Near 600lb Bench? Chest workout

9 sep. 2020
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Big Love
Team Beast

  • Cryotherapy?

    yaghausyaghausMaand geleden
  • The cryotherapy for us poor bastards is the good ol' cold shower every morning :P

    Dean SarasDean Saras3 maanden geleden
  • His lil smirk after saying he's still at the top of his game is so cute LOOOL

    GH LukinatorGH Lukinator3 maanden geleden
  • I love watching Edies videos they are very entertaining

    CloudyCloudy3 maanden geleden
  • You can be the most intimidating person in the world, but you gotta heart of gold, you love what you do and you love your family, 💯% respect for you big guy

    Isaiah RectorIsaiah Rector3 maanden geleden
  • He should have a cutout of Brian spotting him on the bench

    Sky DaddySky Daddy3 maanden geleden
  • Go Eddie!

    Aaron MinterAaron Minter3 maanden geleden
  • 180kg incline holding his breath, hahahahaha. Then 220kg incline, get fucked. Hahahaha.

    Captain SpaldingCaptain Spalding3 maanden geleden
  • Whys pat got a big nasty bruise on his right bicep?

    A_ToxicReaper 1997A_ToxicReaper 19973 maanden geleden
  • Musik on 12:20?

    Mace ZukMace Zuk4 maanden geleden
  • You’re my one and only inspiration on bodybuilding. I don’t like having a small waist

    Yin YangYin Yang4 maanden geleden
  • you should wear a "training to fight the mountain" shirt

    CruziCruzi4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie hall gives me motivation to push harder at the gym

    Cg StudiosCg Studios4 maanden geleden
  • 60kg is 132 LB though =X

    Vincent WongVincent Wong4 maanden geleden
  • I've always wondered Eddie how did you get that scar above your eye, I think it would be a good story.

    James GilmartinJames Gilmartin4 maanden geleden
  • 👍👍💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Austin pAustin p4 maanden geleden
  • Biltong🇿🇦🇿🇦

    Herman ErasmusHerman Erasmus4 maanden geleden
  • How much do y’all think a 14 year old full back football should be able to bench?

    Nighthawk EmojiNighthawk Emoji4 maanden geleden
  • 60kg is 132 not 110. With all do respect Mr.Hall.

    Mauricio BeltranMauricio Beltran4 maanden geleden
  • Hey Eddie! Could you gives an update on the Stem Cell Therapy you did? How do you feel? Do you think it was worth it?

    KapnKuTTKapnKuTT4 maanden geleden
  • Love your videos mate! Big fan from Perth Western Australia.

    iphoneadamfiphoneadamf4 maanden geleden
  • When he benches 15 times your body weight :

    Coffin DancersCoffin Dancers4 maanden geleden
  • Who loves Eddie he’s such a nice great guy I wann be just like him 😁

    JoelNZJoelNZ4 maanden geleden
  • i can't wait to see eddie snappin those punches crisp, i bet the boxing work has helped his stabilizer muscles a lot to continue to do impressive max lifts despite not working for them at the moment.

    Stephen MuellerStephen Mueller4 maanden geleden
  • 60 kg=135 Lb

    Prévention à la santéPrévention à la santé4 maanden geleden
  • This is ace bc i just met this tank today

    James . HobsonJames . Hobson4 maanden geleden
  • take the british record lmao

    David RainsDavid Rains4 maanden geleden
  • Imagine being so strong you break the equipment 🤣🤣

    Siam SamaSiam Sama4 maanden geleden
  • EDDIE'S INTRO IS SICK!!!!!!!!! Awesome intro ^_^

    Siam SamaSiam Sama4 maanden geleden
  • 2:40 10% is significant

    OneDerscore OneOneDerscore One4 maanden geleden
  • The hoooooooks

    Wade’s WorldWade’s World4 maanden geleden
  • Lies...the weight was not that much actually..

    Dr FazalDr Fazal4 maanden geleden
  • Man i wish i had a home gym like that lol

    Von_DutchVon_Dutch4 maanden geleden
  • 4:56 when eddie hall nuts

    R39erZz GDR39erZz GD4 maanden geleden
  • Fake plates?

    bruh :vbruh :v4 maanden geleden
  • 0:49 years and years and years of trying to stay hydrated XD

    Mr. JakobeMr. Jakobe4 maanden geleden
  • Big man can you contact 1 partical boxer for advice,his nickname is Butterbean i think he is a man of your size and you can take good advices from him

    Aleksandyr VelikiAleksandyr Veliki4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie is the only person that can describe nearly killing himself as "nothing too bad" without surprising me.

