My New House! | House Tour

10 jul. 2020
2 545 931 Weergaven

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Big Love
Team Beast

  • It’s a 4 story house as we are adding stairs going up to the attic!!! 😳😳 real estate agents just started updating all their houses for sale. C’mon Eddie... basement on the ground floor.... yeah that’s a ground floor. Stairs to the attic? Yeah we all have wooden ones that hang up after use....

    Luke MartinsLuke Martins3 uur geleden
  • I'm excited to see the house when it finished.

    ANLI fANLI f8 uur geleden
  • you deserve this 👏

    RodRod13 uur geleden
  • when

    Haydn PayneHaydn Payne15 uur geleden
  • Imagine electric and gas heating bill on this house after renovation .

    Michael BarbuMichael Barbu17 uur geleden
  • Respect to Eddie, top guy....keep up the good work..

    Jason ThorneJason Thorne17 uur geleden
  • Well done Ed, look after your family first, the haters are only jealous, all the best.

    John MooreJohn Moore17 uur geleden
  • Eddie you are the sweetest sweetest giant!! Alex is a lucky gal Congrats on your success and future endeavours . Big HUGS from Vancouver , BC Canada xox

    Sharleen DuplessisSharleen Duplessis19 uur geleden
  • A good strong house just like the owner. Congratulations Eddie! Well deserved! You've got to be an absolute nut case to jump over Eddie's fence without an invite.

    Dantes Creative MindDantes Creative MindDag geleden
  • The fruits of success!

    Hello WorldHello WorldDag geleden
  • When’s the follow up coming?

    Elias TruedssonElias TruedssonDag geleden
  • Just looking at the size of that guy, if they need to knock any walls down he only has to walk through it and that’s that job done!

    Jonathan MosleyJonathan MosleyDag geleden
  • Even the rabbit is big 💪

    C0LD FireC0LD FireDag geleden
  • What an house. A man who’s living his best life . Congratulations mate. Love to see people succeed, so refreshing ❤️

    Neil Thomas daviesNeil Thomas daviesDag geleden
  • Very nice house Eddie, good to see all your hard work paying off!!

    Leigh PalmerLeigh PalmerDag geleden
  • I drive passed on the way to school its great seeing you out training stay safe brother.

    WILSONI007WILSONI0072 dagen geleden
  • Lol what a Bragger. “Look at my house, the carpets are 20k” The humble is lost

    Mission DanMission Dan2 dagen geleden
  • ANYONE could tell me the name of the song please? I searched it with several apps, no match. Would be really grateful! Thanks for any help

    Cartel893Cartel8932 dagen geleden
  • Dreams do come true👍 eddie is evidence

    Just Streaming BroJust Streaming Bro2 dagen geleden
  • Big property mansion but seems the rooms Are small.. Or maybe Eddie is to big for The rooms.. Nice to see Eddie n his Family living large With all the good things U get when U work hard 🤟😎

    Gotti'sway GottiGotti'sway Gotti2 dagen geleden
  • Fuck me bet the sales rep had a field day on the that house selling the windows lol

    Gadget TVGadget TV2 dagen geleden
  • Imagine being tony watching this video 😂

    Dan WilliamsDan Williams2 dagen geleden
  • I have never came across anyone as hungry as Eddie. So much desire in the man. Well done bro on your house.

    Hiten PatelHiten Patel2 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful house,whoever lived there before had a shocker decorating

    Chris BartonChris Barton2 dagen geleden
    • The inside is like the 90s

      MANNYMANNY20 uur geleden
  • Any would be burglar would regret it if they didnt know the beast lived there! And if he dont get you the Giant Rabbit will! Lol

    Lee MorrisonLee Morrison2 dagen geleden
  • How has nobody noticed that Eddie casually gives his lad a concussion at 4:35 😂

    matty elliottmatty elliott3 dagen geleden
  • Congrats Eddie he’s right takes a long time to get it looking how you want but he’ll get there will look quality once finished

    Tom LengTom Leng3 dagen geleden
  • Im here with a big smile for Eddie. Proud of him I remember years ago a very humble interview he done where he was happy someone was sponsoring his meals. Well Done proper inspiration

    Funeral BlvckFuneral Blvck3 dagen geleden
  • cool!!

    Timothy AltomTimothy Altom3 dagen geleden
  • If you climb over Eddie's fence you are insane he's a big unit

    ryan cordonryan cordon3 dagen geleden
  • I cant stop watching your videos lol started at lunch and its now midnight, keep it up big man

    brady dixonbrady dixon3 dagen geleden
  • Ugh, no thanks! It needs 5 years of renovation.

