How I'm Getting Fitter For my Fight Against Thor | Rest day Cardio session

3 jul. 2020
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Team Beast

  • Hey Eddie, who the hell you think you are, you’re just a little guy

    Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar23 dagen geleden
  • Good job your body is on point keep going your gonna kick Thor’s ass

    henan lihenan li4 maanden geleden
  • **hits subscribe button as fast as possible**

    Jaeger MannJaeger Mann4 maanden geleden
  • Like too school girls grow up

    Paul RandallPaul Randall4 maanden geleden
  • I’m really rooting for you

    Chris ForbesChris Forbes4 maanden geleden
  • No one noticed the fact that Eddie did the bonk meme in the thumbnail lol

    Tofu BoiTofu Boi4 maanden geleden
  • Anyone know what fitness tracker/app Eddie is using here?

    Eric YoungEric Young4 maanden geleden
  • cardio and boxing lessons (wich pretty much is cardio too) is all he needs, he already has the power to knock out everyone.

    MampfieMampfie4 maanden geleden
  • Oh,man! I feel sorry to see you doing burpies! Keep up,you gonna kick Thor's ass!

    Laurentiu GheorgheLaurentiu Gheorghe4 maanden geleden
  • The start bit when he said he would jump through the screen and rip my head off if i didn't subscribe, i thought to myself, i could probably out run Eddie so i'd be OK, then i subscribed anyways.

    Martin PatersonMartin Paterson4 maanden geleden
  • Thor isn't a challenge for Eddie but that exercycle almost killed him lol GOODLUCK EDDIIE KICK THORS ASS.

    TiredandDisgustedTiredandDisgusted4 maanden geleden
  • I like Eddie he doesn't seem like a stuck up asshole like alot of other people not naming names but a whole lot of them he seems humble .

    TiredandDisgustedTiredandDisgusted4 maanden geleden
  • I your videos but could you lower the music Volume a little we can alway turn our volume up the Voices were at a great Volume. Thanks and keep up the good work. I'm excited about he fight.

    Steven NelsonSteven Nelson4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie Hall always a joker but when his inner demon comes out its all over. My $$$ is on you Eddie to knock Thors teeth out.

    Anthony McqueenAnthony Mcqueen4 maanden geleden
  • Eddie am afraid your exposing too much of our game plan to the enemy!

    Alvaro GuerraAlvaro Guerra4 maanden geleden
  • Ya big lug! First thing yer gonna do if you come thru the screen is clean up the mess! My sweetie is a small mean woman! and she won't put up with any of your shiet. Good on ya big boy.

    alvin warealvin ware4 maanden geleden
  • Take a lesson from Brian Shaw, be humble and remain humble

    Bob MarleyBob Marley4 maanden geleden
  • A single ab oh his is the size of my bicep... And my arms are 13 or 14 inches around :(

    An Old FlameAn Old Flame4 maanden geleden
  • I think you still have a llot of fat on Your belly, you should do a severe diet to get fit, IT will improve your speed

    Carlos ReinaCarlos Reina4 maanden geleden
  • All the machine look like godamn toys compare to Eddie xD

    Garry HostGarry Host4 maanden geleden
  • He makes that bat look like a damned toothpick!

    im2randomghghim2randomghgh5 maanden geleden
  • Eddie you're the fucking man. I'd love to smash a training session with you some day! keep up the good work!

    adam barzelayadam barzelay5 maanden geleden
  • Why are they fighting, this is stupid. The power involved with a punch to the head here could be life altering. Don't do this fight of that's actually on the table. Use your brain muscle. Petty feud isn't worth the risk

    animals don't lieanimals don't lie5 maanden geleden
  • I subscribed bro pls don't end me

    TEREX gamingTEREX gaming5 maanden geleden
  • liked and subbed Hard yakka Eddie. what is your normal resting heart rate?

    kev mckev mc5 maanden geleden
  • I'm just hoping you both shake hands after the fight and become friends

    Henrik ParsgaardHenrik Parsgaard5 maanden geleden
  • I heard Thor is being trained by Mike Tyson who's showing him how to properly bite ears off🤯🥶

    Confesor ValentinConfesor Valentin5 maanden geleden
  • i don't like the way you bad mouth Thor, i hope you lose

    Tom WoolyTom Wooly5 maanden geleden

    bigtonutzbigtonutz5 maanden geleden

    bigtonutzbigtonutz5 maanden geleden
  • Aerobic base, you need it

    ..5 maanden geleden
  • Music is horse shit

    CRAZY SHADY!CRAZY SHADY!5 maanden geleden
  • Holy shit, I didn’t know how many professional boxing coaches watched Eddie hall. I’m assuming 95% of the people telling Eddie what he should be doing have never stepped in a boxing ring, nor never had anything to do with boxing except watching it from their couch.

