Is MyProtein s***t? | Factory Tour

25 nov. 2020
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    Eddie 'The Beast' HallEddie 'The Beast' HallMaand geleden
    • Could see you working on The One Show.

      jh06okjh06ok15 dagen geleden
    • Save your money something not quite right with my protein in general get a quality brand instead

      Marc HutchingsMarc Hutchings25 dagen geleden
    • You remind me Paul white from wwe AkA Big show.

      John CookJohn CookMaand geleden
    • Thx 4 the MYPROTIEN tour. I order it monthly to my home in Taiwan & love all the different flavours & decent price

      MrTravellerMrTravellerMaand geleden
    • @God Saved My Life nahhhh you must have that problem bc you're a BETA

      spiaxspiaxMaand geleden
  • MyProtein banana isolate is the most plastic chemical tasting protein I've ever had - not gross but uncomfortable, weird since the first whey I ever tried was SciTec banana and that was good.

    MrDoubleKillerMrDoubleKillerDag geleden
  • boys will be boys, always playing

    MortenMorten4 dagen geleden
  • I literally do this job but for mc D’s chicken

    Bob HopeBob Hope4 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who thought it's actually a factory tour through Eddie's own protein products and see if it's good or bad? LeL

    NumiraNumira5 dagen geleden
  • You shouldn't be allowed in that gym !

    J RudreshJ Rudresh6 dagen geleden
  • nice

    elliato 04elliato 046 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂 thats the best intro ive ever seen

    shadow stalker67shadow stalker676 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for the samples...hahaha ffs .. I'm goners.. Actual tears!!

    Yeah buddyYeah buddy7 dagen geleden
  • Love the idea of this video 🙏🏽

    Hector TalaveraHector Talavera7 dagen geleden
  • I'd love to know the profit margin on protein powder it must be insane

    Ryan TurbittRyan Turbitt7 dagen geleden
  • The fact that's it's really affordable and the quality is great. His brand will go a long way. Meaning people will always buy the product because it's not a hit to the wallet.

    Stroka DStroka D8 dagen geleden
  • A gym for the posh people... says the lad that moved into a monster pad that some would say looked rather posh 😂😂😂 Every single brick earn't through incredible feats of strength though, love the content brother

    Aaron RobbAaron Robb8 dagen geleden
  • Myprotein is the best, have bought from them for years and always will. How can you argue with a company as high quality, efficient and innovative as that?

    IbanezFanIbanezFan8 dagen geleden
  • That sellout game

    2ossy2ossy9 dagen geleden
  • Looking at that factory even Walter White would be proud.

    mayen67mayen679 dagen geleden
  • It has that rep because Argos sold it. You don’t go to Argos for the best jewellery or watches so MP got tarnished with the same brush.

    ASJA82ASJA8210 dagen geleden
  • Is no one going to mention that he put 1 to many stars in the censored word

  • R.I.P row machine lol

    papaspauldingpapaspaulding12 dagen geleden
  • Myprotein is easily the worst protein ive ever had

    kinda fat kinda strongkinda fat kinda strong12 dagen geleden
  • I was gonna order some bars n drinks but never tried their stuff, any good??

    skatecm1skatecm113 dagen geleden
  • 1969 moon landings maaaate

    Steep TachankaSteep Tachanka13 dagen geleden
  • Curling the wattbike 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jonathan LeadbeaterJonathan Leadbeater13 dagen geleden
  • Where can I find the whey protein aminoacidic profile ?

    Luca GiangiLuca Giangi14 dagen geleden
  • I honestly thought MYProtein was a cowboy job.

    Autumn AuroraAutumn Aurora14 dagen geleden
  • Do you use my protein Eddie

  • No one else realise how there is 3 stars between the letters of shit when there should only be 2?

    Joshua HewittJoshua Hewitt14 dagen geleden
  • Eddie..we put a man on the moon...eddie just put a rowing machine on the moon poor thing was jumping.nuts and bolts everywhere

    Dan HerbertDan Herbert14 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one who would like to be a tester of protein powders and bars on these factories? Must be such a great job tasting these amazing products for free everyday!

    Ditz3nDitz3n17 dagen geleden
  • 3:12 please clear your throat, great vid btw ofc 🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    AzAz17 dagen geleden
  • I subscribed not to watch everything you do but just because your an English man so I want you to get as much money as possible in this world

    Taylor MadeTaylor Made17 dagen geleden
  • Pretty sure Eddie came to take gym to break everything

    jomin johnjomin john18 dagen geleden
  • My protein is usually shit after a day or two

    itzTTitzTT18 dagen geleden
  • I'm perplexed as the very reason I dropped myprotein was due to lack of quality in their products. From consistency to flavour, it was so unpredictable. I jumped to their main competitor and they've never put a foot wrong in years.

