Strongman tries Olympic Discus Throwing | Ft Eddie Hall

20 sep. 2020
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  • eddie's rival = Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson also known as the mountain eddie's themesong = "on the the top of the mountain"

    godCobaingodCobain2 dagen geleden
  • For a pro videographer why is your camera lense always dirty? Not 1st video noticed the marks..

    Andy.mtb.simracingAndy.mtb.simracing3 dagen geleden
  • He is like a kid.....a big giant kid😂

    vipul baliyanvipul baliyan5 dagen geleden
  • The rapport Eddie has with Hanna his videographer is what makes a lot of these videos because the interaction between them is fun and laughter and it's great to watch. Watching people always be serious in their videos can be boring at times. Eddie's videos are anything but which is why I like them and watch them :)

    Dodge MDodge M8 dagen geleden
  • Close to 40 meters stand throw by bruteforcing it, is quite good actually, if the measurements are correct of course.

    Khotta BogardKhotta Bogard28 dagen geleden
  • I played discus in school when I was 14 or 15. I broke the school record and the county record, but the last competition I was in I quit after. I fucked up so badly that I felt so ashamed of myself. Not just that, but the only coach I had was my P.E. teacher and was never taught to use the discus by a professional coach. Shame really.

    Artheria StormrageArtheria Stormrage29 dagen geleden
  • I have gone to junior Olympic before and I am 15 years old and the distance that we throw at is 60 to 65m

    ExkəermőnExkəermőnMaand geleden
  • I threw discus for a little while around the middle of high school, I'm starting college now. I've recently been working on my form, though I need to start measuring the distance. But as a base with not very good form, 40 meters is pretty nice. Then again mans is pretty big, so it figures.

    Joshua RamirezJoshua RamirezMaand geleden
  • Eddie, with some training to learn rotation, chalked up I see you making the Tokyo 2021 Olympic standard of 66m! You should do it! .....also the difference between Olympic and junior discus is not 25 grams but 250 grams. ...You should do it and show the world!

    Rad MiskovicRad MiskovicMaand geleden
  • i bet paddy would be really good at this if he got the technique down. long arms and legs and big muscles = big angular momentum.

    oldfrendoldfrendMaand geleden
  • Hannah you gotta clean that lens lol

    Kyle HildrethKyle HildrethMaand geleden
  • That is lethal! They do it in a cage for a reason.

    EnigmaEnigma2 maanden geleden
  • The first throw of 33m with that terrible form is absolutely incredible

    Gunner SmithGunner Smith2 maanden geleden
  • I feel like spending a day with him and Brian would be the most laughs you can get in a day😂 love this guy♥️

    PRC3NTPRC3NT2 maanden geleden
  • Too bad the bounce doesn't count.

    Christopher PenningtonChristopher Pennington2 maanden geleden
  • Love this!

    Christopher PenningtonChristopher Pennington2 maanden geleden
  • Alekna is not impressed by your performance

    Strongman ExpressStrongman Express2 maanden geleden
  • My high school PR was 42.4 m.... the same throw as Eddie y’all lol rip

    Brett StalloBrett Stallo2 maanden geleden
  • Great video.

    Arete Throws Nation TVArete Throws Nation TV2 maanden geleden
  • Mate G'day from Australia. Believe it or not you help ordinary people feel human but inspire to have a go, nothing to lose. If one if the world's strongest men, rated the world's strongest man, can have a go, fail, even look like a fool at times but still laugh and have fun, wow. Man, we can relate with you, even tho to most of us you are super human. I can even forgive you for being English and have a bloody horrible accent. Keep it up Brother. Keep it simple Keep it real Keep the smiles and laughs coming Kayaking Give that a go Hard bloody work Thro some white water in Funny as

    Bernard MarshBernard Marsh2 maanden geleden
  • What a thumbnail 👍🤣🤣..

    Sachin JAATSachin JAAT2 maanden geleden
  • How about "Strongman tries the long jump" and "strongman tries hurdles" as well as "Strongman tries pole vaulting" (ok, that last one is, I'm pretty sure, physiologically impossible for someone well over 300 lbs because I think, number one, the pole would break).