    Blaine KennedyBlaine Kennedy5 maanden geleden
  • I genuinely thought Eddie was going to be nice and hand the shoe back 😹😹

    Only MeOnly Me5 maanden geleden
  • Eddie Hall brings the strongman persona. The best always have style! The confidence and small amount arrogance is how a strongman should portray himself. This is not a man that should tip toe around talking about how everyone else is excellent and got him where he is!

    Tim EbertTim Ebert5 maanden geleden
  • the winner of this fight should go against Rico Verhoeven 🤣

    Di YorDi Yor5 maanden geleden
  • My money is on the God Halfthor

    Singularity AwaitsSingularity Awaits5 maanden geleden
  • Rumour has it that Eddie has been spotted on the m8 on a rowing machine.

    Guy FawkesGuy Fawkes5 maanden geleden
  • Eddie mate your gonna kick his ass I don’t care what anyone says u can do it

    Jordan GapperJordan Gapper5 maanden geleden
  • Got to ask eddie is there another WSM in the bag after the fight mate

    Jonathan StuartJonathan Stuart5 maanden geleden
  • Bloody hell eddie i could feel that baseball bat hitting my guts,feeling sorry for thor mate keep it up butty looking awesome👍

    Jonathan StuartJonathan Stuart5 maanden geleden
  • 3:49 eddie, pls... do thor dirty in the parking lot after the match. Good luck, keep up the good work. Huge motivational figure!

    Gaute HGaute H5 maanden geleden
    • @Adam MoloneyI clearly didn't think this plan thru.

      Gaute HGaute H5 maanden geleden
    • The parking lot in the hospital has lots of cameras covering the handicapped bays and I don't think Eddie will wait around long enough for Thor to recover. It could take months until he's ready to get into his wheelchair.

      Adam MoloneyAdam Moloney5 maanden geleden
  • Beast!

    Connor WoodConnor Wood6 maanden geleden
  • Ref: lets have a fair punching fight Eddie while boxing: 3:47

    CleonCleon6 maanden geleden
  • $100,000 for eddie vs thor

    Mys Terious FactsMys Terious Facts6 maanden geleden
  • Aunty Jack Aussie first to say come through screen and rip your head off Good old Aussie comedy

    Natthakan CarrNatthakan Carr6 maanden geleden
  • Rip bas 😔

    Lewis MartinLewis Martin6 maanden geleden
  • 8 x 3 = 32.

    Fabricio pessoaFabricio pessoa6 maanden geleden
  • That thumbnail is fucked up

    Steve ColbySteve Colby6 maanden geleden
  • this guys test has to be over 9000

    Luc iusLuc ius6 maanden geleden
  • Wow. I haven't watched a Eddie episode since the fight announcement. He is really looking fitter since then. I'm a little amazed that he is able to do thoes exercises aswell, considering he's weight and general explosive build. Keep it up Eddie. Regardless how the fight goes, you are looking alot healthier with this type of training.

    FreeX LancerFreeX Lancer6 maanden geleden
  • At the end with the bat; considers a tug of war with Eddie, then thinks better of it and immediately surrenders 😂

    James SchofieldJames Schofield6 maanden geleden
  • So this shit is still on 😂🤣 2017 man, c'mon you & thor tryna gain limelight from that even now in the name of fight ? Smh

    Nikhil SNikhil S6 maanden geleden
  • Sorry, but IMHO, beginning intro for subscribers was in bad taste.

    I am on Cloud 9I am on Cloud 96 maanden geleden
  • Hes fighting thor?

    Ethan MEthan M6 maanden geleden
  • I want to see Eddie hit some dingers

    r gr g6 maanden geleden
  • You scared me into subscribing. Big it up!

    JonathanJonathan6 maanden geleden
  • The fight that will never happen whos he trying to kidd , 😂😂thats right all the daft gets that will listen 😂😂👊👊👏👏

    Anthony DriverAnthony Driver6 maanden geleden
  • You should do some cupping get that bad blood 🩸 out the system it will cleanse your system

    Umar FarooqUmar Farooq6 maanden geleden
  • Knock that cry baby back to ASGARD!!! Come on EDDIE!!!!!!

    Umar FarooqUmar Farooq6 maanden geleden
  • I might be strong but not as strong as u buddy with out dedication and training lol people are funny

    Corrie ChristianCorrie Christian6 maanden geleden
  • reception desk : see you tomorrow chuck, owe that Machine needs new cables🤠😏.

    blackjack floatblackjack float6 maanden geleden
  • eddie you may be stronger then thor but hes a good foot taller then you which means his reach is way longer. he could punch you and you wont even be able to reach him... him being incredible strong and 6 foot 9 is bad for you bro.

    JustGassyJustGassy6 maanden geleden
  • The next ksi

    Roman NavarroRoman Navarro6 maanden geleden
  • hey eddie, your bday is jan 14th 88, mine is jan 19th 89. we have so much in common regarding humor haha, hope to meet you one day man!

    Eclipse538Eclipse5386 maanden geleden
  • I like how in the documentary born strong Eddie jokes after he retires he’ll take up boxing to make his wife mad and here he is training to fight

    Carson HatchCarson Hatch6 maanden geleden
  • When you are that big, burpees are not a cardio exercise, it's more like a 10 rep max.