    CurlyCurly3 dagen geleden
  • congrats eddie,you deserve it...we love you,bring the pain in the upcoming bout

    trillrif axegrindortrillrif axegrindor3 dagen geleden
  • All this spent for this house sorry not looking good at all you waist your mony

    ya alahya alah3 dagen geleden
  • absolutely love the house it is what it is you've worked hard to get what you want great to the end result get automower to cut you'll be amazed by the results

    Mark CMark C3 dagen geleden
  • What a place

    Turbo tel Old sKoOlTurbo tel Old sKoOl3 dagen geleden
  • Can smell that fart 😳

    andy mackaandy macka3 dagen geleden
  • couldn't see the house when you were stood outside your a beast xD

    FIFATobzFIFATobz3 dagen geleden
  • bit late to the party on this one as it’s just popped up to watch..... I’m a local driving instructor and pass the house all the time on lessons, and it’s great to see your plans for the property. Impressed with the plans for the house and gardens, and it looks fantastic. All of your hard work and life time of dedication to your sport has led to this, enjoy it Eddie, you’ve earned it.

    Bin The L PlatesBin The L Plates3 dagen geleden
  • Some idiot walked straight into Eddie Hall's back garden and asked him for a fight!! Blimey, he must have been suicidal. It really isn't fair to hassle famous people at their homes, these celebs have family lives too! Proud to see Eddie progressing on tv alot, been following 'The Beast' for a while 👍 💪

    Greg LGreg L3 dagen geleden
  • It is always scary to hear about the so-called fans that basically stalk their idol(s). Deranged behavior... good on you Mr. Hall for keeping your family safe with all the security upgrades for your new home!

    Matthew ReisMatthew Reis4 dagen geleden
  • Very nice eddie youve earned it sir

    indiana146indiana1464 dagen geleden
  • Enjoy it’ve earned it 👍👍

    Christopher SladeChristopher Slade4 dagen geleden
  • U deserve it buddy

    marco vitiellomarco vitiello4 dagen geleden
  • "This house was built by someone who built horses for a living". That sentence says to me that it's probably mostly botched. The gates don't even open properly. The interior looks small, dated and not of a very high standard at all.

    Jamie ArnoldJamie Arnold4 dagen geleden
  • Only Eddie will have 2 double beds

    UC FITNESSUC FITNESS4 dagen geleden
  • Good to see you so happy and proud. You’ve worked hard for it. Well done!

    Sheff SteelSheff Steel4 dagen geleden
  • Eddie keeps it real and comes across a a really humble guy. Nice to see him doing really well he deserves it.

    Ivan PalmerIvan Palmer4 dagen geleden
  • Such a great bloke 💪

    EcogreenDetailEcogreenDetail4 dagen geleden
  • yes I agree it is very interested please keep us updated on your crib

    Gary morgan LFCGary morgan LFC4 dagen geleden
  • congrats man, thats a beautiful home. Hard work.

    M BM B4 dagen geleden
  • Going to cost you a few quid to get that house round to the way you want it. Well Done Enjoy

    Mark BMark B4 dagen geleden
  • Great video! Great property! Would be great to see it finished! Keep us updated! You're videos are keeping us going in these difficult and strange times!

    Peter InmanPeter Inman4 dagen geleden
  • Love it :-)

    Erik Bully JohnsonErik Bully Johnson4 dagen geleden
  • Awesome house. I'm happy where I am but it'd be a dream to live there. Would be great to see it when it's all done. Nice fella Eddie.

    InnocenceExperienceInnocenceExperience5 dagen geleden
  • Literally, blood sweat and tears bought that. Well deserved!!!! Good for him!!!!!

    Paul NewmanPaul Newman5 dagen geleden
  • We need an update video on the improvements you have done since. Looks Great

    LIONSLIONS5 dagen geleden
  • This house is amazing, thanks for sharing Eddie 👍 😍😘

    Hannah O'DonnellHannah O'Donnell5 dagen geleden
  • Smashed it 👏

    Daniel LoveDaniel Love5 dagen geleden
  • Going to be a fantastic home but how the hell are you going to have a boxing ring in the basement and have the headroom to be able to stand in it and use it??? The ceiling looks way way too low and raising the ceiling height won't be that easy as the room above will hear everything from the grunts to the farting!!!

