Is Mental Health Down To Genetics?

26 jun. 2020
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  • Really interesting video, nice one guys.

    Mr DJRMr DJR4 maanden geleden
  • She is cute.

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  • Yes to some extent but also never forget how environment affects well being.

    keith watkinsonkeith watkinson6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie the beast hall, the cringe lord of video intros haha

    TheRagingManTheRagingMan6 maanden geleden
  • Lucy, mmmm

    everyday learningeveryday learning6 maanden geleden
  • Thanx a lot for posting this and sharing eddie!! This helps a lot!!

    devankar guptadevankar gupta6 maanden geleden
  • 10.27 did eddie lift to the side and fart lol.

    True ScotsmanTrue Scotsman6 maanden geleden
  • I like you Eddie. But I wouldn't get to big headed or underestimate thor.

    bones13bones136 maanden geleden
  • Love your videos Eddie. This conversation really resonated with me because I have mental health problems

    Geoffrey HallGeoffrey Hall6 maanden geleden
  • Lucy the beauty

    Kolby MorganKolby Morgan6 maanden geleden
  • Daaaayum shes cuuuute Lmao

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  • I always thought Eddie was pretty empathetic from his videos. Kinda makes me sad that he isnt.

    NE7078NE70786 maanden geleden
  • Are we not going to talk about the moaning sounds in the background at 4:29😂

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    • Just he’s son having a jerk ses

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  • oxidative stress is present in everything, from exercise to poor food habbits, even thinking consistently creates oxidative stress. How well one handles oxidative stress depends on the biochemistry and state of cellular function/the bodies ability to produce energy. Mental health is entirely reliant on physical human energy and as energy improves so does every single body function such as memory, sex drive etc. The best way to reduce oxidative stress is to relax/rest, remove/reduce carb products and detoxify heavy metals such as copper which is what happens after time and metabolic/cellular recovery. I am glad to see this lady mention oxidative stress, even though she doesn't understand the underlying mechanisms as most of the health establishment does not, i am glad to see more direction towards this area of research, it is important. People also make the grave mistake of believing working more is better than working less, the statement could be no further from the truth, working less is always far more productive.

    Music MusicMusic Music6 maanden geleden
  • Awsome videos We want more videos about this topic maybe realtionship about nutrition and mental health

    Cesar PascualCesar Pascual6 maanden geleden
  • What about that guy in Glasgow anybody heard his story

    Alan HighAlan High6 maanden geleden
  • I think im starting to get depression again after not leaving my house for 3 months

    Stanced AJStanced AJ6 maanden geleden
    • That's a long time. A lot of people feeling the exact same so your not alone. Do you need to self isolate?

      Count EldamarCount Eldamar6 maanden geleden
  • Oh you bet it does.

    Delta187Delta1876 maanden geleden
  • Well done mate👍shows true strength 👍

    David LeighDavid Leigh6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie "The Beast" Hall WSMPhD...shit taker extraordinaire

    Jeremy PruittJeremy Pruitt6 maanden geleden
  • You can talk about mental health all you want if you don't live with it you will never understand. i'm not being mean i'm really not. it is just way to hard to understand if you don't live with it 24/7. i have lived with it all my life and it will crush you like a bug. i'm glad the Beast is talking about his because it is hard to let the world know you live with a problem. Big Beast Fan.

    MYHUMAN68MYHUMAN686 maanden geleden
  • very enjoyable & informative video,...loved it .

    Pete ChampionPete Champion6 maanden geleden
  • I just got a soda stream ad featuring hafthor just before the video started..

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  • Omg I wanna tear off that wallpaper in your kitchen!😂

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  • She is a bad women! God damn!

    Mike TedescoMike Tedesco6 maanden geleden
  • Nice to see you are worried with mental issues. Because you are a FOOD addict and you need to drop 30 kgs at LEAST for the fight and all I see you doing is eating 9k cal for a instagram challenge. You can do this, Eddie, get a sports nutritionist asap!

    Gui AntonioliGui Antonioli6 maanden geleden
  • I just think that thoe world is absurd, bc people are not taking mental health serious bc depression anxiety and other can completely destroy your'e life

    KindaBored 00KindaBored 006 maanden geleden
  • 4:30 -> WTF... what is this sound in the background??

