles tend to gas quicker.

    VikotnickVikotnickDag geleden
  • WHAT A WAY TO SPEND A SUNDAY 🤙🏼I don't think i will ever see a 1.5. mile run like this ever again... heart of a lion and legs of a rhino 😂🤙🏼BIG thanks brother... let's do something easier time, like another eating challenge and swim, 😂🤙🏼

    LinusLinusDag geleden
  • Alright navy seal testing is not swimming....

    someonesomewheresomeonesomewhereDag geleden
  • Bad executed push ups from the skinny guy....He moved from the begining on the shoulder more up than the lower part of the body it was not a straight line.

    someonesomewheresomeonesomewhereDag geleden
  • This is great, but those tests are not over the course of a day, there is a specified rest period that is very short between exercises which changes the entire dynamic. Please check the rest periods and the exercise is important. BTW, the swim is first so the rest of the test is you wet basically

    Daniel MurrayDaniel MurrayDag geleden
  • Wait, over 100'000 Likes, has somebody already suggested the Russian SpezNaz Training as next one?

    PumpelchePumpelcheDag geleden
  • Actually Ross has Stolen Eddie's Pant that's why he's after him.

    COC Master VivekCOC Master VivekDag geleden
  • He's running like a 2 year boy😂😂

    COC Master VivekCOC Master VivekDag geleden
    • He's carrying 160 kg you know. It's hard to run at this weight

      יונתן אביבייונתן אביביDag geleden
  • Eddie is just 33 but looks like 50 years old. He has very unusual Body shape. Especially chest.

    COC Master VivekCOC Master VivekDag geleden
  • Eddie is very funny. He always entertain😂😂

    COC Master VivekCOC Master VivekDag geleden
  • I'm excited to see how he shaves his side arms?

    COC Master VivekCOC Master VivekDag geleden
  • Send location

    Danny DenilsonDanny DenilsonDag geleden
  • Therence Hill and Bud Spencer ?

    Alexandre SolutricineAlexandre SolutricineDag geleden
  • It's a damn good thing our SEALS aren't built on physical prowess but mental stamina!!!!

    CJ SchmittCJ SchmittDag geleden
  • Imagine you go to train each day with your training partner who is Ross, even on a bad day his joy and outlook would get you through

    Adrian LawsAdrian LawsDag geleden
  • 17:40 😂😂😂 idk why but I was imagining an episode of cops

    BakaKamiBakaKamiDag geleden
  • Someone will call him slow. When I’m thinking he will 1 one punch me in a fight

    FrostFrostDag geleden
  • Avoiding full extension push ups nulls result, cheater. Penalty should apply. Perhaps knock off -10 from count.

    Matt AustraliaMatt AustraliaDag geleden
  • Official psts go Swim Push ups Sit-ups Pull-ups Run

    Gabe MccardellGabe MccardellDag geleden
  • The funniest thing about this is that I’ve done 100 sit-ups and it was indeed a painful experience but o worth it

    Jacks AceJacks AceDag geleden
  • Well done sir, a bit funny as well, you started with hands behind head and ended with fingers on foreheads 😂

    xpertcrushxpertcrush2 dagen geleden
  • for that amont of pain...i let you for sure a like!!!

    Calm Like A BombCalm Like A Bomb2 dagen geleden
  • What watch was he using in the run

    Jacob BrothertonJacob Brotherton2 dagen geleden
  • 😂

    Daisy SuperdogDaisy Superdog2 dagen geleden
  • Highly entertaining. Well done fellas. A bit thumbs up 👍

    Darren ShaylerDarren Shayler2 dagen geleden
  • the ironic part of this is that according to us navy standards eddie would be overweight.......... eddie can bench press a bull moose but the us navy would say hes fat

    chad neibaurchad neibaur2 dagen geleden
  • "Take a knee" collapses

    jake fromstatefarmjake fromstatefarm2 dagen geleden
  • imagine having a picnic and seeing the worlds strongest man run past you with a gopro on.

    diredire2 dagen geleden
  • Thats was awesome

    Ragnar R1Ragnar R12 dagen geleden
  • What a stupid video. might as well race an elephant against a cheetah in a 400 metre sprint video next!