    Simon rSimon r5 dagen geleden
  • Beautiful House m8 and I too love ya Fireplace surround it's cool looking :) Yo and family enjoy! ya all deserve

    T jT j5 dagen geleden
  • Genuinely a nice guy.. just one question any chance I can live in your wheeler 👍💚✌ fair play to you mate..

    L.S.T UK BiG BuDL.S.T UK BiG BuD5 dagen geleden
  • Idiots disliking another mans graft .

  • Amazing house and you absolutely deserve it. You have worked extremely hard for this, well done!!!!

    Matthew DaviesMatthew Davies5 dagen geleden
  • Shows you that hard work and dedication does work. Well done 👍

    Andrew InglisAndrew Inglis5 dagen geleden
  • Big Z has lake, ur way behind with your tub on that lol

    Mkas MMkas M5 dagen geleden
  • Fireplace is mint

    Duggy RyanDuggy Ryan5 dagen geleden
  • Poor 🌲

    aj wtfaj wtf5 dagen geleden
  • It looks shit mate

    gerard coochgerard cooch5 dagen geleden
  • This rich guy bought his son dragon ball xenoverse when dragon ball xenoverse 2 came out long ago come on man .

    Double AceDouble Ace6 dagen geleden
  • What a nice humble big guy, well done sir and be happy in your new house.

    David MccallDavid Mccall6 dagen geleden
  • Throw me another can of beer

  • Smashing it. Hard work paid off baby

    Ic3Ic36 dagen geleden
  • Living the dream

    mally Mooremally Moore6 dagen geleden
  • I like this house and big fan form India..

    madanakolla maheshmadanakolla mahesh6 dagen geleden
  • Rumour has it this house used to be in Germany but Eddie picked it up and carried it over to the UK

    WillxClarkeWillxClarke6 dagen geleden
  • You get wackos but u do a uk style cribs. 👏👏👏 Get night vision. Cams. 🌃

    Anthony CaslinAnthony Caslin6 dagen geleden
  • Need an island in your kitchen you have the room for it I have one in mine its about the same size it helps alot with big meals witch I'm sure you have

    Efrem LeeEfrem Lee6 dagen geleden
  • Eddie knows dragonball z

    marx117 xmarx117 x6 dagen geleden
  • Fair play I remember when you started out and struggling your s top man and if anyone deserves it 👍

    Greg AndersonGreg Anderson6 dagen geleden
  • well deserved and hard earned .good luck to you n yours ...MADE IT !

    88 1888 186 dagen geleden
  • Love it ! Can’t wait for the finished results 😍

    Unicorn LoverUnicorn Lover6 dagen geleden
  • Nice house fella all the best with your future just subscribed 👍🏻 get yourself some Rottweilers for security

  • Wow! Absolutely stunning.

    S1 CS1 C6 dagen geleden
  • Your rich....we get it 🙄

    Jamie PriceJamie Price6 dagen geleden
  • please give us an update!

    GaryGary6 dagen geleden
  • It's just his old house. He just lifted it to a new location.

    Metallica Fan!Metallica Fan!6 dagen geleden
  • Lovely hone, congratulations 👏

    ElliottElliott6 dagen geleden
  • Followed Eddie for years.... he’s a legend and deserves everything he has got

    Dale MulhollandDale Mulholland6 dagen geleden
  • Who says hard work and dedication doesn't pay off.

    King GeneralKing General6 dagen geleden
  • My dad made his house

    Charlie Playz123Charlie Playz1236 dagen geleden
  • No way am I climbing them stairs with my shopping 😂 thts alit of work needing done dont envy you. I havnt watched it all yet but get dog or 2 no need for security!

    Mrs GeeMrs Gee6 dagen geleden
  • Why didn’t you just buy another house

    Urban RiderUrban Rider7 dagen geleden
  • Nice drum! Love to see it when it’s complete 👍🏻

    Harry YoungHarry Young7 dagen geleden
  • You’ve got plenty of work to do there Eddie

    Urban RiderUrban Rider7 dagen geleden

    Prince BOW WoghiPrince BOW Woghi7 dagen geleden
  • Sorry I need a fart.lmao that's a pure protein fart oh God!😧💯💯⛔♨️♨️

    Tyson Field2Tyson Field27 dagen geleden
  • Well-done this crib will be a dream home when finished.happy for you Eddie 🙏 welldone 🤘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Tyson Field2Tyson Field27 dagen geleden
  • well done big man

    Joey MeighJoey Meigh7 dagen geleden
  • It might work for you & that's good. For me? Nope. Too many issues to list. If I had this place given I will demolish it completely & build what I think should be on the site.

    C DubC Dub7 dagen geleden