501kg Deadlift | THOR, The fight is ON!!!

3 mei. 2020
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Big Love
Team Beast

  • Thor is a little girl in the way he has acted

    Lukas VinesLukas VinesDag geleden
  • Eddie Thor has got under year skin, do not allow this to mess with your mind! Anger is rash thinking, remember ur a great man not a cheat! Remember u did 500 kg the rest is not that important. Mark Shaw.

    markAlan ShawmarkAlan Shaw2 dagen geleden
  • Bro!!! I fucking love you!!! Cause I know that black hole that we journey to ... that black hole that sucks in even the brightest light, and sees only us walk the fuck out of it!!!

    Thanoseid PogThanoseid Pog2 dagen geleden
  • Home gym Hero 🤣

    Shubham RahangdaleShubham Rahangdale2 dagen geleden
  • hell ya eddie

    Amar GostoAmar Gosto2 dagen geleden
  • Difference is eddie doesn't look like popeye or like he's going to shout ADRIAN

    Liam FeatherstoneLiam Featherstone3 dagen geleden
  • look at this mans face, like a kid in a candyshop. poor Thor.

    Bart PhilipsBart Philips3 dagen geleden
  • May the beast be with you

    MBE EntertainmentsMBE Entertainments3 dagen geleden
  • Eddy ‘I’ve always been the short one’ Hall 6’2

    QuodgeQuodge4 dagen geleden

    Alexander PeterlinAlexander Peterlin4 dagen geleden
  • