Technique Sparring session | Boxing update

9 dec. 2020
286 508 Weergaven

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  • Eddie needs to learn to fight on the inside against a bigger man I’m genuinely worried he’s being set up for a fall here with a serious lack of coaching

    Bryan McnaughtBryan Mcnaught5 uur geleden

  • Get few lesson from iron mike himself

  • Dont be so heavy on feet up right shoulders back lean in and out with faster jabs dont put power into it just put speed in ya jabs and feel that fire and keep ya guard up and head out of range u wil be naughty

  • Stick to lifting weights your going to embarrass your self in the ring after watching this I’m sure even jake Paul would have no problem taking you out

    Damien AustinDamien Austin14 uur geleden
  • Eddie has to get his hands up. He has to stay composed and not start throwing a lot of meaningless punches because it will have him tired in the real fight. He also needs to work on throwing punches. His punches aren’t straight and he telegraphing them.

    TUFF GUY RIOTUFF GUY RIO20 uur geleden
  • whats the point of this? you're not learning anything using someone as a punching bag with no pressure on you. If anything thats teaching you bad habbits. I'm impressed with your current fitness though not going to lie! Although its a different story when someones hitting you with body shots taking the energy out of you. If you don't want to Spar yet atleast get a real boxer in who can dodge your shots so you have to think about your movement etc.

    Adam NicholsAdam NicholsDag geleden
  • Need a proper sparring partner

    Diarrhea Bubble BathDiarrhea Bubble BathDag geleden
  • He is shit, just big and strong. He's ope all day to left hand to the body, and right to chin. I have over 6 years experience 6ft 1" 89kg, I'd move, make him miss all day in a proper size ring.

    B WilliamsonB WilliamsonDag geleden
  • i remember the ring... and still the the when they are trying to kill u its not good if ure drunk xD

    MARSMARSDag geleden
  • Keep your fucking hands up Eddie You’re not Connor Mcgregor

    Richard MillsRichard MillsDag geleden
  • His technique doesn’t seem very good. I love Eddie hall as a lifter but....His hands are down by his hips all the time, throwing haymakers, showboating against his sparring partner that is obviously holding back?

    Shredd DeadShredd DeadDag geleden
  • He leaves him self more open then a 7-11

    ecosby100ecosby100Dag geleden
  • As soon as he said he would grab my neck i had to subscribe

    charlie westcharlie west2 dagen geleden
  • His coach has supposedly 25 - 30 years of boxing experience but hasn't pulled him up on his guard ( or lack of it ) once. Your defence is your foundation, real basic stuff.

    Kevin HoughtonKevin Houghton2 dagen geleden
  • His coach has supposedly 25 - 30 years of boxing experience but hasn't pulled him up on his guard ( or lack of it ) once. Your defence is your foundation, real basic stuff.

    Kevin HoughtonKevin Houghton2 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only who subscribed when he said hell grab my neck?...

    jezreel john johnsonjezreel john johnson2 dagen geleden
  • ..trying to figure out who looks worse Eddie or Thor..?

    Norm DurkinNorm Durkin2 dagen geleden
  • Fuck matey boys not even doing fuck all eddy aint got no foot work and no guard up and you can easily time his punches.why dont he do what thor and have a real warm up fight.because this bloke lives with eddy and trains him and looks a bit fake to be honest in the way the other big lad is moving away and not throwing bk.bullshit lol

    Oliver DorsettOliver Dorsett2 dagen geleden
  • Eddy your gard needs to be up more it's never up! If you keep to this its going to help you more trust me !

    Marek KramMarek Kram2 dagen geleden
  • Remember it's only an exhibition match people. I didn't even watch mike Tyson's return as it was full of Dont do this... dont do that... At that point it's a sparring match. If the Money was going to a mental health organisation I would tune in then.

    Scottish BodybuilderScottish Bodybuilder2 dagen geleden
  • He needs to Spar someone as big as Thor

    Mark TrujilloMark Trujillo2 dagen geleden
  • Spar Andy Ruiz!!!

    Mark TrujilloMark Trujillo2 dagen geleden
  • Hey Eddie, the night before you K.O. Thor you should ask Mateusz for some of his Toffee that offers max hydration and power 💪🏻

    ALI GALI G2 dagen geleden
  • As said before keeping them hands down could be your downfall... Ano it's only sparring BUT you should be starting as you mean to go on... Yes your arms will get heavy but you must get used to the burn and push through it..

    brian andersonbrian anderson2 dagen geleden
  • That poor dude

    RovaniikRovaniik3 dagen geleden
  • if you put your head down and try avoiding shots like you did not keeping your hands up like in this he will take your head off. You are in good shape! I like the way you are picking shots and it’s all coming together! Keep it up Eddie!

