MY BLOOD RESULTS! | Not what I expected... Ft Phil Richards

6 mei. 2020
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  • What was the supplement he recommended for the heart??

    N7 London townN7 London townMaand geleden
  • lol i dont blame eddie for thinking he's healthy, the doc should've been more honest. a bunch of those markers are indications of negative health outcomes...

    werewolvesbydaywerewolvesbyday3 maanden geleden
  • A selection of whiskeys... My kind of doctor

    Anywhere I GoAnywhere I Go4 maanden geleden
  • His blood was hydrated

    Suraj karkiSuraj karki4 maanden geleden
  • this doctor bull he need to show any evidence shows that excesive e2 makes prostate cancer also e2 is self regulated if your testo high then e2 also high so e2 helps him to push heavy weights doctor go out.

    Nt TradeNt Trade4 maanden geleden
  • Doc with a bar full of spirits 👍

    Dbow HDbow H5 maanden geleden
  • Plot twist: Martin Ford is only 5'10

    FinlayFinlay5 maanden geleden
  • These two guys are machines 🤯

    SLUMP GTXSLUMP GTX6 maanden geleden
  • The intro is so god damn long

    Daniel CruzDaniel Cruz6 maanden geleden
  • Still dont think of trying a whole food vegan diet?

    tom roslertom rosler7 maanden geleden
  • This was beautiful, blood tests and health. Man you have inspired me through this quarantine, new subscriber, but truly appreciate your videos and also your character. I went from being out of shape....gut, flabby, all now I'm back on workout programs running 2-3 miles a day. My body looks amazing after about 3 months of work. Thank you for true information.

    Matthew BondMatthew Bond7 maanden geleden
  • No matter what is going to go on in my life every time I hear blood test or Balada I'm going to have either a weak feeling or stinging on my left arm and keep in mind I don't mind seeing blood I have got injured many times and have seen people get injured but when you talk about it I'm just out

    Master_GMaster_G7 maanden geleden
  • I appreciate you sharing your results . It’s very helpful to know rather than from a vegans blood tests who likes to make it seem that their own blood results are perfect within its range and them boasting on how better they are than anyone who’s not a vegan .

    ChinoMakalaoChinoMakalao7 maanden geleden
  • i want a closer look at that bourbon collection in the back.

    300pzl300pzl7 maanden geleden
  • That's another another £1500 wasted bless him. 😂

    AntfitAntfit7 maanden geleden
  • I really do miss the old intro

    Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody7 maanden geleden
  • No more cheesecakes Eddie!

    Luke JLuke J8 maanden geleden
  • The camera shaking at 5:00 is intimidated by the beast alright.

    AndriusAndrius8 maanden geleden
  • SS3 and then All Might Punch, Amazing. Do you watch a lot of anime?

    David ChenDavid Chen8 maanden geleden
  • Eddie: they're just poo samples Me: so I shit in the box Eddie: i think so . . . Me: I'm shitting in the box Eddie: hold on imma send one to Brian

    Hunter SaffellHunter Saffell8 maanden geleden
  • Eddie what were your testosterone markers ??

    Gregory AshGregory Ash8 maanden geleden
  • Are the giants making an army 🤔😅

    devendra kumar rajdevendra kumar raj8 maanden geleden
  • You’re giving away too much information! You can’t be giving Thor too many tips bro

    Gigi MGigi M8 maanden geleden
  • Good man ever

    md.rasel khanmd.rasel khan8 maanden geleden
  • Eating challenge with Thor.

    Ravin KnightRavin Knight8 maanden geleden
  • Results: not enough H2O

    JastrovJastrov8 maanden geleden
  • do NOT take fish oil it will only cause more inflammation don't eat too much fish heavy metals are terrible REDUCE vegetation don't eat more it will only cause more intestinal permeability check out paleomedicina people from hungary

    Paul GiangolaPaul Giangola8 maanden geleden
    • all this stuff about increasing the microbiome for health is complete nonsense man get a new doctor

      Paul GiangolaPaul Giangola8 maanden geleden
  • When are people going to understand, LDL is not bad, it's doing a job of delivering cholesterol around the body. The problem is the underlying cause of inflammation that this LDL is attempting to fix by patching things up with cholesterol. Whatever you do Eddie, avoid statins at all costs or you can kiss goodbye to any future sports. Please read 'A Statin Nation' by Dr Malcolm McKendrick.

