EXPOSED! Cheating scandal at Worlds Strongest Man | Hafthor Bjornsson

17 mei. 2020
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Team Beast

  • not gonna lie, when I first watched the doc. i kinda already believed Thor's statements w/out doing the research myself but now it's pretty clear Eddie won fair.

    Michael PorterMichael Porter8 maanden geleden
    • Eddie hall true sportsman through and through also absolutely genuine guy who deserved his win 100%

      Neil PrescottNeil PrescottDag geleden
    • @Eddie 'The Beast' Hall I always knew you had won fairly. You have a superior drive to win.

      Kevin MayerKevin Mayer2 dagen geleden
    • I dont watch the sport but even i knew this i saw a video with this footage a long time ago and i think we all know you won by a lot more and that thor is just a sore loser and bad sport

      Anthony CasertaAnthony Caserta2 dagen geleden
    • Even if it is only one point difference Eddie deserves the Win not only did he follow the rules but I think he could have done more even if Thor had had 15 Eddie would have just done 16 and by the way how Eddie let's us make up our own minds about this Shows sportmansship and Honesty also makes an Man strong

      Freddie FreseFreddie Frese2 dagen geleden
    • @WNS if he actually put some strength in it and tried most definitely

      Jose GutierrezJose Gutierrez3 dagen geleden
  • I guess you cant grow dignity at the gym...

    Horus LupercalHorus Lupercal55 minuten geleden
  • The beast won fair and square!!

    Grant ThomasGrant ThomasUur geleden
  • Power is nothing without control. Sadly Thor lost control on the viking press .. this is sport .

    Dearden JamesonDearden JamesonUur geleden
  • Eddie won this one fair and simple

    elwood palmerelwood palmerUur geleden
  • Eddie won but I can understand how someone straight after the event gets twisted and believes they were cheated. That happens ALL the time in sport. It’s when they don’t come around after the heat of the moment has died down that it becomes truly character revealing.

    MrLowkeynzMrLowkeynzUur geleden
  • Sweetheart, the best man won, the true champion won and it wasn’t Thor. I’m sorry u even have to make a video defending your title but I’m glad u did. You proved to yourself that day you won now you proved to the world you truly are a warrior.

    Jessica HontzJessica Hontz2 uur geleden
  • i havent watched it yet and have only come across ur vlogs and i have one thing to say eddie u could not cheat because u cant cheat ur self x

    laura robinsonlaura robinson3 uur geleden
  • Sore loser

    Pratham Somaiah PraveenPratham Somaiah Praveen4 uur geleden
  • Ngl, from the footage it's quite obvious Eddie won fair and square..

    Mikael OlssonMikael Olsson4 uur geleden
  • What's up with that dudes lip?

    Clever Username clClever Username cl6 uur geleden
  • I never liked Thor he was always to cocky for me and seemed spoiled. Also a big fucking cry baby.

    Cris AddisCris Addis7 uur geleden
  • Did Thor have a stroke? Dude doesn't look totally healthy

    Kyle RaeKyle Rae9 uur geleden
  • F bad loosers. Great job Eddie.

    Simple DudeSimple Dude9 uur geleden
  • You suck...ok you made it this far.. Eddie fucking won without a doubt. I do also feel the mountain could have won but simply made a mistake. Honestly either way eddie deserves this even if the mountain could have won. You get it eddie!!!

    Ascended ZeroAscended Zero9 uur geleden
  • wow... Halfthor seems like the least likable person in the sport, thanks for the info Eddie.

    TheCCPfearsANZTheCCPfearsANZ9 uur geleden
  • I think everybody is pretty harsh on eddie. He acted wrong yeah but a man swearing on his daughter would do anything. Its not good on him to act that way but i can atleast understand the man and sympathise.

    Magic X NinjaMagic X Ninja10 uur geleden
  • Disappointed in Big Thor, man. Stole Eddie’s moment. I can see frustration in the moment but to carry it over past the competition is unnecessary. Congrats Champ, Eddie Hall!

    JMILZ5150JMILZ515010 uur geleden
  • So he fouls but you cheated. What a cry baby he is.

    gilbert hardygilbert hardy11 uur geleden
  • I watched it live (I was rooting for Brian Shaw) and thought Thor was mistaken even then. After the behind the scenes video and the side by side footage, its beyond shadow of a doubt that Eddie won fair and square. It also makes it worse for Thor that they broke down the rules before hand.

    Joseph GwaltneyJoseph Gwaltney11 uur geleden
  • I used to hate world strongest Man till I've watched most of Eddie's NLworld videos his video's have made alot of people in England curious and they end up loving the sport.