    Matthew MMatthew M2 dagen geleden
  • dude this was filmed at manley mere? i fuckin love that place whaaaaat

    Doug CardenDoug Carden3 dagen geleden
  • Im confused. Im 184cm, 110kg fat, i worked out for a year 4 times/week about 1,5h. At the end of the year i could do 5 pull ups in a row easily. This man can lift a car and struggles with 10 pull ups at 160kg?

    VivallamannenVivallamannen3 dagen geleden
  • Strength comes from the belly

    Hitesh SoodHitesh Sood3 dagen geleden
  • because i am fat AND I took HGH I can do a full sit-up because of all "the muscle mass" (fat and enlarged gut)

    Ludak021Ludak0213 dagen geleden
  • Amazing by Eddie, if your mate hadn’t set running pace too fast you probably would have done better but zero shame there! Wish I was as fit and strong as you 🤙🏻

    Paul dagen geleden
  • What do I have in common with the World’s strongest man? We both can’t do a full sit up.

    Chloe CChloe C3 dagen geleden
  • This man is a Panzer Korp

    Gabriel GarciaGabriel Garcia3 dagen geleden
  • ed: lifts 1/2 a ton also ed: struggles to lift himself up on a bar

    Rebira JemamaRebira Jemama4 dagen geleden
    • Also also ed: weights like 170 kg. BTW the bar is the world strongest metal cause it held thhe beast

      יונתן אביבייונתן אביביDag geleden
  • the navy seal is not fully extending elbows he don't even know how to do pushups fam he is disqualified

    RockyRocky4 dagen geleden
  • his breaststroke was very clean I'm impressed

    Tegan CrowleyTegan Crowley4 dagen geleden
  • I love your videos bro

    Kyle Sum14Kyle Sum144 dagen geleden
  • LOOK AT "DEM TITTIES!!! all seriousness, nicely done on the run man :)

    kurorreachkurorreach4 dagen geleden
  • bieng a big strong muscley guy isnt everything in fact it harder as you have to carry that that wieght so bieng big and strong may look good but you may fail in running swimming and pull ups as those are exersises where you have to carry your weight yes you will be able to lift big weights but you will fail in the swimming running pull ups etc.

    Boulder Boy HBoulder Boy H4 dagen geleden
  • 12:17 what is the name of that song

    SaltyBeatsSaltyBeats4 dagen geleden
  • At 16:46 you can feel how much Eddie Hall wants to sit on that bench hahaha What a beast doing this at his size!

    luvetohateluvetohate4 dagen geleden
  • So basically you have extreme weight lifting and commendable endurance paired with a guy that has extreme endurance and commendable weight lifting. That’s wack these two.

    BodilyFunctionsBodilyFunctions4 dagen geleden
  • This really shows that you really cant have it all. I wonder if there will come a person that can both be the strongest and fittest man in the world.

    default namedefault name4 dagen geleden
    • It's impossible

      יונתן אביבייונתן אביביDag geleden
  • This is the minimum requirement. But not the competitive numbers. You can hit the minimum but a chance of not go to BUD/S

    Demi JokerDemi Joker4 dagen geleden
  • ross laughs so loud

    lu yaklu yak4 dagen geleden
  • Think what would happen if Eddie's kid got bullied

    Sam mvpSam mvp4 dagen geleden
  • I only counted one push up. Arms never locked fully extended and at 90 degrees, which is a requirement for the PST. He kinda just jerked up and down a couple of inches repeatedly for two minutes. So technically he failed the push ups.

    PewpewParamedicPewpewParamedic5 dagen geleden
    • Shut the fuck up you little bitch

      PUBG MasterPUBG Master3 dagen geleden
  • Yeah being that strong comes with it’s downfalls, but you still did what most of us could never do

    Joseph TubiaJoseph Tubia5 dagen geleden
  • Eddie's gut is MUSCLE. Christ, the amount of core he has...

    Lubri dermLubri derm5 dagen geleden
  • That run for such a big man was impressive.

