The Worlds Strongest Man 2020 Final | ft Brian Shaw

1 jan. 2021
736 903 Weergaven

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Big Love
Team Beast

  • Hey guys just want to say happy new year to you all. Thanks for all the support and love you show with every upload. I know 2020 has been tough for a lot of people and my thoughts are with you all. Here’s to a better 2021. Any content to want to see from myself and team beast this year please let me know in comment below ⬇️⬇️ Big love ❤️👊🏻 The Beast

    Eddie 'The Beast' HallEddie 'The Beast' Hall19 dagen geleden
    • Great coverage Eddie, thanks for sharing this with us.

      D0wN F411D0wN F4119 dagen geleden
    • Thank you Eddie !! This was great show mega !!

      simon brownsimon brown9 dagen geleden
    • I am your hige fan

      Abcd KillerAbcd Killer13 dagen geleden
    • I see your all episode of strong man in history

      Abcd KillerAbcd Killer13 dagen geleden
    • Get Tom stoltman in for sparring when you can

      luke mcquadeluke mcquade13 dagen geleden
  • Man I saw brian do the stones and I thought to myself no way anyone does that faster but then tom was doing it like he was picking up pebbles jesus christ.

    junior ochoajunior ochoa5 uur geleden
  • I think this competition used to be much less dependent on speed and much more on just brute power. Hopefully shawn can adapt in time. I want to see him win some more wsm!!!

    junior ochoajunior ochoa5 uur geleden
  • I grew up watching brian 🥺 hopefully he finds a new found motivation. I think that's the issue because hes a beast man.

    junior ochoajunior ochoa5 uur geleden
  • It would be interesting to do a DNA test on all these guys. I am sure they must exhibit some common traits. These people are born not made.

    Alexander GroverAlexander Grover5 uur geleden
  • nice job Eddie and the team, felt like i was watching an official production, good job

    Michael ZakMichael Zak9 uur geleden
  • Where’s the polisher presser Mateusz Kieliszkowski????

    Josh LucasJosh Lucas12 uur geleden
  • Stop saying "easy" when it's not easy ^^

    adeptus astartesadeptus astartes17 uur geleden
  • God damn...Shaw throwing those kegs so high. Definite style points there.

    CirkustanzCirkustanz19 uur geleden
  • How juiced is niklov though I mean there is a bit of hgh going on every where,but damb what is he taking. Two maybe three years before he is burned out.

    Trev FordTrev Ford19 uur geleden
  • I need a Luke Stoltman to cheer me on in life haha

    Tom DeeTom Dee20 uur geleden
  • Novikov the terminator.. 😯😯😯

    Shubho ChakravartyShubho Chakravarty22 uur geleden
  • Novikov got these long arms that help, but goddamn the man is so fkg strong. He made it look eazy

    Henny SpidermanHenny SpidermanDag geleden
  • Hercules hold - Every single person checked their hand that gave up immediately after except Brian Shaw. Does he feel no pain?

    TrildinTrildinDag geleden
  • This was awesome! I know it's only due to circumstances, but I actually love the more scaled-down presentation. Seems nicely old-fashioned in a way.

    Jane RossJane RossDag geleden
  • So, what the hell was up with Brian Shaw? He got destroyed by several other competitors. Has Corona Year thrown him off that badly? I mean, 38 almost 39 is not that old. He just did not seem fit at all. (no emoji for "flaccidity")

    Evan McArthurEvan McArthurDag geleden
  • So I’m guessing Eddie wasn’t competing and he was the commentator

    Brandon RifeBrandon RifeDag geleden
  • beside these athletes superb genetics, the roids are also getting more effective.

    Ethan KubicEthan KubicDag geleden
  • Poor old Brian

    marxist googlemarxist google2 dagen geleden
  • Brain shaw really getting rusty

    rexcelentrexcelent2 dagen geleden
  • Gotta keep them in a bubble because we're all worried that someone might die if they get sick. Oh wait, nobodies worried about that? But we're still gonna pretend, right? Great!