    Christopher MarfleetChristopher Marfleet12 uur geleden
  • First I must pay my respects to you and all the athletes that compete. That is impressive work. I enjoy watching these types of events to see what the human body can do. I saw in the videos the mountain did not complete the last rep. Congrats on that win and title sir.

    UndeadMonkeyUndeadMonkey13 uur geleden
  • Eddie simply the best can’t beat a Stokey lad🏋🏻‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🇬🇧🤫🙏

    GEORGE IkinGEORGE Ikin13 uur geleden
  • Thor’s form and attitude was about as good as the last season of Game of Thrones.

    AutomaticMilkAutomaticMilk13 uur geleden
  • Hes a thor loser. Poor guy

    Bryce ClementBryce Clement14 uur geleden
  • he's like Donald Trump looking for votes and everyone around him is telling him he's right

    FrankieBeansFrankieBeans14 uur geleden
  • Man.. Thor is like Trump.. can't take a loss. I guess integrity is lost in adulthood these days.

    BlueVenom ProductionsBlueVenom Productions15 uur geleden
  • Crystal Clear. Eddie Hall won honestly and fairly. Hafthor Bjornsson lost the competition but then so much more in how he unable to handle it. I respectfully suggest Eddie gives no further energy here. Not needed. Eddie's feats and sportsmanship endure as this video above only confirms. To paraphrase Mark Twain, arguing with a fool makes two of them. You're way better than that and everyone who counts knows it.

    Barney MusicianBarney Musician15 uur geleden
    • Ok, I just watched your latest training videos for this grudge match. Looking good. I still think you should flip this gig, he's just not worthy. Could you perhaps leave him with his impotent rage in the ring fighting his own demons he clearly needs to confront and instead host a children's tea party. Get this clearly excellent film maker here with 2 crews to film Thor Loser waiting in veins whilst you order more jelly and ice cream and turn in to a climbing frame for the kids. That's a definitive knockout.

      Barney MusicianBarney Musician15 uur geleden
  • Eddie won WITHOUT QUESTION and in the comparison, you can see that his technique was also far superior - clean cut and leaves no doubts.

    treetoxtreetox16 uur geleden
  • I agree that it was eddie who won.... but "EXPOSED CHEAT BLA BLA BLA" comming from one of the competitors in question is kinda lame

    Si DaSi Da17 uur geleden
  • It's a shame to see another TV celebrity become "too great to lose"

    Burst CityBurst City17 uur geleden
  • Him being so happy with his 14 reps in the first place and not claiming anything then says enough.

    Fda FzeaFda Fzea19 uur geleden
  • Eddie Hall for president

    Fen Net.Fen Net.19 uur geleden
  • If you gave me a bat to fight you with I would put it down and beg for my life lol

    bryan peacockbryan peacock19 uur geleden
  • It's clear from the film of the shoulder press event that Eddie did win. Also his arm and shoulder press movements were very good and easy to watch the clean cut style. That would really have been the end of it. To lose to Eddie by one press would be no dishonour at all. Most mortals couldn't achieve one lift. Why this lives on is because of the loser . Sadly he his non acceptance of the fair result only takes the spotlamp of the winner

    STEVEN Langdon-GriffithsSTEVEN Langdon-Griffiths19 uur geleden
  • The ref was so scared Thor was gonna attack him when delivering the news look at the distance he keeps the whole time.

    Captain HunchNutsCaptain HunchNuts20 uur geleden
  • World's biggest baby

    Air DestroyersAir Destroyers20 uur geleden
  • Only recently heard about this. The video makes it clear. Eddie, your reps were much cleaner and you coulda done more if required. I loved watching you win Eddie and its sad Thor behaved like such a cry baby. You did us proud Eddie! WELL DONE!

    Stephen WhiddettStephen Whiddett21 uur geleden
  • You earned my respect.. Rooting for you on your boxing match

    llEdokllllEdokll22 uur geleden
  • I stand with Eddie!

    Adam W-MAdam W-M22 uur geleden
  • Why does that guy talk out the side of his face?

    Medusa CharterMedusa Charter22 uur geleden
  • Thor the crybaby Bjornsson

    DAVID TDAVID T23 uur geleden
  • There is no mistake no cheating and no doubt you are the world's strongest man 💪.

    louis broulouis brou23 uur geleden
  • Thor, an absolute embarresment to strong man. I have seen little girls with more dignity and certainly more of a moral code. As if using his daughter as a bargaining tool would suddenly overturn the refs decision and win him the title. No sportmans handshake at the end on the podium was sickening to watch. Thor, you have lost my respect. I doubt you will get it back in the ring either even if by some miracle you win. If you loose you will cry like a baby again and say you where robbed. Stay blessed Eddie.