    KalevipoegKalevipoeg2 maanden geleden
  • Eddie Hall reminds me of a real life "Baki the Grappler" Character.

    Stephen BachmanStephen Bachman2 maanden geleden
  • There is not a chance you throw like that 42 meters you are cheating yourself over there body....nice try though keep having fun would be nice to see you throw properly with an assistant guide you how to throw just some basics then you could make it up to 45 easily maybe 52 with your strength but no more for further it would take at least a year of training maybe 2 depends how flexible and fast you are.

    Petros1000 _DTPetros1000 _DT2 maanden geleden
  • 5:19 its 250kg not 25 1.75kg is 1750gm

    Aditya KaushikAditya Kaushik2 maanden geleden
  • 1:54 are you see a fox?

    Milos RilkeMilos Rilke3 maanden geleden
  • So what your saying is, your a good removals man :D

    Rob PriceRob Price3 maanden geleden
  • As a d1 thrower this is painful to watch

    darius marrowdarius marrow3 maanden geleden
  • OMG I literally laughed so loud I woke my house up when Eddie says, “unless Thor’s dad weighed it...”

    TOM OUTDOORSTOM OUTDOORS3 maanden geleden
  • Germany✊🏻💪🏽

    Alexander MuldersAlexander Mulders3 maanden geleden
  • 1:52 did anyone notice something running from behind??

    Rugged MVsRugged MVs3 maanden geleden
  • What’s the intro song?

    MastbloodMastblood3 maanden geleden
  • Obviously not taking it too seriously Eddie and good fun BUT, I’d be really interested to see you go to a local athletics club (they would definitely appreciate the advert for them) and see what you could throw with a coach teaching you proper technique (same for shot put) 💪🏻

    DaveS688DaveS6883 maanden geleden
  • Eddie the key to the disc and shot is staying low in the spin and exploding through the hips and core

    vance montgomeryvance montgomery3 maanden geleden
  • try bowling lawn and alley

    Raymond PayneRaymond Payne3 maanden geleden
  • looks like hulk trying to throw captain america's sheild😂

    joshua aretajoshua areta3 maanden geleden
  • Eddie please get with a coach of some sort. There are Olympic coaches that break down your throws like the shotput one. Please try to get in touch and see if he can teach you technicque. You will improve by so much. I also don’t want you injuring yourself by throwing it wrong.

    DillonD14DillonD143 maanden geleden
  • I think for your first few goes when doing this you should just focus on movements nice and slow even if it only travels 10ft away, I think when you come to actually apply your power then you'll get further.

    OniKaiOniKai3 maanden geleden
  • I can't help but compare you to Henry the 8th 😄 same height , extremely competitive , charismatic , but before he became what he was known for , reincarnation of him maybe ? 😁

    D MacIsaacD MacIsaac3 maanden geleden
  • U gotta be on cement bro😂

    Reymundo ArellanoReymundo Arellano3 maanden geleden
  • Its odd to me that the record hasn't been beat since 1986 with the increase in sports sciences and such.

    Amanda MoushabekAmanda Moushabek3 maanden geleden
  • The 17 year old kids name is Mykyta Nesterenko and the 2kg throw was 10 days later.

    Team Youphoric - Health & Fitness EducationTeam Youphoric - Health & Fitness Education3 maanden geleden
  • Eddie did not throw 40 meters, it just went so fast around the world that it only looked like that.

    Tim AriaansTim Ariaans3 maanden geleden
  • Can you imagine if he actually threw with technique. He already hit 40m just now, with a discus that is flopping around in the air...

    b0nesb0nes3 maanden geleden
  • Eddie, you are a big guy with a big heart and a big personality. Love the respect you give to other athletes. Cheers!

    luxlux3 maanden geleden
  • Eddie should get to properly practice with someone of the olimpic team and watch the changes

    Armando Marcial AlonzoArmando Marcial Alonzo3 maanden geleden
  • Nice content! But maybe have a pro with u at these things, so u could learn the correct technique and see how much u could improve :-D

    Jannick JuulJannick Juul3 maanden geleden
  • the kid is Mykyta Nesterenko.