    Silas PfeiferSilas Pfeifer6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie just likes being waited on hand and foot and training all day ha ha ha. Some men need this, but life outside of this, he has difficulty coping with. He has to get a grip on this :( If he doesnt like shopping and taking the kid to school, why did he even marry or have the kid? Men are put into this trap by their own biology people. Most men are like Eddie really, now though we dont need wives or kids for this. No stress, no screaming, his kid thinks he's a toy. No discipline... and he doesnt have a brother, he will never be naturally competitive :(

    Peter BrownPeter Brown6 maanden geleden
  • Did he say Coke ?

    Todd ShawTodd Shaw6 maanden geleden
  • Fair play 2 u Mr Hall, writing a letter to parliament for us fustrated brits is spot on. Goin 2 the gym releases all the tension, frustration from the pressures of everything. This is worth me Subscribing 👍

    Bare foot BaronBare foot Baron6 maanden geleden
    • When did he do that?

      Mixy UploaderMixy Uploader6 maanden geleden

    Ptay TvPtay Tv6 maanden geleden
  • fabulous video, genetics may play a role but with most things its mainly down to how we live our life and how we nourish our bodies with food to reduce anxiety and disease. Also goals and keeping perspective - have aspirations and work towards them but dont overload yourself with expectations! we can be our own worst enemies!

    Katie PKatie P6 maanden geleden
  • Hi. My name is Steph. I dont usually comment. I'm usually a liker. But today I have lost my way. My usual content to distract my shitty day life is the beast, alot of militarily episodes and just trying to better my self and I have yourself to thank for that. Even with a severe spinal injury. I couldn't be more blessed that I'm not paralysed or brain dead. Thankful for every thing I have left. Thank you

    Steph ElliottSteph Elliott6 maanden geleden
  • 10:17 Status update: HYDRATED

    Phoenix WrightPhoenix Wright6 maanden geleden
  • The beast is the best ❤

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  • 'Mental health' is due to a lack of meditation that should be taught to everyone attending school. The mind will always choose to serve its self, the observer of the mind is what we are and lack training of during schooling. Our government doesn't want free thinkers, they want unbalanced individuals they can control via the promise of wealth. Lotto is a prime example. When people 'lose' the power of their mind and see it for what it is - a tool of creation - they cannot be controlled, it is impossible. When the government lies to us, every day, a focused mind is able to see through those lies. Meditate and be free.

    mAdeAglemAdeAgle6 maanden geleden
  • Oxytocin is your coodle hormone. When you give someone a hoog.

    CobraCobra6 maanden geleden
  • That woman is pretty

    Rayniel FloresRayniel Flores6 maanden geleden
  • What is love

    Matt CollinsMatt Collins6 maanden geleden
  • Can't find the description find the muhdo app

    Joe AmorJoe Amor6 maanden geleden
  • Tyson Fury had a very similar experience to Eddie after completing his life goal of world champion. Would be interesting to see these two have a conversation!

    George MilneGeorge Milne6 maanden geleden
    • Yes! Eddie and Tyson get together, some boxing some talking etc. Would be vERY interesting!

      RoisinT2RoisinT26 maanden geleden
  • ❤️

    Ty___ CharlesTy___ Charles6 maanden geleden
  • maybe dehydration is part of your genes

    Joonas HannilaJoonas Hannila6 maanden geleden
  • Cute doctor

    Joonas HannilaJoonas Hannila6 maanden geleden
  • Amazing video!!! Thank you Eddie!!! 👍

    198719871987119871987198716 maanden geleden
  • Sorry, but the idea that mental health is down to genetics is a very dangerous path to go down. It is undermining the various traumas people have had to endure to arrive at a place of mental illness, and sets a dangerous precedent that people can just blame their genetics instead of actually doing work and evaluating what set them on their path. Mental health, while complex, has an air of simplicity to it. Your brain learns from experiences (particularly when growing up) how to respond to any given situation in order for you to "survive". If you are given negative experiences in your formative years or are subject to a massive trauma, it wire's you up wrong and then you, unfortunately, have to put the work in to figure out how you were wired wrong and work long and hard to try correct it. This whole genetics thing has never sat easy with me. I'm a nurture not nature guy. You get out what you put in, not what some random pot luck gave you. As much as that applies to positive endeavours, it also applies to the negative. If you're messed up in some way, there's a tangible reason, not "just cos".