    Mervin TelfordMervin Telford23 uur geleden
  • does 4 bad presses.. one gets taken away.. result 14... does no bad presses (at least no warnings to hear) and gets 15... who won !

    SikoMCSikoMCDag geleden
  • Congratulations Eddie, World Strongest Man 2017. Well done!

    Toni PanayotovToni PanayotovDag geleden
  • In all honesty, I have no idea what's happening lol

    DoubleDOwnageDoubleDOwnageDag geleden
  • Dear Eddie, you won FULL STOP. I have seen this video many times and its plain to see Thor was faltering. He tried to cheat but he was caught. It is that simple. As for the boxing match. Tyson was the smallest boxer yet he destroyed everything and everyone put in front of him. Eddie your the best good luck I everything you do.

    Truth HurtsTruth HurtsDag geleden
  • I know it has nothing to do with the video, but your teeth are absolutely beautiful. I was busy staring at them for the entire intro

    Amit HamburgAmit HamburgDag geleden
  • losing is part of competition sometimes and to state Žydrūnas Savickas: "You can't win everything."

    vincelordvincelordDag geleden
  • wheres the controversy? man i love thor but its clear as day, love ya eddie!

    420sumthing420sumthingDag geleden
  • Thor just isn't someone that can be respected, he wins his WSM title and STILL bitches

    Jc PasleyJc PasleyDag geleden
  • Congrats Mr. Hall, you deserved that win!

    GustavoGustavoDag geleden
  • I don't favor either men, Keep in mind Hafthor has farther to lift and push in each event, Eddie has better technique and did it cleaner and that is why we are here it's a toss up

    ExplodingtrapsExplodingtrapsDag geleden

  • Why Eddie retired?

    PNPPNPDag geleden
  • Did Thor have a stroke. Seriously.......His face looks like he's had a stroke before.

    blooneyfulblooneyfulDag geleden
    • No, Bell's Palsy

      The Eye Of TruthThe Eye Of Truth14 uur geleden
    • @Explodingtraps No, why do you say that? He had Bell's Palsy

      The Eye Of TruthThe Eye Of Truth14 uur geleden
    • Yes he did

      ExplodingtrapsExplodingtrapsDag geleden
  • Love big Z’s interview, “if you look this way I am 8 times wsm winner” 😂

    Ryan ClarkeRyan ClarkeDag geleden
    • Big statement. Shows a lot of sportsmanship. Good winner, great loser, amazing guy

      Grand PapaGrand Papa2 uur geleden
  • Eddie could have done a couple more if needed .Clearly Thor got lucky with a few of those reps not holding his up position before told to release and dubiously locking his elbows .Just hope Eddie smashes his face in when they fight and give him another L

    FreezinFuryFreezinFuryDag geleden
  • Thor TRULY only got 12 reps tbh. He just got hurt cause he LOST. he even SAID IT!!!!! He lost!!!!! He never even got the 14 he was GIVEN!!!!!! You ABSOLUTELY deserved that win!!!! Dont you EVER doubt it!!! You've always been MY beast as I suffer from autism and being an amputee. And you can do ANYTHING you let your body do. And that day. You LET YOUR BODY WIN. 100% Its really pathetic to try and take that from you cause he THOUGHT he should win?? SAD

    Thanoseid PogThanoseid PogDag geleden
  • Thor is being a cry baby on this one.

    DHRDHRDag geleden
  • Using your daughter is low

    Ronnie Dobs GamingRonnie Dobs GamingDag geleden
  • Eddie won for sure Thor lost

    Ronnie Dobs GamingRonnie Dobs GamingDag geleden
  • Eddie was tight throughout. Thor was kinda sloppy. No hate to Thor.

    Double Oh 7 _Double Oh 7 _Dag geleden
  • Wow, turns out Eddie was cheated, hands down, Eddie looked much better. Basically thore a shit sour loser.

    Trevor NashTrevor NashDag geleden
  • No one complained about the last rep til eddie pushed out 15 reps and I'm sure Eddie had another couple reps left in him anyway.

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua WilliamsDag geleden
  • The irony is that the question now becomes; would he ever have won if it hadnt been for Hall retiering? Probably not, cause he is a bitch and a hater. Way to go Hall, undefeated and undisputed champ.

    dicethewisedicethewiseDag geleden
    • You clearly don't watch strongman otherwise you would know that Eddie only beat Thor once in his entire career.