    Ewol MullacEwol Mullac3 dagen geleden
  • you will kill haftor you don't have the same level.he will regret having offered you a fight

    Letailleur RomainLetailleur Romain3 dagen geleden
  • If the dude steps in to spar with Eddie then his set his grave you know the boy knows what his doing, Eddie even apologises and does feel bad it's not bullying, it's part of the sport so ignor them Edd work hard

    rodney quinnrodney quinn3 dagen geleden
  • Who's this pudding he's sparring

    Anthony SpeersAnthony Speers4 dagen geleden
  • It looks like Patrick is being used as a punching bag to help Eddie get used to punching. Once his coach is happy Eddie has the basics down I think he will bring in a professional sparring partner as there are boxers out there who offer such services to boxing gyms and those learning to box.

    Dodge MDodge M4 dagen geleden
  • No offense to anyone but I gotta admit its kinda funny watching body builders box😂

    King MikeKing Mike4 dagen geleden
  • And what’s with the Fisher Price ring??

    sean kellysean kelly4 dagen geleden
  • If his sparring partner knew how to box they wouldn’t need to fear Eddies power. This guy has no business in the ring as a sparring partner. And Eddie should be wearing 18oz gloves too btw geezus.

    sean kellysean kelly4 dagen geleden
  • Eddie should be wearing heavier gloves too. Guarantee this dude has a concussion. 100%

    sean kellysean kelly4 dagen geleden
  • I've gotta say Eddie appears very agile and explosive with his hands, and his head movement is quite crisp too. And he has a very efficient kinetic chain. No energy wasted at all. Just pure sledgehammer action on those pads. Though I would like to see him float around on his feet more like Muhammad Ali. If he can master that while delivering this kind of devastating power, then I don't see the fight in September lasting very long.

    John BarronJohn Barron4 dagen geleden
  • Theoretically a normal size guy could beat either of these. Just keep running away (within the ring) when they get knackered and are about to collapse, quickly punch them and you could score a KO ☺

    Colin RichesColin Riches4 dagen geleden
  • People complaining about his hands .. chill out lol ... let him learn .. he is doing great, he has a coach and he is a powerful man if he gets caught he will be able to handle it .. he will tidy up his punches with practice.. if your all experienced fighters making these comments you would of remembered that was once you who was swinging and getting hit coz your weak defence etc ... just allow him to flow

    It is what It isIt is what It is4 dagen geleden
  • Watched Thors exhibition and he was ok. Looked in far better condition than Eddie by a long way. Neither guy knows how to throw a punch properly and if Eddie leaves his guard down like he does here he'll get spanked. Needs someone to tell him the truth instead of kissing his arse. Thats the only way he'll learn to box properly. Needs proper sparring

    Tago MagoTago Mago5 dagen geleden
  • Lo estoy cansando ya lo tengo no pasa del primer round . Como hizo Mohamed Alí con Frazer .

    JoviJovi5 dagen geleden
  • Let's get straight to the point it's bullying and what's he learning nothing proper alpha Male pathetic

    Dave SimpsonDave Simpson5 dagen geleden
  • Lol 😂

    jay smithjay smith5 dagen geleden
  • 6:12 Floyd would be proud

    Adam AAdam A5 dagen geleden
  • No gaurd

    Ruben MonterrosoRuben Monterroso5 dagen geleden
  • What’s he learned ? Absolutely nothing apart from how to get his heart rate up. Thor looked quite technical in his fight with a proper boxer. Eddie in afraid will not survive when Thor throws back at him. Eddie seems to have become unlikable as well which surprises me

    Daniel GriffinDaniel Griffin5 dagen geleden
  • I like the way you are going at it Eddie; you are making overall better choices than Thor and this will show when you two face off. Going for low profile, hard training on technique and speed will make all the difference in the end. You opponent is going for showmanship, that may net him better exposure in the short term but is not gonna do a thing for him on the ring during the real fight. However IMO you should definitely try to spar with high level professional boxers in private if possible, because that will give you the real measure of where you are at. You have decent speed for your size and I like your head movement, but you need to be sure it is good enough to really rely on, by measuring it against an experienced pro fighter. Confidence is good, as is active defence, but work hard on your footwork and guard stance as well; correct distancing and solid coverage make all the difference, especially if the fight drags on. The best way to condition your face is NOT getting hit, you got that one right lol. Most of all I'm happy to see you getting healthier and healthier; that will be the most important win, regardless of how this whole thing goes down. Godspeed to you, I'm totally routing for team Eddie!

    PickBitPickBit5 dagen geleden
  • Hate to say it, but Thor is looking like the better boxer. Eddie is dropping his hands constantly.

    Barry ArmstrongBarry Armstrong5 dagen geleden
  • Idk about yall but i subbed...