    Beef CakeBeef Cake4 maanden geleden
  • 60kg is 132lbs

    Darren McDonaldDarren McDonald4 maanden geleden
  • A la verga la camara de recuperacion de dragon ball exsiste 👀

    Crellentes HebeCrellentes Hebe4 maanden geleden
  • Yo yo yo, shout out to South Africa with that Biltong!!! Love it!

    Andrew CooperAndrew Cooper4 maanden geleden
  • Have u done something to ur right shoulder always hold it after

    jason sutcliffejason sutcliffe4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie always inspirational

    krishna tejaswikrishna tejaswi4 maanden geleden
  • I wonder how many reps and sets he does

    MR. OPMR. OP4 maanden geleden
  • Whats your cycle 💊💊💉

    Da RiderDa Rider4 maanden geleden
  • Go to a yoga studio. That would be great !!! You are an absolute animal

    Evan GuestEvan Guest4 maanden geleden
  • Let’s see you cut some glass after a cryotherapy session

    Quest4AdventureQuest4Adventure4 maanden geleden
  • He def couldn’t have gotten another rep on that, just drop the ego Eddie.

    Aldo the ApacheAldo the Apache4 maanden geleden
  • I guess Eddie ain’t about that oblivion anymore? I never hear him repping oblivion and cranberry, right after I bought a pallet to make me huge AF. TURNS OUT HE DOESNT NEED IT! Who would have thought?.

    Aldo the ApacheAldo the Apache4 maanden geleden
  • What happened to Pats Bicep? Huge bruise

    William P GrahamWilliam P Graham4 maanden geleden
  • You look freakin amazing ! Keep calm and let the Hall handle it!!

    Eli HEli H4 maanden geleden
  • Siiiiiiick

    CodofCodof4 maanden geleden
  • Big ass sweaty man grunting and flexing for 10 minutes. I think we have something to tell our parents boys

    Mario GalvaoMario Galvao4 maanden geleden
  • Who else wants to see a 15% bodyfat Eddie 💪🏻

    Tangarfi MohamedTangarfi Mohamed4 maanden geleden
  • 世界のレベルは半端ないなぁ

    jun jjun j4 maanden geleden
  • the good thing one strongest men sport...youve never to do a diet ! :-)

    bienenpaps tbienenpaps t4 maanden geleden
  • That intro i was dying 😂 Eddie is funny asf , I cannot wait for that match 🥊

    Michel LinschotenMichel Linschoten4 maanden geleden
  • Sorry i cant subscribe because i am subscribed already

    Matko UdiljakMatko Udiljak4 maanden geleden
  • I love how Thor refered to you and the fat guy in his recent video... But is gassed after 1min of slight jumping around to warm up.... And there's you doing navy seal training and finishing it.... Also... At this point it's clear to see that you have way less body fat than Thor does rofl

    Mr SusanMr Susan4 maanden geleden
  • The fact that he can bench press 260kg which is 9x my weight is incredible. Never seen such a feat of physical strength before.

    Melvin BijuMelvin Biju4 maanden geleden
  • This is weird. I had the impression Eddie was 100% commited to the boxing conditioning and training. Hmm.. so the fight Will suck :(

    smasher9007smasher90074 maanden geleden
  • I was watching this on my toilet seat without any headphones and at 6:40 my mum asked me what I was watching and I said porn

    Faizan UllahFaizan Ullah4 maanden geleden
  • What if pat tried to be Eddie for a day, that be hilarious 🤣

    Nathan JaggardNathan Jaggard4 maanden geleden
  • Damn Eddie, you are insanely strong. Just watching this makes me just a wee bit jealous.

    SnufflesMasterSnufflesMaster4 maanden geleden
  • Know full well that the British record is more than 250kg 🙄 It's 250+ at just 110kg bodyweight. Calm the ego 😎

    Prime MattPrime Matt4 maanden geleden
  • You're not human man 😂😂😂 how are you this strong 🤣 you must break door handles in ur house just opening them

    lemon treelemon tree4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie please go for the bench Press world record after you knock Thor out. You're obviously capable of doing it. Focus on it like you done the deadlift.

    lemon treelemon tree4 maanden geleden
  • There was a but of an error at the beginning. It said bench press 60kg/110 lbs. You're a bit off by like 22 pounds or so.

    jeff mcclurejeff mcclure4 maanden geleden
  • I probably could lift his arms and call it a deadlift

    BaruaaaHBaruaaaH4 maanden geleden
  • Him benching 130 is like me benching 15😂

    Dylan KerrDylan Kerr4 maanden geleden
  • That room probably smells like sweat and Beast fart 😂

    thegreatWIIMOthegreatWIIMO4 maanden geleden
  • Is that Biltong that make you that strong! Lekker man

    Hendrik OosthuizenHendrik Oosthuizen4 maanden geleden
  • Mr. Hall I know you will win the fight so best of luck to you, you absolute mad lad

    just an average otakujust an average otaku4 maanden geleden
  • I don’t know of any boxer who’s bench pressing for a match. All you know is lifting weights. Common bro I want to see you win. Are you going to box him or lift him?