      The Eye Of TruthThe Eye Of Truth14 uur geleden
  • Thor is still the man. Hope he kicks some ass in the upcoming boxing match against that fat British dude.

    L RL RDag geleden
  • 17:30-18:00... Bjornsson is using the movement/momentum of the weights in cart or whatever you want to call it...he is putting the weights down early before they stop moving inside...its easier to lift the farther back the weights he is trying to bring the weights down and back up quickly before the weights inside shift closer to him making it easier to lift...that is why he is not locking his elbows and waiting for the down doing that you are lifting less weight than someone that is locking elbows and waiting for the weights inside to stop can easily see that he is trying to lift when the weights inside are shifting away from him...

    METO UMETO UDag geleden
  • You're a legend here in the UK and world Eddie ⚔️💪⚔️

    Nick ReynoldsNick ReynoldsDag geleden
  • what did Hafthor snort up his nose right before lifting? is that legal in strongman? looked like a cokehead doing a bump before work. at 9:12 you can see it in his hand. at 9:16, it looks like he breaks it open and sniffs it. what is it?

    O.D.O.D.Dag geleden
  • Is this British filmmaker really a neutral 3rd party?? Might as well have halls mother doing this and claiming to be a neutral 3rd party

    METO UMETO UDag geleden
  • 15:50-16:00..the way the ref covered his face and looked down as he was walking away looks a little suspicious...but at the end of the day hall had the advantage of knowing what he needed to win and if bjornsson got the 15 hall could/would have just done another rep...if he had the time...he did not complain about not getting the rep until after hall went...if he really thought he should get it he would have said something don't wait until after because u also want the psychological advantage of having the higher number to beat as well...something is definitely not right

    METO UMETO UDag geleden
  • Loving the Thanos bust.

    Ja CJa CDag geleden
  • 13:20-13:30...hall looks like he has a bad case of deceivers delight...that does not look like a natural reaction of someone that just reached their life long goal...looks more like someone that is trying to get away with something..

    METO UMETO UDag geleden
  • Yupp ya

    Alan O NeillAlan O NeillDag geleden
  • Unless the weights can be raised and lowered a shorter not saying hall had an advantage cause I don't know if everyone started with the weights at the same height but my guess would be they could be raised and lowered slightly

    METO UMETO UDag geleden
  • guys is it me or has THOR had a stroke!! his face one side has dropped in this video , as for sportsmanship Eddie you are a true gent , i just think in my opinion thor should be checked out

    terrirogersvalleterrirogersvalleDag geleden
    • He has bells palsy

      Anthony MartinezAnthony Martinez3 uur geleden
  • Was pretty clear in the video - Eddie got it, Hapthor didn't...the rest is just poor losing. Yeah, it sucks - but it's proved in the video.

    kurorreachkurorreachDag geleden
  • Why was Thor’s face bent like that

  • Perfect opportunity to point that if this was about being critical of covid or supporting Trump it would have been banned. It striking to see how many people support censorship these days. And all the fake and paid ''fact checkers''. Imagine mister Eddie Hall was silenced and the win was giving to Hafthor. That's the hard reality where we are in right now.

    fanfamfanfamDag geleden
  • as far as I'm concerned hafthor wanted it too badly... couldn't let it go... happens to the best of us ...

    MichaelMichaelDag geleden
  • Hafthor B-j-ornsson. Classic

    IceFrogIceFrogDag geleden
  • Did I really just watch a video where a group of men who all use steroids accuse someone of cheating?

    B BlutarskyB BlutarskyDag geleden
    • @B Blutarsky As I said before, (but must repeat for you) you've done, and continue to do nothing but prove me right in every account. 😂

      GrossmanGrossman11 uur geleden
    • @B Blutarsky Hey look at that, you managed to, once again, miss every single point I made. At this point I'm beginning to suspect you're just a troll, because I don't want to believe a person genuinely THIS inerrantly stupid. But, as you haven't grasped a SINGLE one of the things i've thus far said, I don't imagine, troll or painfully stupid, that that's about to change. I'm not particularly intelligent, barely above average in fact, so that should give you a hint as to how shockingly atrophied that lump of sponge in your head is. But once again, (there's a great deal of need to say things multiple times for folks like you) have missed LITERALLY every point I've made, and EVERY underlying principle entailed; so i've little hope. If you're a troll, you're not even a very good one. If you're genuinely this brain-dead, please don't vote or reproduce or anything like that. Do society a favor. 😂

      GrossmanGrossman11 uur geleden
    • @Grossman If you sit there denying that all of these men are on steroids, you're the one who needs an education. My proof is the men themselves. Show me one man that size and strength who isn't taking steroids. You may as well argue whether Schrodinger's cat is alive or dead. I assure you that my education far surpasses whatever community college degree you managed to attain, and therefore feel it a waste of time to argue semantics with a person of such limited intellect. If you have a man crush on a bunch of steroid-injecting behemoths, that's on you. I know the truth as does the rest of the educated world.