    Davey MDavey M19 dagen geleden
  • Hay

    Quân Bế MinhQuân Bế Minh19 dagen geleden
  • I miss the old intro

    CampbellRocksAgainCampbellRocksAgain19 dagen geleden
  • Basically they don't produce anything they get it from another wholsale producer, do few testing, add some additives and package it.

    jigil jigiljigil jigil19 dagen geleden
  • Funny never heard someone disliking myprotein

    Jacob Ringgaard MikkelsenJacob Ringgaard Mikkelsen19 dagen geleden
  • Noone should ever complain about the price of myprotein.......ever.

    with.joe.90with.joe.9020 dagen geleden
  • When you just RIP machines apart... Not beast safe

    hardcopyhardcopy20 dagen geleden
  • All powders are shit.

    ZolidTech HDZolidTech HD21 dag geleden
  • Mr. Beast, please don’t grab me by my neck, I’m already subscribed.

    Joe FaceJoe Face23 dagen geleden
  • you do a video where you tell people what drugs you use to take and at what amount = and the effect it had on your body and mind + are you worried about drugs being used by the mountain when and if you fight him

    frank bevanfrank bevan23 dagen geleden
  • Is MyProtein SHIT? Put it this way i never had issues with any whey diet or regular my whole life, bought a giant ass bag of myprotein diet whey = chronic gas, cramps and shits. Tell their customer services no fucks given, generic reply fobbing me off. Thanks Eddie! Stop recommending this. Much better quality products out there with a customer service. If you'd like a burning ring of fire, no recourse and an empty pocket please be my guest!

    Marc HutchingsMarc Hutchings25 dagen geleden
  • Cool I get it but why is the mix ability so poor?

    NewArtistScoutNewArtistScout27 dagen geleden
  • Lessgo

    CEN TRALCEN TRAL28 dagen geleden
  • I just wanted to be the 1000th comment. Have a nice day also avoid taxes

    Shaggy from scobby doooShaggy from scobby dooo29 dagen geleden
  • My protein scammed me plz help eddie

    Nick BenassuttiNick BenassuttiMaand geleden
  • i miss the og intro 😞

    saucy nonchalancesaucy nonchalanceMaand geleden
  • Is no one gonna talk about the absolute shambles of a mask they got on

    AperuvianboyAperuvianboyMaand geleden
  • 1000th comment

    Chris WoodcockChris WoodcockMaand geleden
  • I've been using Myprotein for a few years and I love their stuff.

    Pimento MoriPimento MoriMaand geleden
  • 13:18 played through it and could of sworn that worker was just feeling up someone's shredded arms

    Justin HinteJustin HinteMaand geleden
  • You really don't get that a piece of tissue with holes in it can't be used as a mask, do you? 😅

    A GA GMaand geleden
  • My protein is cheap because they can provide economies of scale production and vertically integrate so they can control the supply chain

    Michal SMichal SMaand geleden
  • You should've used your chance and tell them to fix their peanut(-butter) flavored proteins, they taste like dog food

    EmirEmirMaand geleden
  • Haven't even received my bloody parcel from myprotein yet. Such shit customer service.

    SallionSallionMaand geleden
  • 'is MyProtein shit?' Also sponsored by MyProtein so obviously this will be bias lol

    StylishGazStylishGazMaand geleden
  • 4:54 great censoring mate

    MitchPolarschwarzMitchPolarschwarzMaand geleden
  • Ready for yodel to dump it in front of my house in the rain 😅 And yes I've got three bags in the kitchen right now as always.

    Damian BrownDamian BrownMaand geleden
  • Are u trying to learn the snatch and clean and jerk or what?

    andrik 321andrik 321Maand geleden
  • Take some tips hahaha

    Chris NapolitanoChris NapolitanoMaand geleden
  • I use myprotine and can not fault them i got a 5kg bag of protine for £35 i baught a 2kg from holland and barretts and it cost me nearly £50. Myprotine is good

    Paul HenryPaul HenryMaand geleden
  • I bought through Eddies discount code back on black friday, and my first experience ( now my last) has been a nightmare. I only got 4 out of 5 items and they wont refund me still i have asked and live chatted and e mailed 6 times now and still nothing. I wish i never dealt with this company . I feel professional people we trust should really check how us little people get treated when it comes to problems with Myprotein. Beware of Myprotein. Go check out Trustpilot and see its not just me

    ThepoolmanThepoolmanMaand geleden
    • @Nick Benassutti hey Nick. Keep pestering as i finally had my fill refund

      ThepoolmanThepoolmanMaand geleden
    • They scammed me too

      Nick BenassuttiNick BenassuttiMaand geleden
  • I placed an order after seeing this video, it never arrived, i think everyone should go over to Trust pilot and read the reviews for the last couple of months, they are literally taking peoples money and not sending the product. Also it is impossible to speak to anyone from the company. Im now £98 out of pocket. AVOID AVOID AVOID... On a side note- im loving the other videos, keep them coming..