    Luke WalsteadLuke Walstead2 dagen geleden
  • makss????

    icaiicai2 dagen geleden
  • I don't care how strong you are....dropping a 275lb anvil on your little toesie......YIPES.

    DAVAD M DAVADDAVAD M DAVAD2 dagen geleden
  • 7:30 its Thanos

    M 1 2 9 7M 1 2 9 72 dagen geleden
  • Sorry to say but Brain Shaw is washed up. Don't think he'll ever win world strongest man again.

    Kris HolstKris Holst2 dagen geleden
  • 41:00 welcome to the Navy Seal adage, slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

    James RobnettJames Robnett2 dagen geleden
  • I love how Eddie just calls him "Novikov", like he doesn't have a first name. He's just "the Novikov", like "that thing that lifts heavy shit." 😄 Not gonna lie, I hope he doesn't smash Pudzian's record, if anything I hope Kieliszkowski does it instead, but I still wish the best to all those guys, including Eddie. Cheers from Poland!

    John GJohn G2 dagen geleden
  • Shaws looking huge this year

    Krazykilla417Krazykilla4172 dagen geleden
  • Please invest in someone that can actually hold a camera. Awesome content, totally shakey filmed :(

    Patrick EigenmannPatrick Eigenmann2 dagen geleden
  • How unbelievably young and illogical what we know, our brains could possibly meerly think we're doing what we think we're doing.

  • SBD.....haha.....silent but deadly.....hahaha.....

    Underground Music UKUnderground Music UK2 dagen geleden
  • What was the heaviest log they did?

  • когда мозгов нет , таскаешь железки

    NecrovijenNecrovijen2 dagen geleden
    • завидуешь?

      Serj StarikoffSerj StarikoffDag geleden
  • I didn't know that 20,31 seconds is more than 20,5 seconds

    Niklas KnappNiklas Knapp2 dagen geleden
  • Just wondering: which of these strongmen would qualify for the olympic team of their countries in weight lifting? My guess: not a single one of them.

    analogue jerryanalogue jerry3 dagen geleden
    • the same way no olympic wieghtlifter would qualify in strongman, what's your point ?

      J CJ C2 dagen geleden

  • Man it would be hard for me to not jump onto the bikes

    Rob InRob In3 dagen geleden
  • Brian Shaw is the biggest, tallest and heaviest competitor but just does not have the strength.

    Kratos GodofWarKratos GodofWar3 dagen geleden
  • Without Kiliszkowski its just a fluff show.

    daturadreamsdaturadreams3 dagen geleden
  • Poor brain cant even deadlift my wife. better call novikov the next time we need to change underwear

    ChebmiamiChebmiami3 dagen geleden
  • I think eddie made a good decision retiring after winning wsm 2017, its just stressful to do it year after year and not winning is just added stress. Man I can't even imagine the level of stress and pain these atheltes endure, really amazing.

    Likith KbLikith Kb3 dagen geleden
  • Eddie the beast hall is the reason I was able to gain forty pounds of muscle and start powerlifting.

    Andrew ThayerAndrew Thayer3 dagen geleden
  • Caron and Novikov tossing them mf kegs into orbit

    betterzbetterz3 dagen geleden
  • so when Eddie did the 500 everyone went crazy, was it because it was the first time someone did 500 ? i dont know much about strongman stuff. or is something different ? the bar ? or did novikov just insaley beat that ? :D

    N8WOLFN8WOLF3 dagen geleden
    • @Александр Карцев ah thats what i though. the "starting height" is the difference. makes sense.

      N8WOLFN8WOLF21 uur geleden
    • here they lift from 12 inches hight (because of the plate's diameter). Eddie lifted 500 kg in classic deadlift, when the bar is about 8 inches hight, it's way heavier

      Александр КарцевАлександр КарцевDag geleden
  • 51:24 messed up where Brian was from

    Jacob WhatmoughJacob Whatmough3 dagen geleden
  • Novikov won because there were no top performers

    jasny9988jasny99883 dagen geleden
  • Novikiov wow!