    ShadowShadow8 maanden geleden
  • The mountain breaking a mountain

    xeracorocksxeracorocks8 maanden geleden
  • 3:27 that needle looked thick! I guess normal needles can't penetrate the skin of Eddie Hall! XD

    Ninja HombrepalitoNinja Hombrepalito8 maanden geleden
  • “Adjustment to diet”

    J WJ W8 maanden geleden
  • Go vegan, blow everyone's minds.

    Zombie RiderZombie Rider8 maanden geleden
  • They mixed up your blood results with your poo results

    Luke BinnendykLuke Binnendyk8 maanden geleden
  • Why is Eddie looking like Scar tho

    Littleman787Littleman7878 maanden geleden
  • Real problem here is you weight 200kg. You need to get back to a human weight, hope after the fight you can focus on this new goal.

    E dNE dN8 maanden geleden
  • 3:25, is that the Eiffel Tower?

    Sheepdog SmokeySheepdog Smokey8 maanden geleden
  • I thought it is Martyn Ford

    6s ix9ni ne6s ix9ni ne8 maanden geleden
  • Keep hydrating bro

    KOH2018KOH20188 maanden geleden
  • the veggies and omega 3 will fix you right up.. you wont end up like sooo many other iron athlete's with heart failure.... your good people..stick around....your family need's you.....good luck.....peace!!!

    philip popenikphilip popenik8 maanden geleden
  • You can't deadlift 501kg are you dumb or stoopid?

    Keep LionKeep Lion8 maanden geleden
  • Please make a follow-up video on made changes and another blood test to look at the progress. Best wishes to you!

    sobernesssoberness8 maanden geleden
  • Good vid Eddie, it got me thinking

    Mark McFaddenMark McFadden8 maanden geleden
  • Live the life you want, life is to short to worry about what your eating. Educate yourself so you know the risks your taking and make an informed decision. If that decision is to eat McDonalds every day, that's YOUR choice.

    Jack FantomJack Fantom8 maanden geleden
  • great great vid, really interesting information 👍

    shoplifting began in ancient phoeniciashoplifting began in ancient phoenicia8 maanden geleden
  • I'd like to see the results if he did the exact same test 3 weeks in a row. The results would probably be a lot different if he took the blood two days in a row.

    ScubaMI TomScubaMI Tom8 maanden geleden
  • Good thing Eddie is slimming down and doing more cardio for his boxing match

    FuarkFuark8 maanden geleden
  • wow Martin looks bigger than Eddie now. I'm guessing Eddie has got smaller with his weight loss but still majorly impressed with the size martin seems to have put on

    Chris RussellChris Russell8 maanden geleden
  • Lol phil Richards is my dad not even joking aswell

    sn99zysn99zy8 maanden geleden
  • I'm impressed that Eddie would broadcast information that is this intimate! Thank you Eddie!!

    Braden HuntBraden Hunt8 maanden geleden
  • Pero omg vadym se vería pequeño al lado de ellos

    Leonardo AnayaLeonardo Anaya8 maanden geleden
  • He needs a juice fast.. Raw alive foods.. Only way to heal from that gut.. 6 weeks. He would be ripped

    Catt NessCatt Ness8 maanden geleden
  • And people said Vegetarians and Vegans were lacking nutrients and are unhealthy. Lesson learnt (which was obvious), eat your veggies and whole foods peeps 🤙🏻

    Elliott NaceyElliott Nacey8 maanden geleden
    • I think because he needs to eat so much food he needs more calorically dense food, which in this case is unhealthy. I think if you tried to eat a vegan diet and reach 10000 cals+ a day, then it would be too much to eat. But I agree, he does need to eat more veggies

      Survivor @PSNSurvivor @PSN8 maanden geleden
  • new to following you, just wondering are you trolling everyone by drinking water in every video ? lol

    cameron dobiecameron dobie8 maanden geleden
  • Looks like the meat is getting into his arteries 😑

    zukodude487987zukodude4879878 maanden geleden
  • Great testing and interp. Do we have the full test list for this 2k project?