    Antony BallAntony BallMaand geleden
  • 1969

    J CJ CMaand geleden
  • This video shd be titled how I tried to destroy myprotien gym equipments

    Justin seahJustin seahMaand geleden
  • Do any English people work there? 🤔

    troyke3troyke3Maand geleden
  • Do we know if their impact whey isolate is ion exchange or CFMR/cold filtered?

    Chezhiyan EChezhiyan EMaand geleden
  • What's S***t?

    Dom CurtisDom CurtisMaand geleden
  • There is any anouther supplements company that has a review like this on youtube ? Great video , mind opening

  • the youtube ID blur didnt know if it was coming or going with those ladies lol

    MathewmartialartMathewmartialartMaand geleden
  • I've always loved Myprotein. Proper European supplements have always been of a far higher quality than the usual US made shite! I used to work for one of the largest (at the time) supplement suppliers in the UK (Discount Supplements based in Essex) I was buying all of my supplements from Myprotein as it was better quality and far cheaper than I could buy from work at near cost price! More than 10 years later, I still only use Myprotein, so it's great to finally see what the place looks like (and how HUGE it has grown as a company)

    Dave KennedyDave KennedyMaand geleden
  • For proper contrast you should take a tour of a “shitty” protein factory. No offense Eddie but this doesn’t prove anything in terms of quality because it is dependent upon the products brought into the factory not just the factory itself.

    Jorge CervantesJorge CervantesMaand geleden
  • I went from an anti-eddie /pro-Thor fan to an pro-Eddie and pro-Thor fan, just because Eddie is such a real and lovely guy!! Love u Eddie 💯💯

    Salvatore SinopoliSalvatore SinopoliMaand geleden
  • "You've heard it straight from the horses mouth" her face hahahaha

    Josh MorisonJosh MorisonMaand geleden
  • Is it me or are there too many asterisks in the title😂

    DroohDroohMaand geleden
  • Eddie are you going to be using more myprotein products now?

    brad youngbrad youngMaand geleden
  • We never saw the ingredients being made and that is the key part of the quality of myprotein. Where are the ingredients being made? That building is a warehouse and myprotein will just be renting space there.

    AJAJMaand geleden
  • Man first landed on the Moon in ‘69.

    New OrderNew OrderMaand geleden
  • Not cheap - low cost

    Christoff AucampChristoff AucampMaand geleden
  • use the term ' inexpensive' sounds better if it's not 'cheap'...

    Dan FontaineDan FontaineMaand geleden
  • Eddie, can you provide a MyProtien bundle or discuss products youd recommend

    Steven McCaffreySteven McCaffreyMaand geleden
  • who else wants to see Eddie Hall test the equipment at a planet fitness

    jay barbelljay barbellMaand geleden
  • I've worked in that The Hut Group Warehouse/factory. Killer shifts. Rude Staff. Decent pay though.

  • Yes Sacha it’s just endocrine and neuro

    Nabeelah KhanNabeelah KhanMaand geleden
  • Wtf was that on the stepper!? Unreal!

    Marc CormierMarc CormierMaand geleden
  • Cheap can mean crap and cheap can mean efficient and it can also mean no bs

    MrDeserteagle411MrDeserteagle411Maand geleden
  • Eddie is the closest person we have to a Saiyan

    Zaid HernandezZaid HernandezMaand geleden
  • Wow. I always thought MyProtein is kinda dodgy but now I see it's a legit stuff... Thanks, Eddie. Can you do Schering next? It's just as important :-)

    Denibull GuantanaDenibull GuantanaMaand geleden
  • This is why men die younger...

    Simply SittingHereSimply SittingHereMaand geleden
  • "Almost like a sterile environment".. yeah not really thou.

    J TJ TMaand geleden
  • Great video this great to see

    Alan RobinsonAlan RobinsonMaand geleden
  • That workout montage at the beginning hahaha

    Callum MacDonaldCallum MacDonaldMaand geleden
  • Omg this is so funny bro just made my day

    Joshua CrossleyJoshua CrossleyMaand geleden
  • The russian lady sounds like a robot.

    A BombA BombMaand geleden
  • How come they're gyms open ?

    Adam KhanAdam KhanMaand geleden
  • You pair are bloody mental 🤣

    Leon AudacityLeon AudacityMaand geleden
  • The 8 rejects from the Xray were most likely verification samples to ensure it was working properly.

    Patrick GronstalPatrick GronstalMaand geleden
  • 13:35 he was definitely told to say this. There was a contaminated batch a while ago that actually had nails in it & I had a bag from that batch which actually had a nail in! Not been near MyProtein since

    Luke EastonLuke EastonMaand geleden
    • No shit?

      Jack Man 13Jack Man 13Maand geleden