      B BlutarskyB Blutarsky12 uur geleden
    • @B Blutarsky Not only are you (unsurprisingly) still missing the points, but the burden of proof lies with you. (Assuming you even know what the phrase "burden of proof" means." Hitchens' razor: Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. As you've thus far, as you've supplied not even the barest piece of evidence to support your, we therefore have nothing to discuss, son. That is simply one issue among many with your asinine drivel that i've decided to expound slightly upon. Many yet remain; but i've neither the desire, nor the years required to explain it all unto such as yourself. With that being said, if you want to have a real conversation here, start with a high school level education in all the relevant subjects. No doubt this too, shall go right over your head.

      GrossmanGrossman12 uur geleden
    • @Grossman I clearly stated that they all cheat by taking one or more forms of illegal steroids. Prove me wrong.

      B BlutarskyB Blutarsky17 uur geleden
  • Lol he thinks he's the best cause he's the biggest well guess what there's only ONE eddddddie THE BEAST HAALLLLLL!!! Never doubted you my guy.

    Lethal_JakeLethal_JakeDag geleden
  • Bjornsson is weak minded an easily manipulated by those weasels, punks and hangers on he calls his friends.

    YorkazunaYorkazunaDag geleden
  • I believe given the form, Eddie could have pushed to 18-20, but he didn't have to.

    VoidraMusicVoidraMusicDag geleden
  • Lost all respect for Thor after this. Eddie won fair and square. Even if Thor had got 15, Eddie went after him and would've got 16. Thor using his daughter as emotional blackmail, is ridiculous and uncalled for. Eddie got robbed of the glory of winning due to Thor being a baby and thinking an event that happened while there was still events left to do, caused him to lose. No dude you could've still won, but you didn't.

    Justin KellyJustin KellyDag geleden
  • Nope.

    CARN1V0RCARN1V0RDag geleden
  • It’s very obvious you won. I’m sorry your teammate was not up par on the sportsmanship. Definitely lost my respect as well, now he’s just a 7foot tall pussy.

    Terri NutTerri NutDag geleden
  • Big Thor cheating. Eddie’s reps were perfect. Think Thor should of had a few more reps took of him. Only got them because of who he is. Had it of been any of the other guys they wouldn’t have counted.

    Cooper SheridanCooper SheridanDag geleden
  • Let's say they completed the same number of reps. Eddie had cleaner reps and completed his faster. I like HJB, but in this case, yes, Eddie was the definitive winner in this competition.

    Wayland CWayland CDag geleden
  • Just watched his fight. You got this easy.

    Ron WittRon WittDag geleden
  • 👌🏾

    Amar sAmar sDag geleden
  • dude swearing on his daughter is disgusting

    xFLASH BANGxxFLASH BANGxDag geleden
    • @Valmerix cause he was wrong and he knows it

      xFLASH BANGxxFLASH BANGx19 minuten geleden
    • how?

      ValmerixValmerix58 minuten geleden
  • The most forbidden documentary in history... “Europa The Last Battle” at archive dot org

    Ronnie JonesRonnie JonesDag geleden
  • Eddie hall did 15 perfect reps what the hell is Thor whining for???

    Yasser TimimyYasser TimimyDag geleden
  • was the side by side , both audio's running ? as down instruction is relivant to counted lifts ! ref at the start says double dipping is not an exact science . waiting for down instruction is , both last lifts looked a bit leggy , thors more so . i imagine they both broke down instructions too . none of this covers event changes which the piece i read complained about .fight should be interesting , both in stripped out racing snake condition , lol . seconds out ding ding

    monkey dupmonkey dupDag geleden
  • but why was eddie allowed shorter lockout times, though?

    okdghdokdghdDag geleden
  • Hafthor is an Actor! Eddie is not.. enough said.

    Clint WestwoodClint WestwoodDag geleden
    • That's dumb.

      Sushi SandwichesSushi Sandwiches21 uur geleden