    Peter BrownPeter Brown8 maanden geleden
  • Leaky gut doesn't exist

    ArcticCareBearArcticCareBear8 maanden geleden
  • There’s no way to be a huge strongman and have clean bloodwork. But glad Eddies at least monitoring it so he knows when to cash his chips in and get under 300lbs ish.

    Michael JusticeMichael Justice8 maanden geleden
  • Anyone using chicken and broccoli should have blood work done on the regular.

    zeake13zeake138 maanden geleden
  • hahaha the intro! love it!

    raataggi96 theplayerXDraataggi96 theplayerXD8 maanden geleden
  • eddie has pushed himself to be way heavier than he is supposed to be, he needs to lose weight and eat healthier.

    Mark ChavesMark Chaves8 maanden geleden
  • Eddie, How do you go about organising these tests please mate????

    M PM P8 maanden geleden
  • Fair play on uploading this Eddie. All the laughing aside I really hope you take the advice given and cut down on all the processed food and meat that you consume in abnormal portion sizes. Otherwise you will die early. Your ego will push you to stay big and lift heavy weights, but when that voice goes off in your head just look at your lovely boy and wonderful wife who love you more than any fangirl or boy in the audience of a lifting contest. Stay strong mate. You can turn this around!

    George HorlockGeorge Horlock8 maanden geleden
  • Eddie "WTF" You have to start eating healthy, it does not help with any supplements! You are in danger of having a heart attack!

    Icykenny92Icykenny928 maanden geleden
    • all this power and still not strong enough to give up garbage food.

      hilomonahilomona5 maanden geleden
  • I loved you in that strongman tv show. You're such a sound dude. Please drop that those shitty supplements, lose your farmyard diet, plenty based whole foods diet for the win and watch your numbers change for the better. 🙂👊🏽

    Vegan Beard GuyVegan Beard Guy8 maanden geleden
  • Not trying to be rude but i think you should eat more plants to lower your risk of CVD.

    Chen LeeChen Lee8 maanden geleden
  • Whole food Plant Based vegan diet 100% the best for your health, animals and environment. What are you waiting for, to be a example for your family, friends, and fans.

    Ruben SousaRuben Sousa8 maanden geleden
  • I didn't hear anyone say you were healthy, nor did I hear anyone say "nothing is too bad" (except from yourself). Your daily diet (including crazy amounts of saturated fats from animal protein and level 1A carcinogens from all the processed meats) is causing the problems... and there seems to be quite some. It seems as if you only heard what you wanted to hear. He basically told you that what is causing all the problems are the foods you eat (meats, eggs and fish (animal proteins)) and that you need to stuff in some more greens... but you end up hearing that supplementation will fix the problems. "You've got to get your blood so fine-tuned..." While eating so much crap that is clogging up the arteries. This is yet another proof that you can be strong as hell and crazy unhealthy at the same time. You seem like a nice guy, Eddie, but saying that you invest in your health while eating what you eat, doesn't add up... just saying.

    didjeridu100didjeridu1008 maanden geleden
  • swap all your meats and dairy for beans. drop the oil. for 2 months and take the test again .

    Jaskaran DiuJaskaran Diu8 maanden geleden
  • Really good vid.

    reeni kaverireeni kaveri8 maanden geleden
  • You’re fucked bro your heart is going to explode 🌱😘

    Looks CarpyLooks Carpy8 maanden geleden
  • Now when you're gonna be fighting instead of strongman-lifting, maybe time to contact James Wilks for help with going on to a plantbased diet instead of what you're eating now. I would be terrified with those numbers, they're basically saying "you're going to die of heart disease before you see your children grow up if you don't change your diet asap". Contact James Wilks and his team, it'll be awesome!

