UK's Strongest Bodybuilder Vs. Eddie Hall

13 jan. 2021
280 983 Weergaven

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Big Love
Team Beast

  • This guy deadlifts like Ahola, pretty much stiff-leg.

    bdegrdsbdegrdsDag geleden
  • Turned off as soon as he says boxing power comes from the back....😂😂

    Leigh PalmerLeigh PalmerDag geleden
  • eddie is the irl HULK!!!

    mileshall123mileshall123Dag geleden
  • He has the closest traps to Janashia i have ever seen.

    D1craigRobD1craigRobDag geleden
  • 8:44 BG Music Name please ???

    Raja NayakRaja Nayak2 dagen geleden
  • Why does their lower back just doesn't look straight?

    AnTroX_4_GameAnTroX_4_Game2 dagen geleden
  • That Miguel dude looks much bigger than he did only 2 months ago when he did a vid with Larry Wheels

    Ahmed IsmailAhmed Ismail3 dagen geleden
  • Cringe worthy!! Hit options - DONT RECOMMEND CHANNEL!

    Phaneendra RaoPhaneendra Rao3 dagen geleden
  • This just goes to show that steroids ARE definite cheat codes. Bad form and still lifting big ass numbers? That's some cheat code if you ask me.

    Lukas LWLukas LW3 dagen geleden
  • Awesome workout. Eddie is naturally so strong. Its amazing, he makes lifting those heavy sets so easy

    Anthony Sagar TiwariAnthony Sagar Tiwari3 dagen geleden
  • A week of speed - not sure I could sniff for that long.

    Alibi MacAlibi Mac5 dagen geleden
  • I'm surprised you don't cover your hands on the cyro. Its really important too

    Ladiesman858Ladiesman8585 dagen geleden
  • he is too tall as a bodybuilder

    Irishman cccIrishman ccc5 dagen geleden
  • Need strongest man in history back

    JokesterJokester5 dagen geleden
  • Beeeaaast I am 177 or 178 cm tall and weigh about 104kg, My deadlift is 160 with 4 reps with belt on and my squat is 140 belt on about 3 or 4 reps. I am completely natural not even any supplement usage. My question is BEAST, How far can I go with only food?! and thanks in advance, your fan from KUWAIT 💙

    Omar q8Omar q86 dagen geleden
  • Very impressive, but can you lift the coronavirus?

    Leon CarvalhoLeon Carvalho6 dagen geleden
  • your theme music... it says "what, are you fucked up bro'?" in Hebrew... well, it is very suitable for people who do such crazy things

    ניצן ויצמןניצן ויצמן6 dagen geleden
  • "Okay, let's work on your form because it's off" Proceeds to do a max single.

    Graham Van DykeGraham Van Dyke6 dagen geleden
  • The first thing my trainer taught when deadlifting was the heel technique, saves your back immensely. Also the tensing technique of the thumb to forefinger when setting was very helpful too. Saved me from tensing my arms and losing grip.

    Alex CorbinAlex Corbin6 dagen geleden
  • You need to come up with a deadlift strength program Eddie people would pay good money for that

    Robert ColebrookeRobert Colebrooke7 dagen geleden
  • This guy is on a next wave of strength for his build but respectto all of you for graftin the way you do 💯💯💯

    scott masonscott mason7 dagen geleden
  • Great video!

    Stuart UrquhartStuart Urquhart7 dagen geleden
  • 10:48 i hear a chihuahua barking lololololol

    Nick HNick H7 dagen geleden
  • Tucking your chin can also cut your breathing. Whats thr first step when positioning someone for mouth to mouth recessitation? -Head tilt, chin lift. Same applies when doing push ups. Watch someone put their head down versus head up, and when they gas-out.

    SLFYSHSLFYSH7 dagen geleden
  • Became a walrus 🦭for a sec there: 10:47

    Chris DudeDurianChris DudeDurian7 dagen geleden
  • 10:46 when a seal deadlifts

    PowaPowa7 dagen geleden
  • Opa eai galera blz ? Meu nome é Jailton tenho 31 anos moro no Rio Grande do Sul comecei meu projeto onde tive que superar depressão e obesidade mórbida com 270kg estou desempregado há 11 meses porém tive que correr atras tempo perdido então comecei fazendo cardios na rua de madrugada porque tinha vergonha de mim mesmo conseguia caminhar pouco mais de 500 metros 3 vezes na semana comecei praticar boxe em casa há cada 2 dias era o melhor que eu conseguia fazer fui evoluindo nos treinos e cardios acabei conquistando patrocínio de uma academia onde treino atualmente 5 vezes na semana faço treino boxe com professor 2 vezes na semana consegui fechar parceria com personal 2 vezes por semana resumindo eliminei 70kg em 6 meses acabei criando canal aqui no youtube quem desejar acompanhar o nome é GIGA GAÚCHO fiz Instagram também @giga_gaucho qual é minha finalidade com esse projeto ? Motivar pessoas sair da zona de conforto criar novos hábitos alimentares e traçar metas diárias

    GIGA GAÚCHOGIGA GAÚCHO7 dagen geleden
  • No social distancing

    Mr PlowMr Plow7 dagen geleden
    • Congratulations you can see

      bruh momentbruh moment7 dagen geleden
  • What is the sentence at the end of the vidéo ? is it "big love the beast"?