    Babe RigbyBabe Rigby5 dagen geleden
  • You're gonna get battered if that's how you spar, sparring needs to be competitive if you want to get to prepared for a fight, spar with someone who actually hits you back

    Scott TuataraScott Tuatara5 dagen geleden
  • I'm rooting for eddie but a bit worried about his conditioning. Thor's more natural with a big frame. Eddie has dropped a lot... but still carrying a ton for his natural size to handle. I hope he doesn't gas out too quick. I'm liking the strategy they've got him working toward from the looks

    The Professional AmateurThe Professional Amateur5 dagen geleden
  • Eddie will be faster then Thor, for the first min anyway after that all bets are off

    GrillorillaGrillorilla6 dagen geleden
  • Eddie. Chin down hands up.. Swing for the celling . WIIINDMILLING

    BillyBilly6 dagen geleden
  • Fix your fire alarm god its fucking annoying

    onononnononononnon6 dagen geleden
  • this aint sparring.

    MoistToweletteMoistTowelette6 dagen geleden
  • Le Sparring de Eddie pas à la hauteur, n'utilise pas a fond ses long segments et de plus à la mauvaise attitude gestuelle de "crainte" les coups de Eddie; Ce qui n'est pas un bon service pour Eddie en définitive. Si Eddie prend confiance de la sorte il laisse le champ libre aux terribles uppercuts et même directs puissants. Le Sparring donc, à mes yeux, trop craintif et gentil avec Eddie. Dommage car je pense que Eddie gros potentiel. Gare aux longs segments de Thor…

    Miguel Le BaconMiguel Le Bacon6 dagen geleden
    • Car humainement parlant je préfère et de loin Eddie! Mais Eddie, faut que tu te dégotes des gars qui te fassent bosser vraiment dur,(et spécifique) en te mettant en difficulté pour que tu soit vraiment à l'aise le jour du combat! Il fait que tu sente la douleur des Uppercuts et body shot au corps pour s'habituer a respirer encore correctement et faire le combat spécifique!

      Miguel Le BaconMiguel Le Bacon6 dagen geleden
  • You definitely need a better sparring partner. But let me just say this reminds me of the time he decided to finally train and then chose some random guy to be his training buddy to abuse him.

    Justin SilversJustin Silvers6 dagen geleden
  • Ooohh! Eddy too fast. Keep up the great work. There is nothing better than a heavy weight that fights at a high intensity. That's why we always loved the lil ones Herbie. Haye,Tyson,Tua,Toney, and let's not forget Smokin Joe. Probably the best of em all. Eddie you doin it geeze it's not about Thor it's about whet next after that impressive W I'm sure. I believe if you just maintain that intensity and that power. Along with the flare and constant head movement and change of angles. You are causing a whole RED HOT DIVISION BIG PROBLEMS. Gwahn Man!!!!!

    Nicholas DaleyNicholas Daley6 dagen geleden
  • How much of this is for show and how much is real?!?

    snowmanMK2snowmanMK26 dagen geleden
  • poor patty , you need a proper coach and sparring partner

    Sharron SorskySharron Sorsky6 dagen geleden
  • I dont know if you most of you get it, but This is not ok. His hearth rate is trough the roof. He should not box with such weight. The strain on his hearth is insane. A tragedy is waiting to happen.

    Presian KalapovPresian Kalapov6 dagen geleden
  • That sparring partner is not safe

    omar solomonomar solomon6 dagen geleden
  • Dude...left hand is at your waist every time you throw a right. That is how you lose a head.

    SoonerStinger GT RWDSoonerStinger GT RWD6 dagen geleden
  • My man that’s terrible I’m not gonna lie to you, this is not your sport

    John CassidyJohn Cassidy6 dagen geleden
  • Giars please!!

    common roscommon ros6 dagen geleden
  • Have they made a 15ft ring look tiny

    Joe BlogsJoe Blogs7 dagen geleden
  • Bjorsen has never...ever... Come close... to moving like you Eddie, in sure you sparring partner is no envious of Bjornsen. From the point you had to check his eyes you only brought 70% good man very cognitive!

    Canuck Canna FourCanuck Canna Four7 dagen geleden
  • You are terrible, you have shit power.

    John AJohn A7 dagen geleden
  • maybe he doesn't want to show too much in a video before fight, but his coach better start demanding that Eddie keep his guard up.

    Brett MackBrett Mack7 dagen geleden
  • What happened to the old intro music 😥

    Ben nyBen ny7 dagen geleden
  • 3:57 ultra instinct

    bruh :vbruh :v7 dagen geleden
  • This guy should have a couple exhibitions like thor its a good idea get you used to getting punched in the face

    tbone pumpertbone pumper7 dagen geleden
  • Sparring with stupid human punching bag. Go find real boxer out there

    charlie ortizuelacharlie ortizuela7 dagen geleden
  • Fitness looking good, need to keep the hands up and get used to getting hit a bit more. Watched Thor box last night and he looks fit and keeps his hands up. You gotta get used to throwing punches and then going back into your guard. Good work.