    Dennis BarnhoornDennis Barnhoorn3 maanden geleden
  • I like Chucking the Discus 23 meters was my biggest throw in high school the javelin seemed dangerous to me A didny like it 👍

    james daltonjames dalton3 maanden geleden
  • I like how he puts ft Eddie Hall in the title when it's his video on his channel.

    Zach GillingsZach Gillings3 maanden geleden
  • Lets watch that 17 years and 39 days old kid deadlift 500kg

    PaddieFunkPaddieFunk3 maanden geleden
  • Hi Eddie. I'm a former british champion and Olympic Discus thrower and I think I can give you a few pointers.

    wildmoor111wildmoor1113 maanden geleden
  • Eddie's wife needs to chirp them more.

    Sky DaddySky Daddy3 maanden geleden
  • Evidence that rolling it doesn’t work 😂

    TG243TG2433 maanden geleden
  • See if you can throw it through a letter box

    BengBeng3 maanden geleden
  • pls get a coach and try again all the throws , I bet u will get a 30% + on them all and compare them with the last one 's :)

    andras huszarandras huszar3 maanden geleden
  • You know you can look up the length of rudby pitch on the tinterweb? :)

    Steve MarvellSteve Marvell3 maanden geleden
  • Embarrassing.

    Ga WaGa Wa3 maanden geleden

    uberboat45uberboat453 maanden geleden
  • Hearing them talk about Ryan Crouser Killed me

    Mugshot 108Mugshot 1083 maanden geleden
  • Nice to see you throw discus.

    Jashan SINGLAJashan SINGLA3 maanden geleden
  • This is why I love Eddie. You need to get Shaw and the other guy with the beard involved in said activities

    Steven AdamsSteven Adams3 maanden geleden
  • Alright so when are the running events? Waiting for the eddie hall mile and 100m experience

    Huńt3rHuńt3r4 maanden geleden
  • We've got some good UK coaches. Should do another set of throwing videos where you're being coached 🤔🤔😂

    JDTHRWZJDTHRWZ4 maanden geleden
  • That Thor's Dad comment 😂

    Sam GunnSam Gunn4 maanden geleden
  • Instead of javalin next where you are likely to kill someone how about a kaber toss record attempt

    Paul QuaifePaul Quaife4 maanden geleden
  • Tell you what'd be great to see; you getting your punching power measured! Maybe you with a heavyweight boxer etc. Like realistic max power that you could actually catch someone with, not winding it up too much.

    Stuart JenkinsStuart Jenkins4 maanden geleden
  • On a serious note, is it common for someone who has been hugh for the longest time and once you start shredding the pounds, you start to ache or hurt in part of your body ?? Personally having been slim and getting hugh, then going back to slim again and then back to hugh again, I found myself aching each time I was transitioning from hugh to losing muscle and weight. Is there a medical term for such occurrences ?

    AstonGoesOutAstonGoesOut4 maanden geleden
  • Ok So you did it wrong. see the technique is the feet and the ass how you bounce from the action, the arm is the guide and the angle and height of the departure. So ta make the effort with the feet and the dance will be the longer distance. " in other words my coach used to say not to use you Brain and not your arms to fly em far.

    Dan CharronDan Charron4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie could be pretty decent with training

    Satirical AmericanSatirical American4 maanden geleden
  • Patrick is looking at the discus like: "Interesting..." *turn, turn* "a... plate."

    Vengys HVengys H4 maanden geleden
  • eddies kinda mean to he camera woman ngl

    CallMeCostcoCallMeCostco4 maanden geleden
  • Discus looks like a chest and arm sport, but it’s really more about the legs - we know Eddie doesn’t skip leg day, so a bit more technique and hes got a 55m in him

    Gregory EstebanGregory Esteban4 maanden geleden
  • 250 grams, not 25g difference

    DONPTVDONPTV4 maanden geleden
  • Hi eddie

    Marcus Cj HallMarcus Cj Hall4 maanden geleden
  • Hopefully the next video is Strongman tries training with a real boxing coach

    UndefeatedGaulUndefeatedGaul4 maanden geleden
  • The spin is the whole technique

    George SotoGeorge Soto4 maanden geleden
  • How far can you throw a breeze block with one hand like in the Never Back Down film if you have ever seen it ;)

    Oliver TowersOliver Towers4 maanden geleden
  • After this covid-19 is over make a video with Dwayne Johnson.