    AndyHa1010AndyHa10103 dagen geleden
  • Keep getting distracted by your dirty pubes all over the lens. Good coverage though. By which I mean the pubes covering the lens.

    takoma808takoma8084 dagen geleden
  • Brian getting old

    Colin ZzzColin Zzz4 dagen geleden
  • Yo to big can not throw a straight punch, looks like a hook. Lol

    Tommy BrunstadTommy Brunstad4 dagen geleden
  • Where is Björnsson

    zeke osbornezeke osborne4 dagen geleden
    • he retired

      J CJ C2 dagen geleden
  • Novikov will break the 501 record

    Richard 77Richard 774 dagen geleden
  • KSI gets robbed at tesco video on my channel

    Hood11Hood114 dagen geleden
  • That Novikov dude from Ukraine seems like hes going to be very good for the sport. Glad genetics keep spitting out these goliaths to show us what real men can accomplish. Tom Stoltman destroyed the stones.

    HateradeHaterade4 dagen geleden
  • Painful to watch Brian Shawn...

    StephenStephen4 dagen geleden
  • I have a feeling this was a new 'changing of the guard' moment. Eddie I think you need to borrow my Ukrainian phrasebook for next year ;-)

    Andrij EvansAndrij Evans4 dagen geleden
  • If they are deadlifting a weight heavier than the documented world record held by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson why weren't they mentioned? As beating it 6 people beat it didn't they? or is this a different category or something?

    Jonah HoseinJonah Hosein4 dagen geleden
  • I'm confused. 20.31 is a lower number than 20.5. Why did JF come second in keg toss?

    KendrickManKendrickMan4 dagen geleden
  • Caron gets better every year. Watch out for him.

    KendrickManKendrickMan4 dagen geleden
  • stoltman impressed me !! stays injury free i think he will win next year

    paul blaylockpaul blaylock4 dagen geleden
  • @51:33 it says Shaw (GBR) shouldn't he be USA?

    At_The_Speed_Of_LifeAt_The_Speed_Of_Life4 dagen geleden
  • Is Shaw past it?

    MrRoccoMarchegianoMrRoccoMarchegiano5 dagen geleden
  • Those hands are looking fast bro

    Popthe1nonlyPopthe1nonly5 dagen geleden
  • When do we see Eddie v Mariusz in a hybrid strongman/combat event?

    Creamy KneesCreamy Knees5 dagen geleden
  • I'm pretty sure if we asked Luke Stoltman to shout " Get tae fuck Corona" everyone would be instantly healed.

    8 Letter Lie8 Letter Lie5 dagen geleden
  • Why Eddie Hall didn t participated?

    munteanu cosminmunteanu cosmin5 dagen geleden
    • cause he retired 3 years ago lmao

      J CJ C2 dagen geleden
  • Stoltman could've won if he didnt come last in the Hercules hold

    Joe TJoe T5 dagen geleden
  • The homeless packet worrisomely seal because accountant optically visit across a glib rabbit. open, materialistic meeting

    Jason SolisJason Solis5 dagen geleden
  • only strongman competition get right spotter

  • salute to your craft thank you for sharing your fitness journey i enjoyed your content more power and stay strong best of luck to your career, can you give me some advice how to be strong gradually? thank you new friend hir godbless

    francis villameafrancis villamea5 dagen geleden
  • Where is Kieliszkowski?

    Art ManArt Man5 dagen geleden
  • this is shameful that they didnt just say netero

    Adoontii AlleAdoontii Alle5 dagen geleden
  • Lets say ur Goku and The kaioken is the thing u did in the 500Kg Deadlift when ur eyes changed color now Goku had to train in the kaioken to use it more and use more of its power now u just need practice with the Limet breaking thing u did in the 500kg deadlift I dare u to.