    Peter AlsénPeter Alsén8 maanden geleden
  • Phil: "you are basiacally about to die from heart attack or stroke". Eddie: "Thankfuly, nothing's too bad"

    Radek LátalRadek Látal8 maanden geleden
    • @Mieke Kuppen that's true, and also it's not certain how much of the bacteria survives the stomach. Good food will create good bacteria and feed them.

      Adam LovelessAdam Loveless7 maanden geleden
    • @Adam Loveless Unless he changes his diet all the bacteria he´s swallowing will just die of starvation anyway, leaving only the ones he already has plenty of.

      Mieke KuppenMieke Kuppen7 maanden geleden
    • You can get some prebiotics with 7 or more good bacterial strains, each capsule having 200million to a billion.. 25 million seems low.. considering the gut has trillions of bacteria..

      Adam LovelessAdam Loveless7 maanden geleden
    • @Car Crazy Yes because doing boxing or mma the only out come is brain damage. I also started that with him losing weight and improving his health.

      jacko1623jacko16237 maanden geleden
    • @Car Crazy What??

      jacko1623jacko16237 maanden geleden
  • Just so you know, you do need to worry and you aren't healthy. Your PR won't mean shit when you have a heart attack. But conveniantly you'll get stronger when you eat better. Fuck these supplements other then D and B12. Eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and legumes and you'll be 100% healthier.

    Joshua ShepardJoshua Shepard8 maanden geleden
  • Check out Hench Herbivores reaction to this.

    MynamesConaMynamesCona8 maanden geleden
  • Holy shit...... he's a walking heart attack.

    Dey CrossDey Cross8 maanden geleden
  • Eating vegetables is good for you? Who knew? I guess meat and a carb isn't necessarily the way to go for every single meal.

    John SmithJohn Smith8 maanden geleden
  • Wth is that into 😂 criiinge

    Ruben BraekmanRuben Braekman8 maanden geleden
  • Very informative video... highly interesting!!!

    DerryPupDerryPup8 maanden geleden
  • jesus christ ..."not that bad"... and he has a family, dude you'll want to change your ways... otherwise you will be digging your own grave in 5 years.

    Maria McCarthyMaria McCarthy8 maanden geleden
    • These numbers aren't apocalyptic or anything. They aren't great, but he'll be fine if he's careful. I guarantee most Americans' numbers are far worse. I mean the ldl alone, I have relatives with levels 4 or 5 times above normal who are in their 70s.

      Andrew BloomAndrew Bloom7 maanden geleden
  • Hey Eddie! Just a matter of time before your animal abusing, pandemic creating diet, loaded with meat, dairy, eggs and fish, catches up with you and you're drooling out of the side of your face that no longer works! You'll spend your miserable days, in your obese body, covered in your own feces and swimming in your own urine while at the mercy of a minimum wage care giver who really doesn't like you and see's you as a burden! You'll suffer like this for many years until your heart gives out or another Meathead pandemic rolls around and puts you out of your misery! Stop abusing animals! Go Vegan! Buy Vegan!

    TeddyPTeddyP8 maanden geleden
  • based on his diet and lifestyle his results are not the least bit shocking. Whole food plant based advocating doctors and the research/studies behind it have been saying this for a while. its obvious why people get heart attacks, they do it to themselves. Meat is not healthy, eggs arent healthy and yup dairy isnt healthy either. keto isnt healthy, oil isnt healthy. what is healthy is an array of whole food plants like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

    SpiritualVeganSpiritualVegan8 maanden geleden
  • The blood was dehydrated :D

    Leonardo PinoLeonardo Pino8 maanden geleden
  • Vegan Beast, here he comes!

    MitMit8 maanden geleden
    • Oh shut up ye vegan twat

      Ethan WoodEthan Wood8 maanden geleden
  • you have to make serious changes soon or you WILL have a heart attack or stroke, no denying it.