    ActionFigureWithAFlapjackActionFigureWithAFlapjack6 maanden geleden
  • I would love to know all that genetics 🧬 about myself. Don’t own a tv, don’t won’t one... is she married???😊

    Shane KlimpShane Klimp6 maanden geleden
  • Epigenetics is where it's at, it's not what you got it's what you do with it.

    Miky BinnsMiky Binns6 maanden geleden
  • Fed up with the cartoon intro now😏

    Miky BinnsMiky Binns6 maanden geleden
  • 2 small chocolate bars and a whey drink = 45 minutes cardio to do. And the biggest motivation are girls - not the ones at the studio, but the girls I like.

    DerParadonymDerParadonym6 maanden geleden
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover. Eddie is much smarter than you'd expect from a "meat head". Well, except the acupuncture bullshit, haha!

    1Dustin1Dustin6 maanden geleden
  • It would be interesting to see you do a carnivore diet in the future.

    That CuntThat Cunt6 maanden geleden
  • Since I saw Eddie training I now know how important hydration is while I'm training. And since I use vitamin pills (I know fruits are better) everything feels quite nice. Now I have to stop eating sweets, because training after a low carb start in the day literally puts me to sleep again.

    DerParadonymDerParadonym6 maanden geleden
  • Everyone: Can't lift more than a rice sack Eddie: lifts a car😂 and real life kratos... Look at the 8 abs💪

    klinsmann tayklinsmann tay6 maanden geleden
  • Ed is just thinking about going deep inside and just leaving them nutz hang'n out with all kindz of creampie action..all kindz!

    Pencil CubePencil Cube6 maanden geleden
  • My ex had that etopic preg, she could of died too

    Taylor GonzalesTaylor Gonzales6 maanden geleden
  • I assume the people who disliked the video are sat down watching net flix. Plot extension. I heard thor is one of them🤣😂😅

    James BaronJames Baron6 maanden geleden
  • InVitea ticker NVTA if your looking for a strong genetics company to buy into they have a comprehensive cancer screening system, and sell on the NYSE.

    AIsingularityAIAIsingularityAI6 maanden geleden
  • :-)

    DerekDerek6 maanden geleden
  • Its time!!! You cook for the wife!!!

    promary72promary726 maanden geleden
  • Hey have you been hydrating properly? Just asking out of concern.

    NobleSixNobleSix6 maanden geleden
  • Hey Eddie real quick... what are your plans for staying hydrated when fighting the Thor? You can thank Oberst for that lol

    Charles TantoneCharles Tantone6 maanden geleden
  • In my personal situation I think mental health is from genetics it runs through both sides of my family n I’ve suffered for ages, personal life style choices of me being young n being stupid hasn’t helped but I’ve learned to cope so much more now! Going to the gym and exercise has helped me so much

    DD6 maanden geleden
  • Heya Eddie, have you considered talking with the WWE ? i'm sure they'd be interested, ESPECIALLY with your Bout coming up...the $$$ wouldn't hurt you either...

    Rob GreeneRob Greene6 maanden geleden
  • Yup

    Norfolk BoyNorfolk Boy6 maanden geleden
  • Genetics with concomitant infection determine your mental health

    WestCravenVWestCravenV6 maanden geleden
  • Hey Eddie do you have an recommendation on how I should start losing weight or anything? I am 5ft 5in & 280Pounds Any guides you have to link me or anything? People telling me cardio but not telling me what to eat or anything else. Thank you and love you man!

    Mag The MagnificentMag The Magnificent6 maanden geleden
    • I'm 5'9" and 265 lbs----I do bodyweight exercises; It's way harder than weight lifting, but makes you strong as a bull if you stick with it.

      SLWSLW6 maanden geleden
  • omg she's extremely spicy!

    Party QuestParty Quest6 maanden geleden
  • I have such a problem with shutting off the switch at night, which results in me getting around 4 hours of sleep a night. It's so frustrating

    RayzillaRayzilla6 maanden geleden
  • 100%

    laburniby boonelaburniby boone6 maanden geleden
  • I wanted to move the camera down to see her PhDs

    pow shredderpow shredder6 maanden geleden
    • PhDD’s ?