    J.T.HammillJ.T.Hammill6 dagen geleden
  • Eddie, between you and Brian you've brought us more content and on sight footage than WSM has done for their own events. So my question is, when are you two taking over? I don't think anyone would disagree.

    PainTrainPainTrain6 dagen geleden
  • 39:12 he pulled off a Trump

    Didier TekumDidier Tekum6 dagen geleden
  • Isn't carons keg toss of 20.31 seconds shorter than toms at 20.5

    theonerandomizertheonerandomizer6 dagen geleden
  • Truly astonishing how these guys compete and amazing how the back each other up even when they weren’t able to finish the event themselves or have finished, they take the time to push their opponents to get it done instead of resting! And with The Beast as the host, it was better than watching it any other way! Big shout out to Alexi!!! He’s a true athlete to beat and all the other guys as well!

    Ernesto PerezErnesto Perez6 dagen geleden
  • Why didn’t you interview Brian Eddie ?

    Luke ThomasLuke Thomas6 dagen geleden
  • Y'all very impressive, but Im sad for your joints :(

    - Stiegosaurus -- Stiegosaurus -6 dagen geleden
  • There was something on Eddie's camera on the top right and it was so annoying

    Hasnain TariqHasnain Tariq6 dagen geleden
  • That was massive 👌🏻

    Life Of SiLife Of Si7 dagen geleden
  • 43:37 awwww he was holding his arm higher!! These men are so wholesome 😊😇

    Guerito LlamasGuerito Llamas7 dagen geleden
  • Oleksi Novikov age 24 younges WSM winner

    Niall GallacherNiall Gallacher7 dagen geleden
  • Just say I'm a big fan Eddie Hall. And each video you put up I'm still learning. Thank you 🙏💪

    Gareth PeeblesGareth Peebles7 dagen geleden
  • They classed it at 19 seconds with his hand on the stone so it was fine

    Miagi FodderMiagi Fodder7 dagen geleden
  • For Hercules hold the man with very short hands have big advantage

    Radim ValencikRadim Valencik7 dagen geleden
  • Thanks Eddie for putting this program out there, you did a great job! Congrats to all the the competitors!!

    vernon douglasvernon douglas7 dagen geleden
  • Conor Mcgregor could not lift a quarter of this. Ha ha

    ted johansented johansen7 dagen geleden
  • To be fair, Luke Richardson did quite good for the fact this is his first WSM and that he hasn’t had much experience in strongman.

    Nabil RahmanNabil Rahman7 dagen geleden
  • Some of them pulled 1122 like it was nothing

    Mr TwiztidMr Twiztid8 dagen geleden
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    sunny decreesunny decree8 dagen geleden
    • @Fiona Thompson yeah please how can I get him

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      Blind to BillionaireBlind to Billionaire8 dagen geleden
  • I learned about this from Zelensky New Year Speech.

    Otaman VasylOtaman Vasyl8 dagen geleden
  • why you not in it bro

    garry Coopgarry Coop8 dagen geleden
  • 14:50 What the fuck is that music playing there? :D :D

    Škodlivý PlžŠkodlivý Plž8 dagen geleden
  • 45:42 *_Mission failed. We'll get em next time._*

    ClassicMist360ClassicMist3608 dagen geleden
  • lol that dude looks like Thurman Merman

    hahahahailoldhahahahailold8 dagen geleden
  • I know we all get older and we can’t keep getting stronger infinitely but damn, it’s a sad day to see Brian Shaw out lifted, you’re still my wsm Brian

    Painis VerginaPainis Vergina8 dagen geleden
  • Wow! These Men have super human strength

  • Man really sucks Mateus was injured this was his year for sure

    corey bakercorey baker8 dagen geleden
  • great coverage Champ!

    mark chornymark chorny8 dagen geleden