    Moslim IslamMoslim Islam4 maanden geleden
    • Moslim Islam shut up moron he doesn’t want to lose his muscle for a boxing match you think Thor is going to stop lifting as well? Lol. They aren’t boxers. Eddie looks way sharper and faster anyway. Benching ain’t going to slow him down he’s been doing it his entire life his body is use to it.

      Neil WilsonNeil Wilson4 maanden geleden
  • Ur defo knocking f*** out of Thor 😂

    Jerry Blyth-laffertyJerry Blyth-lafferty4 maanden geleden
  • This cryo therapy, russians are doing for Years

    Moris HogoMoris Hogo4 maanden geleden
  • 60kg is 135lbs btw

    G.KG.K4 maanden geleden
  • As Hall said big love the beast as always i was expecting his usual arm pop through that Wall of his mountain cracking coldgyro since nothing can stop this guy. Double dipping Drama queen That proudly deadlifted +1kg without competition conditions could very well be the biggest idiot who tries to beat The beast fair and square with his double dipping cheaky fist bumps. As old mountain showed in his last video. Get that chin as close to the opponent as possible and keep your hands down. R.I.Peaces Bjornsson

    Sander MäsesSander Mäses4 maanden geleden
  • Punching power is in the elbows mostly starts from the back and drives

    Tsar XTsar X4 maanden geleden
    • @Neil Wilson im not a much of a boxer i know a thing or two what i like about punching is that the power can come from many areas different types of punches and stuff its complex I've met a few idiots tell me that punching power comes from the forearm lmao

      Tsar XTsar X4 maanden geleden
    • Tsar X the power is mostly driven from the legs ass and back way more than the elbows lol.

      Neil WilsonNeil Wilson4 maanden geleden
  • Hey man I just checked out Thor's video and I think you need to get him to sign a waver or something cause you're probably gonna kill him 🤣

    Elliot JayElliot Jay4 maanden geleden
  • I think flies are my favorite exercise.

    NoFun AtAllNoFun AtAll4 maanden geleden
  • Playing a little Rope-a-dope with the right. Like if you know what im talking about ;)

    J CJ C4 maanden geleden
  • Uuuu, someone tore a bicep...ouch

    Bogdan PaunescuBogdan Paunescu4 maanden geleden
  • love you man just spar more

    RetardoRetardo4 maanden geleden
  • 👊

    Hùng NguyễnHùng Nguyễn4 maanden geleden
  • 👊👊👊👊

    Hùng NguyễnHùng Nguyễn4 maanden geleden
  • 👊👊👊👊👊👊

    Hùng NguyễnHùng Nguyễn4 maanden geleden
  • the mind muscle connection eddy has is hard to phathom. so many bench videos it looks like hes going to fail, and then the weight surges up.

    AlexAlex4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie the most weight ever lifted was 2840 kg /6270lb you still got a way to go to truely be the world strongest man

    The ASSASSINThe ASSASSIN4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie I've been gone for 3 weeks and I come back and you're skinny.😔

    Anthony KAnthony K4 maanden geleden
  • Like the way you say hook - ‘’Hukes’’ 😃

    JoolJool4 maanden geleden
  • Fat af

    More Plates More SauzuleMore Plates More Sauzule4 maanden geleden
  • He should straightup do a video with ksi

    Lachlan NixLachlan Nix4 maanden geleden
  • hook power... comes from the chest?

    Andy RickertAndy Rickert4 maanden geleden
  • fucked up the frame one time hannah! love the videos though

    Gaurav KumarGaurav Kumar4 maanden geleden
  • *when your muscles are stronger then your bones*

    kuilioskuilios4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie's torso looks like a damn mini fridge lol

    TheMMABoomTheMMABoom4 maanden geleden
  • you should spar with viddal

    HeliosBarnHeliosBarn4 maanden geleden
  • Can we just talk about how thors nickname is the mountain and what eddied opening song is now 😂

    An Eccentric Long ForgottenAn Eccentric Long Forgotten4 maanden geleden
  • Did he mean for 1 rep or did I just miss it?

    Tobias OmmerTobias Ommer4 maanden geleden