      Barbra AbsalomBarbra Absalom6 maanden geleden
  • Anyone having trouble concentrating because she's so hot?

    Red DwarfRed Dwarf6 maanden geleden
  • folks this klown is extremely unhealthy and by extension insane.

    Exercise IngenuityExercise Ingenuity6 maanden geleden
    • Dave Daniels explain?

      George OsbornGeorge Osborn6 maanden geleden
  • athletes get depressed after competitions because they go off cycle from steroids and that withdrawal causes depression

    Red DwarfRed Dwarf6 maanden geleden
  • Dropping some very valuable content. Thanks a lot Eddie!

    Marcin TrojakMarcin Trojak6 maanden geleden
  • Hey boss she was awesome man hearing about your genetics on how you may act and different things is really cool hey brother I love you guys over there I'm on this side of the pond I was in a bad motorcycle wreck 2013 was in the hospital six months always been a hard worker my whole life I went through a divorce 23 years and everything has went downhill for me man I cartwheeled down the road 10 times on my motorcycle when a car come at me head-on in my lane now I live on a small check every month I don't get the care and need I deserveI lost my baby brother my mother passed away my best friend is just me and my sister now I live in South Carolina I'm from Indiana and I want to go back and start going to the gym they diagnosed me quadriplegic but is there anything that could give me energy to help me want to go to the gym and get stronger I'm weak man my doctor won't help me get a power wheelchair they're hard to get nowadaysI'm 100% disabled I don't understand it and I never will and I'm not asking anybody for anything because that's just wrongif I was living on the system where my check was taking from everybody they would probably give me everything but I'm getting paid from the money taken out of my checks my whole life to take care of me for the time I may have left on this Earth you have an amazing wife and family beautiful family is there any advice you could give me on helping me get healthythanks for anything you could help me with boss,,,👍🏻🇺🇸💪🏼💪🏼👊🏼💥👊🏼💥👊🏼💕🍀

    Roy NelsonRoy Nelson6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie as a fellow Stoke, you have fully inspired me to start my fitness channel, thank you🙏🏻

    Liam TiesteelLiam Tiesteel6 maanden geleden
  • Hope that you decide to come back to the sport. Love watching you lift and compete.

    Christian CampbellChristian Campbell6 maanden geleden
  • eddie shaves his beard at 2 million subs!

    Orlando PocketsOrlando Pockets6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie is my big brother 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 please say me talha you lazy man get up and train and forget your crush or im gonna punch you instead of thor

    DaDaDee OfficialDaDaDee Official6 maanden geleden
  • 4:20 "End of the day, everyone has to sit down and take a shit like everybody else." This is probably the most important line in the video (out of an extremely informative 22 minutes) and one of the best aphorisms anyone can ever be told. The very second you assimilate this essential truth in life, you'll stop being afraid of anything.

    SavnetSinnSavnetSinn6 maanden geleden
  • Impresionate!!! Abrazo desde Argentina

    Nes VargasNes Vargas6 maanden geleden
  • As someone who struggles with high anxiety and depression, and the so called "work a-holic" issue. I have found motivation to get off the medications and get a workout in. Thank you Eddie!!! You are a huge roll model, even though you are younger then me. Big love to The Beast

    Daniel FrericksDaniel Frericks6 maanden geleden
  • Thor has one more phd than Eddie