    SpiritualVeganSpiritualVegan8 maanden geleden
  • A vegan diet will help you with the LDL cholesterol levels, there’s a lot of science backing that.

    xMinteeexMinteee8 maanden geleden
    • @Survivor @PSN it's definitely true that you need to eat more plants than meat to get the same calories but the amount of land used is still more if you go by calories per square mile

      spandexter 123spandexter 1238 maanden geleden
    • @spandexter 123 Yes but since plant matter is less nutritionally and calorically dense than animal products, you would have to consume more, hence more agricultural land for crops. Leading to more destruction of ecosystems. Like I said I don't know. It's very complicated taking into account the crops grown to feed the animals. And you could feed multiple people from a single farm animal, but I don't know how that would translate to having the plant matter equal the nutritional density of the animal matter. Tldr: Easier to feed people with animals since they are more nutrionally and calorically dense than plants. But we don't know how much plant matter is being allocated to feed those animals and how much that said plant matter could feed humans.

      Survivor @PSNSurvivor @PSN8 maanden geleden
    • @Survivor @PSN I just read what you said at the end but it still takes more room than plants

      spandexter 123spandexter 1238 maanden geleden
    • @Survivor @PSN but most Agri land is allocated to animals, cattle and sheep, and less meat would mean less land

      spandexter 123spandexter 1238 maanden geleden
    • The reason for the regular blood tests and cause of raised cholesterol levels has really gone over all your heads hasn’t it?

      TT8 maanden geleden
  • The mountain going down like a crack bitch

    ZZoltarZZoltar8 maanden geleden
  • Love that My hero academia and dragon ball z reference in the intro.

    Samuel Pencil AmSamuel Pencil Am8 maanden geleden
  • Did Eddie hall just reach super saiyan 3 first time

    BalrajeetBalrajeet8 maanden geleden
  • Welsh dude can barely pronounce half of his jibberish?!?!

    Nope NopeNope Nope8 maanden geleden
  • I didn't expect you to be a dragon all z fan.

    D1craigRobD1craigRob8 maanden geleden
  • Giand Eddie, i didn't find any reason expect the money for that boxing match. The winner of that fight, what thing he will prove? You guys are the strongest of the world and for that you care i think. The winner of a boxing match isn't the stronger, many times: Foreman was stronger and lost, Sony Liston was and lost too... The deadlift, the big stones, the huge weghts that you carry in strongman are the thinks that proves who is the stronger.. Why you don't play a football then, or basketball, or a monopoly (if you get what i mean) You are the strongest men of the world and you dont have Boxers head, even their heads can't take many powerfull hits with not k.o. or worse (damage) A punch from you to Thor, and from Thor to you can be fatally for both of you.

    ΚυκλοθυμίαΚυκλοθυμία8 maanden geleden
  • "recommended by a friend" ah so he helps decide your gear regimen and checks your bloods?

    BruiseBruise8 maanden geleden
  • I got gastritis, but I workout, pretty lean. I don't drink or smoke I eat healthy and yet I got it. Been months now and it seems it's just my intestines hurting anyone explain?

    Bradley BellBradley Bell8 maanden geleden
  • What where the results? 40% test 400, 30% trenbelone and 30% growth hormone?

    paul bankspaul banks8 maanden geleden
  • To prove this is all 100% he needs to come back in 12 months and do it again with a different person to see if what this guy says it right 🤔

    Paul.Paul.8 maanden geleden
  • I loved the all might reference in the intro

    Toastin420Toastin4208 maanden geleden
  • that's a cringey ass intro lol

    Dinis AlmeidaDinis Almeida8 maanden geleden
  • RIP Rich😓

    Gizmo 856Gizmo 8568 maanden geleden
  • Phill was ready to burst with laughter

    brendan wilsonbrendan wilson8 maanden geleden
  • Lovely intro

    brendan wilsonbrendan wilson8 maanden geleden