    Sukhbir SekhonSukhbir Sekhon5 dagen geleden
  • So I will say as being in the US Navy, while it is impressive those sit ups were not regulation 😂😂 or those push up rests. None the less super awesome and way better form and numbers then a lot of other Naval personnel.

    fixurownemailfixurownemail5 dagen geleden
  • I could double all the others ... except I can't swim. great job

    vlchdvlchd5 dagen geleden
  • lmao.... those pushups would not have counted, #1 cuz they weren't to full extension, maybe even not low enough. #2 rest is not allowed with your butt up. Also they order matters, it's swim, push, sit, pull, run, and there is 10 minutes rest after the swim, 2 after calisthenics, 10 before the run.

    Ben PetersonBen Peterson5 dagen geleden
  • Great attitude

    Ken LeachKen Leach5 dagen geleden
  • Top vid guys, put a smile on my face

    hobbs342hobbs3425 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant, typical muscle lad play😂🤣

    steve blanchesteve blanche5 dagen geleden

    Bodybuilding Seedhi BaatBodybuilding Seedhi Baat5 dagen geleden
  • okay but if the big guy were to start drowning how would they save him...

    Joseph GalbraithJoseph Galbraith5 dagen geleden
  • Just here for the running

    Corky VanderHavenCorky VanderHaven5 dagen geleden
  • Imagine looking back and seeing eddie chasing u.

    Tony LeTony Le5 dagen geleden
    • I would use up to my 10th breath

      Falken SkylineFalken Skyline3 dagen geleden
  • 69 :)

    Kaliper CampbellKaliper Campbell5 dagen geleden
  • Keep in mind every time eddie does a pull up he is lifting 300 pounds

    3 D3 D5 dagen geleden
  • Not sure if it really matters at this point but for the Navy/Navy Seals a proper sit up is done by crossing your arms over your chest while grabbing your shoulders, and then touching your elbows to your knees. Not sure if the reach would be there anyways but the more you know lol

    poketigerpoketiger5 dagen geleden
  • I was like “yes we hit 100k likes” then the girl runs by saying 1 million likes.

    3rd AssassinX3rd AssassinX6 dagen geleden
  • You really are 'The Beast' that was awesome, I remember as a Hammer thrower/Shot Putter when I was a lot younger doing a 1500mtrs. It nearly killed me.

    Wayne Roddis-ClarkeWayne Roddis-Clarke6 dagen geleden
  • Stopped watching after the pushups right at rhe start. Arms need to extend fully to count any of them. Two very charismatic guys. Never heard of them, but liking them!

    OutlawbruceOutlawbruce6 dagen geleden
  • hey eddie you and ross should attempt the british royal marines fitness test or the british army fitness test

    Alex PerkinAlex Perkin6 dagen geleden
  • 13:23 the women having a good time. It's time to get back to the gym I ges. If women have a good time so do I.

    fanfamfanfam6 dagen geleden
  • Imagine having such a muscular belly you can't sit up straight

    Jorrma OllilaJorrma Ollila6 dagen geleden
  • Wait he ran a marathon, DRAGGING A CAR. That's insane!

    Maik DreijerMaik Dreijer6 dagen geleden
    • Seal isn't strongest man lol

      Maik DreijerMaik DreijerDag geleden
    • World strongest man and navy seal btw

      יונתן אביבייונתן אביביDag geleden
  • I'm late to the party but it was a blast watching you guys test yourself against mili standards

    Ryan EyeRyan Eye6 dagen geleden
  • he's bullying The Beast 🤣🤣🤣

    Ahmad FaizAhmad Faiz6 dagen geleden
  • The fact he only failed one is a great effort by someone his size well done boss

    Shawn WellsShawn Wells6 dagen geleden
  • Bar on Pull ups: Average people: "Easy as." Eddie Hall: "OH GOD NO!" I was talking about the bar itself.

    Sgt. BardSgt. Bard6 dagen geleden
  • Eddies great, but only 5 or 6 of those push-ups would have counted.

    Rob JonesRob Jones6 dagen geleden
  • But my brother did 100 push ups in a 140 seconds

    Henry Htat Myat AungHenry Htat Myat Aung6 dagen geleden