    David BaxendaleDavid Baxendale6 maanden geleden
  • Having mental health issues myself, suffering from Extreme Anxiety and Major Depression, I can tell you it's environmental and spiritual. (Genetics is the Physical Form of our Spirituality... the physical manifestation of our trueselves)) My anxiety is so bad at times, that no matter how tired I am and even after taking the strongest prescription sleeping pills on the market (seroquel), my anxiety will keep me up for days. It's the reason why I can't hold full-time jobs anymore. And with the lack of sleep is when my depression starts kicking in. It's something that started around 3 years ago. Exercise helps, of course. I found that the more I learned about how the world REALLY works and what happens behind the Fake-Veneer that society displays on the outside the more depressed I became. It is certainly a struggle that I live with everyday, but something that I have also come to terms with. I'm on this Earth for a reason, and no matter how much I despise the reality that my Soul currently inhabits, there is really nothing I can do about it, so I had to find a way to adjust. 'You can't change the world if you can't change yourself.' For me, I have an over-abundance of Empathy. I can always sense the energy other people in the room are putting out, which directly affects me mentally, and is why I prefer being in the company of animals over humans. I'm what you call an Adult Indigo. Mental health is environmental, of course mental and ALWAYS Spiritual. When I say spiritual, I am not talking about religion but more of a Buddhist/Jainist Philosophy. Depression and anxiety are caused by our surroundings and it is our ego's way of dealing with outside influences. For most people, psychedelics will help you along the journey, more so than any prescription drug ever will. Doing a sessions of Mushrooms and ESPECIALLY Ayahuasca will give you an introverted perspective of yourself and bring you on a spiritual journey. You need to understand what is going on inside you first before you can understand why it's happening and why your mental health is suffering because of it. It's getting down to the ROOT of the problem and what caused it. Everything in the physical realm ALWAYS has a Spiritual Backdrop to it. It's like a high rise building. If it doesn't have a strong foundation (your spirituality, your inner self) the whole thing will come crumbling down, no matter how strong the structure is on the outside. It's a constant battle and it will always be a journey. Where you go and where you end up, is up to you. :) MENTAL HEALTH=SPIRITUAL DESPAIR

    The Shadow SovereignThe Shadow Sovereign6 maanden geleden
    • Bro, ur overcomplicating things. Seeing your mental state as caused by the outside world too much. Ur overthinking and overworrying about everything. Try to stop thinking, stop putting all your time and effort into digging for problems and issues and worries. Set a goal and work towards that. Like exercising or work. Try both even as I do. Work towards your goals and work on your mental health to keep you on track. But don't focus too much on your mental health and psychedelics and problems and everything you are describing. Ur digging your hole only deeper when you are trying to find what's beneath it.

      tiger bendtiger bend6 maanden geleden
    • Stanley Smith i aven’t suffered from anxiety

      George OsbornGeorge Osborn6 maanden geleden
    • Everyone’s suffered from anxiety. if you’ve ever worried about anything, that’s anxiety. You’re 100% right today’s environment is making people depressed and there’s a lot of pressure on people even though their life isn’t hard. It’s a weird one. Wishing you strength man take care 👍🏻

      DEBT KODEBT KO6 maanden geleden
  • Exercise. Diet. And the lifestyle and people you surround yourself with makes a big difference. But it goes alot deeper. Job. And alot of people feel as if they just work to pay bills these days. Where is the enjoyment in just going bill to bill. Depression can touch anybody. Sometimes a tragedy in your life kicks you back into gear. As it happened to me. I'm at the point if I can feed my kids. And give them a good life then I'm more than happy. But different strokes for different folks sort of thing.

    paul bakerpaul baker6 maanden geleden
  • Cut social media out of your life, OR if you have the willpower limit yourself to 5 minutes a day. Literally time yourself.

    Ryan JensenRyan Jensen6 maanden geleden
  • Has any one have a contact for the woman in the video.She really seems to know her stuff!I would love to get my genes tested!!

    Alan MoranAlan Moran6 maanden geleden
  • Thought someone was having an orgasm in the background!

    PocketRocket7PocketRocket76 maanden geleden
  • Oblivion is a PED confirmed

    Buffoonus TroglodytusBuffoonus Troglodytus6 maanden geleden
  • That into is brilliant 😂 eddie hall the supersayin

    Dale JohnsonDale Johnson6 maanden geleden
  • Mental health is a big struggle Iv struggled with it for years and years. Eddi is such a good influence top man Eddie 👍🏻👊🏻💪🏻

    Gary FranklinGary Franklin6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie is addicted to roids though

    Jack EffJack Eff6 maanden geleden
  • Respect for your sharing and helping others

    al baileyal bailey6 maanden geleden
  • Such a great video, so informative!

    Katie ShuttKatie Shutt6 maanden geleden
  • 👍👍💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Austin pAustin p6 maanden geleden
  • Love the way Eddie is so big that he takes up more than half the screen ahaha

    Killian CurranKillian Curran6 maanden geleden
  • Who’s the chick

    Mike KMike K6 maanden geleden
  • Talking about the highs and lows is beneficial to others that may be going through the same. Well done!

    Scott DePanfilisScott DePanfilis6 maanden geleden