    Jean boimeJean boime8 dagen geleden
  • Will it be allowed to do KO in your match vs Thor, or will it be like Tyson vs Roy Jones. Punches but with no KO allowed because of health condition and rules ?

    Zillfallon1Zillfallon18 dagen geleden
  • Eddie started cheering him to pr on deadlift and I think my testosterone just peaked

    possibility28ablepossibility28able8 dagen geleden
  • Eddie's learning how to box, a bodybuilder takes advice on deadlift. Love the wealth of knowledge going around. Stay hydrated!!

    possibility28ablepossibility28able8 dagen geleden
  • God i wish gyms were open in Ontario. Been almost a fucking year with this covid bullshit.

    KevinKevin8 dagen geleden
  • I love you videos Eddie always rewatching everyone one of them they help with my anxiety and depression kee doing what ur doing and should be proud of what you’ve done in life and mentally Well done🙏

    LucasLucas8 dagen geleden
  • Blimey that Eddies nearly as thin as his Missus he will be boxing as a light heavy at this rate

    Mr BMWMr BMW8 dagen geleden
  • this open song is in hebrew it said "what the fuck are u"

    ariel evenariel even8 dagen geleden
  • Ok you really have to visit James Hollingshead.

    Radim PaštěkaRadim Paštěka8 dagen geleden
  • yess

    Jay WrightJay Wright8 dagen geleden
  • His squat form is shocking

    Drew DecaDrew Deca8 dagen geleden
  • Great music🔥

    SindSim cZSindSim cZ8 dagen geleden
  • Eddie, try to emulate Tysons style. Peekaboo guard, dipping and shifting as you close the gap, then explode 💪🏻💪🏻

    Tadgh MacMurchadhaTadgh MacMurchadha8 dagen geleden
  • Already fixed the chip up thing. Just need strength

    VanirGamingVanirGaming8 dagen geleden
    • Need to have the weight more on the heels but very long thighbone so need more leg strength. This is a scandinavian problem

      VanirGamingVanirGaming8 dagen geleden
  • Eddie Hall vs Mike tyson?

    acrlclacrlcl8 dagen geleden
  • Greetings and Blessings

    Vicente Flores JrVicente Flores Jr8 dagen geleden
  • This dude is insanely strong, but James Hollingshead is the strongest pro bodybuilder in the world right now and hes from the UK

    NikolaiBBONikolaiBBO8 dagen geleden
  • Happy birthday Eddie. It’s neat to know we are almost birthday twins. I’ll be 35 tomorrow. Big Love

    Nathaniel AddleyNathaniel Addley8 dagen geleden
  • My dad is a huge fan!!

    Daisy&Neve LoopDaisy&Neve Loop8 dagen geleden
    • My dad is a huge air conditioner

      ian humphreysian humphreys8 dagen geleden
  • My dad is a huge fan! He has met you before a long time ago

    Daisy&Neve LoopDaisy&Neve Loop8 dagen geleden
  • Can't help but wonder about eddies sponsors for this fight .. Both above board and below

    Tim R. handymanTim R. handyman8 dagen geleden
  • Never seen eddie so jacked lifting with someone else

    Tim R. handymanTim R. handyman8 dagen geleden
  • Happy late birthday big man

    Jake_MF_LoweJake_MF_Lowe8 dagen geleden
  • Learned about something on my technique. Awesome in depth explanation

    Christopher ReierChristopher Reier8 dagen geleden
  • Doesnt tucking the chin give u neck strains

    Bruh SystemBruh System8 dagen geleden
  • Looked like captain american coming out of the muscle inducing chamber at 17:10

    DOMK RuthDOMK Ruth8 dagen geleden
  • I tried that chin tuck technique today and I can tell it really works.

    FluxlinerFluxliner9 dagen geleden
  • 11.00 what’s the song

    jamie buckleyjamie buckley9 dagen geleden
  • Eddie should try and get in contract with a heavyweight boxer and should spar with him

    Brady LeeBrady Lee9 dagen geleden
  • Followed Micquel for a long time. Dream physique right there

    Ryan PhilpottsRyan Philpotts9 dagen geleden
  • Next I would like to see James Hollingshead working out with Eddie!

    Rick PhillipsRick Phillips9 dagen geleden
  • Eddie - "First thing I'll do is a 12 week cycle and then a week of speed" haha "3 sets of five at 80 percent...........more speed" hahahaha

    CasparTheDopestGhostCasparTheDopestGhost9 dagen geleden
  • Bloody amazing advice from Eddie & makes perfect sense !

    Razz0r ricRazz0r ric9 dagen geleden
  • What's the thing you keep around you under your chest when you box?

    Emp6ft10inEmp6ft10in9 dagen geleden
  • 🏋️I weigh 340lbs & work out 4.5 hours per day. Two muscle groups. Two hours each. Four days on with four days off. I’m 50

    PeterPeter9 dagen geleden
  • אתה דפוק אחי

    יואב לנדאויואב לנדאו9 dagen geleden
  • Guy;s going for NPC.... national PIGEON competition.....No legs....