    Dexterity9Dexterity96 maanden geleden
  • Are doing bat slams that good of a workout? Or was it just to help bring in all the smaller muscles he might use for punching?

    T NorrisT Norris6 maanden geleden
  • Dude I can wait to see you beat the shit out of Thor! Stay true to yourself and stay classy when you do. Good luck my friend

    Mitchell GlazeMitchell Glaze6 maanden geleden
  • Eddie "ok I'm training for a fight with the fucking mountain." Weirdos in the comment section going off over masturbation .....weird flex but ok

    Matthew RobinsonMatthew Robinson6 maanden geleden
  • Put some bloody intensity into it.

    Matthew DusslerMatthew Dussler6 maanden geleden
  • Wait... are u guys actually fighting? I thought this was just a minor feud? Are u fighting in a boxing ring or octagon?

    SpecialDetermenceSpecialDetermence6 maanden geleden
  • But is he hydrated tho

    AnotherStayathomeDadAnotherStayathomeDad6 maanden geleden
  • "Rest day"

    The Emo EmuThe Emo Emu6 maanden geleden
  • U definitely can’t fight you fatass overweight pussy 🤣💀

    Jay CaballeroJay Caballero6 maanden geleden
  • This camera person is so unsteady I'm getting a headache

    JudoKilliJudoKilli6 maanden geleden
  • i subscribed just cuz he scared me

    TheBestGamerEver1226TheBestGamerEver12266 maanden geleden
  • This is what he considers a rest day cardio session? Mate i have a hard time getting out me chair and walking to the fridge to grab a mountain dew or somethin

    ManfuManfu6 maanden geleden
  • Iv never seen a man with a belly that big with a six pack imagine Daniel Cormier with a six pack aha

    MIKE TYTHONMIKE TYTHON6 maanden geleden
  • That’s a pretty terrible kettlebell swing technique. No glutes, just arms.

    kmdankmdan6 maanden geleden
  • Subbed because of the nice "please" @09:58

    qrogueukqrogueuk6 maanden geleden
  • Sub'd please don't rip my head off sir.

    Anthony CleavesAnthony Cleaves6 maanden geleden
  • If Eddie went back to a strongman competition I wonder if he would be better or worse than he was 🤔

    Bandito_Main07Bandito_Main076 maanden geleden
  • Eddie is literally going to die

    Fatnugzz GamingFatnugzz Gaming6 maanden geleden
  • There's no way Thor will have the stamina, Eddie will beat him on that alone

    Nate Wylie StudiosNate Wylie Studios6 maanden geleden
  • Is it just me or is Eddie taking this way more seriously than Thor?

    Paul FrostPaul Frost6 maanden geleden
  • what background music is this

    Brian Carlo RiveraBrian Carlo Rivera6 maanden geleden
  • he got a big belly because all the chemical and grow hormon this wont never get fit

    RomainRomain6 maanden geleden
  • From now on if I'm doing burpees and struggling and gonna remind myself that if Eddie Hall can shift that weight then I can shift my fat ass too!

    Mark CoullMark Coull6 maanden geleden
  • Eddies calves on the prowler👀💪🏽

    Charlie Crowe TVCharlie Crowe TV6 maanden geleden
  • Just a small question Eddie ... What type of computer games do you play or like watching . Greetings from Leeds ... x

    leighmossien2009leighmossien20096 maanden geleden
  • The rowing machine is moving

    Jake ThompsonJake Thompson6 maanden geleden
  • its so hard to be scared of such a nice guy 🤣

    xXToxicGamerXxxXToxicGamerXx6 maanden geleden
  • You need to get some more cardio done Eddie! Remember the Oxygen muscle ratio! Energy comes by it! All that muscle on your body needs a boatload of oxygen! Your like a horse! Love from Norway 💪

    Vegard BekkenVegard Bekken6 maanden geleden
  • Anybody know what hes using to track his heartrate at 4:07?

    Brad FlemingBrad Fleming6 maanden geleden
    • He probably is using an app that connects to a smart watch on his left wrist. Beyond that I have no idea.

      Minty MisfitMinty Misfit6 maanden geleden
  • Y’all gotta CrossFit workout goin on kinda

    Outsider OutdoorsOutsider Outdoors6 maanden geleden
  • While you’re trying to rip it off With your thumb up your bum, hope you know you’ll have the middle bird in each of your eye’s.

    RandomizerRandomizer6 maanden geleden
  • Dam your trip out my lil brother when you said your gunna come through the screen and rip your head off LMAO good stuff 👍👍👍

    Benjamin 123Benjamin 1236 maanden geleden
  • While this whole fight thing seems childish...I am so excited to watch it! Haha. Hopefully you knock him out!

    Austin GentryAustin Gentry6 maanden geleden
  • 1 grown man pushing a bat against another grown man's ass. Must be a british thing.

    Mavrck2711Mavrck27116 maanden geleden