    BenfectBenfect4 maanden geleden
  • Technique is extremely important, rotating is not easy

    Vitor SantosVitor Santos4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie if you cant figure out this footwork what can we expect in boxing

    Aivaras TrofimovasAivaras Trofimovas4 maanden geleden
  • You should try archery. See how heavy a draw you can pull. The heavier the draw you can pull, the less you need to adjust your aim.

    SippachuSippachu4 maanden geleden
    • I just imagine him breaking a 250lb longbow cuz he pulled too hard

      André BloodthornAndré Bloodthorn3 maanden geleden
  • This was amazing let’s collaborate Eddie!!

    Adrian2kAdrian2k4 maanden geleden
  • completed in discus ,shot put and Javelin . 6foot 5 at 290lbs my best was 61 meters in discus 18.8 shot and 70.2 meters in Javelin back in my 30s... now in my early 50s my body is paying for it lol but i loved it along with power lifting and all the training..I would do it all over again... Beast .. you are real gentleman! spent the last week trying to watch all your videos.. 👍

    Mike KurMike Kur4 maanden geleden
  • Jeez how tall is Paddy?

    John DJohn D4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie did you ever do Caber?

    John DJohn D4 maanden geleden
  • Come on Eddie, joshing Thor is one thing but his dad is a dude. Very fair, very sporting as you pointed out yourself when you won WSM

    John DJohn D4 maanden geleden
  • Eddies gonna come in the boxing ring as 'eddie thors dad hall' 😂

    kayman 1kayman 14 maanden geleden
  • The 17years man who throw thoses amazing distances is Mykyta Nesterenko from Ukrain.

    Ričardas KeršulisRičardas Keršulis4 maanden geleden
  • dude he looks bloated pregnant , how is he face thor in the boxing match?

    zuzzone gelatarozuzzone gelataro4 maanden geleden
  • Thor gonna knock you out booy... nah just kidding you'll destroy him 😜

    Ruben BraekmanRuben Braekman4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie Show Bying clothes in normal Sizes. 😂😂😂

    bienenpaps tbienenpaps t4 maanden geleden
  • I feel like someone of his size would have trouble turning thst much and as fast

    Official Violent ArtOfficial Violent Art4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie, why don't you and Pat do the 'Bring up Sally' challenge doing press/pull ups, see who can do the most. :o)

    BigcolBigcol4 maanden geleden
  • For the spin, first your body must be facing opposite to where you are throwing at. Then you start the swing and can end in that sideways throwing position. If you start from a side you will end, well, like you were ending, facing the wrong way confused and messing the spin. If you can master the spin in discus, its not much further to be able to shot put with the spin. Nice job!! You could really transition into shotput/discus/hammer throw in all seriousness, and I think you would enjoy it. With your sheer strenght Im sure you could also send the javelin to lower orbit but you would need a lighter body so you can carry good speed and not ruin your knees when locking. Also find yourself a cage! If you throw 20m its usually no problem but if a potential 30-70+m discus/hammer throw slips off your hand while spinning... Its going to hurt someone

    HeimdallHeimdall4 maanden geleden
  • 5:18 When you realize people in England still don't understand the metric system

    michael ciancimichael cianci4 maanden geleden
  • Pls get someone to actually teach you how to throw them right

    Lick me BoyLick me Boy4 maanden geleden
  • I really want to see Eddie does sumo!!

    Ng Yu XiangNg Yu Xiang4 maanden geleden
  • 3:19 Eddie Hall: "Don't blink you'll miss it" Me: "Ok I won't blink then" Also me: *makes eyes wide open so I can see it good* Me 2 seconds later: "Oop I blinked, I didn't see it"

    Awesome NagolAwesome Nagol4 maanden geleden
  • Mykyta Nesterenko UKR was the kid i think.

    Michael WheelerMichael Wheeler4 maanden geleden