    Stuart EllisStuart Ellis9 dagen geleden
  • Crazy how much I feel I have just learnt from this video, just from how Eddie worded some of the stuff, really clicked in my head. Thanks for the great content!

    GWHB-Big GBGWHB-Big GB9 dagen geleden
  • This is halim

    Hafiz SaputraHafiz Saputra9 dagen geleden
  • Eddie 1700kg

    Hafiz SaputraHafiz Saputra9 dagen geleden
  • Hey eddie, check out Jordan Peters (TrainedbyJP) he's an absolute monster!

    The InspectorThe Inspector9 dagen geleden
  • Out of curiosity why do you Eddie use a cooling chamber when science has frequently said these do nothing for recovery.

    The science Of trainingThe science Of training9 dagen geleden
  • "Run for Your life" - The Seige

    Henning LimstrandHenning Limstrand9 dagen geleden
  • UK strongest man Eddie 💪💪

    madanakolla maheshmadanakolla mahesh9 dagen geleden
  • that dude is wicked strong but he aint doing a proper deadlift. Its 100% back. Scary to see because when his back finally pops its going to be nasty

    Craig CrawfordCraig Crawford9 dagen geleden
  • @10:50 bad rep. Guys never ego lift make sure every rep is done with the correct posture.

    Nomzey AliNomzey Ali9 dagen geleden
  • What does he say at 5:12? Hard for me to understand his accent.

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez9 dagen geleden
  • His issue is that he has tight hip flexors, so he can't get into a deep squat during the deadlift.

    Sunny B.Sunny B.9 dagen geleden
  • Eddie is going to be in the ring with the equivalent of a newborn deer trying to walk around with a 300lb head. Does anyone actually think Thor has a chance at this point?

    FreshDouganFreshDougan9 dagen geleden
  • He should switch to strongman

    aymamoonaymamoon9 dagen geleden
  • his accent is so strong. so many fs instead of ths but he's also strong enough to go with it /shrug

    Lulzy WizardLulzy Wizard9 dagen geleden
  • So everyone hates Thor? 😂

    William le suisseWilliam le suisse9 dagen geleden
  • Happy Birthday you strong bastard

    Joe WrightJoe Wright9 dagen geleden
  • WHY. ARE. YOU. NOT. SPARRING??!!!!! Eddie needs a new coach if the dude isn’t having him spar people. I don’t get it.

    I can’t stand SBMMI can’t stand SBMM9 dagen geleden
  • Interesting how light he is relative to the size of him whereas Eddie is the opposite. Must be that strongman muscle is just so much more dense than bodybuilders

    Luke DixonLuke Dixon9 dagen geleden
    • Exactly that. Eddie didna video awhile ago where he had a muscle density dcan and the woman was shocked at how dense he was. Most of his muscle is 'on the inside' with bits popping out. Bodybuilders are all on the outside

      Johnny MackJohnny Mack6 dagen geleden
  • That beat in the intro is awesome

    Mufin Makes MusicMufin Makes Music10 dagen geleden
  • Eddie has 100% Strength and 100% Charisma.

    Tomash StudioTomash Studio10 dagen geleden
  • Happy birthday sir.

  • Watch Eddie at 17:28

    Steve CopeSteve Cope10 dagen geleden
  • Sorry, but the last two heavy deadlifts (682 lbs) from the bodybuilder were exaggerated RDL's. His butt came up to high to early. Only reason why I know is because when I'm tired I have that problem all the time.

    Michelle CoudenMichelle Couden10 dagen geleden
  • This guy is super humble and respectful, really nice to see when sharing knowledge

    NNPWANNPWA10 dagen geleden
  • Happy Birthday Mr Hall!

    Stephen KimeryStephen Kimery10 dagen geleden
  • Legend has it Eddie halls ancestor was Bjorn Ironside.

    Sabre LeSabre Le10 dagen geleden
  • Watched this 2 weeks ago 👍 good watch still.

    Millzy27Millzy2710 dagen geleden
  • So what would you want to look like: A Body Builder or a Strongman? Me, a Strongman.

    roger smithroger smith10 dagen geleden
  • Brilliant video as always Eddie. Should tell teh camera boy that if he cant wear a mask properly though then he shouldnt bloody wear one at all

    Kenneth HirdKenneth Hird10 dagen geleden
  • name of the song which one he is using in his video ?

    Rifatkat GamingRifatkat Gaming10 dagen geleden
  • a vid with you and @nathaniel masiah would be elite

    Jimmy GoddardJimmy Goddard10 dagen geleden
  • Eddie good to see your looking healthier than ever. I used to worry about you being over weight

    Michael HughesMichael Hughes10 dagen geleden

    getmassive999getmassive99910 dagen geleden
  • i wish eddie would’ve tried powerlifting

    Kyle HolmKyle Holm10 dagen geleden
  • whats better 8 figure wraps or starps for deadlifts?

    Keiran PearceKeiran Pearce10 dagen geleden