    Steven ShearnSteven Shearn7 dagen geleden
  • My 92 year old grandfather moves faster than Edie,his hands are constantly down,stance very bad

    ArtiomArtiom8 dagen geleden
  • Hands up mate hands up....

    James HanfordJames Hanford8 dagen geleden
  • eddie, you're gonna need some sort of defence when the leather starts coming back or you gonna get ironed out m8.

    Ian HallamIan Hallam8 dagen geleden
  • get a sparring partner the size of hafhor..o wait..there is no man the size of hafthor

    Vj3k05l4vVj3k05l4v8 dagen geleden
  • i cant imagine being his sparring partner. imagine the power behind those hits

    sj_leeesj_leee8 dagen geleden
  • Hands down??....

    groovystevogroovystevo8 dagen geleden
  • he needs to get a proper pad holder for a start

    MarkyMarky8 dagen geleden
  • Eddie needs those hands up, i remember stepping in the ring, your opponent will take every oppurtunity to smack your head if the guard is down, body shots are way more tolerable than head.

    James PhillipsJames Phillips8 dagen geleden
  • It'll be the shortest fight in history, First round there'll be zero juice left.

    zer00rdiezer00rdie8 dagen geleden
  • Get proper sparing partner same size preferably one that punches back.

    Gerry ReynoldsGerry Reynolds8 dagen geleden
  • I dare any of these guys to call out mariusz pudowniski, who's another strongman, they won't stand a chance.

    h opeh ope8 dagen geleden
  • needs lose weight Thor already weighs less than him guessing he’s still eating a lot as it looks like he’s doing plenty of cardio I’d like see him turn up around 21st and before the fan boys say but he’s got abs shut up needs get off whatever anabolics he’s on atm if he isn’t on try guy was 19st when he was 19 and he was already on the juice so he can do it

    WolverineWolverine8 dagen geleden
  • Eddie is gonna rip Thor,'s head. Is gonna demolish him... Im not a Eddie fan, but there's a true, his head distance is great, but fucking hands up Eddie, Thor s a big dude, not a soft trainer in a soft sparring. GREAT WORK BIG MAN!!!

    David MesasDavid Mesas8 dagen geleden
  • I have no doubt this fight will be like Mr T verse Drago from the rocky series!

    GamingGaming8 dagen geleden
  • Please put your hands up

    Matthew LanceleyMatthew Lanceley8 dagen geleden
  • nice..

    Swapna HariSwapna Hari8 dagen geleden
  • Feels like people are just feeding into his ego here. Thats not tech spa, i dont even know what to call it and the ring is minuture. A full size ring is a total different fight. Wheres the coach whilst sparring telling him to keep his hands up, defend and counter shots not show boat

    Andy HassallAndy Hassall8 dagen geleden
  • Really Don't understand, why Eddie isn't getting actual boxers too train, and spar with. Their is plenty of great boxers in England that could help am sure.

    lawri dowielawri dowie8 dagen geleden
  • Either game as a badger or he's not arsed about getting tapped in the face ,maybe with it being his pal but regardless Eddie's pal is a big lump himself and for him being hurt says Eddie's power is about ....rather him ...come on the beast gett tht thor smashed ...loving your dedication..RESPECT!!!!💪💪💪👊👊👊

    sean Paulsean Paul8 dagen geleden
  • I’m pretty sure these vids are to throw Thor off and to make him think Eddie is just going to be a wide open punching target that swings his arms aimlessly. If not, then Ed’s going to eat all that shit he talked back

    Darius GrantDarius Grant8 dagen geleden
  • Eddie's sparring partner hasn't a clue how to spar or box!

    nigel basenigel base9 dagen geleden
  • Fucking fake bullshit :D cant stop laughing

    mini Recmini Rec9 dagen geleden
  • his strength is clearly the right hand to the body , no one could take that .

    karrie36karrie369 dagen geleden
  • His natural ability to throw punches is far greater than thors. Poor thor is in trouble. Tucks up, gets inside .Thor will be a gone.

    Luke woocLuke wooc9 dagen geleden
    • Maybe but he has horrendous habits. Very little footwork, hands down at his sides. His defense looks... well nonexistent.

      Evan LewisEvan Lewis6 dagen geleden
  • All this is just upping the paycheck....that's all.....this show is just for cashing checks !

    My PlaystoreMy Playstore9 dagen geleden
  • Painfull to watch..

    My PlaystoreMy Playstore9 dagen geleden
  • Eddie has a ton of power, but his defense is lacking. Can’t understate his lack of proper sparing.

    Louis AvilaLouis Avila9 dagen geleden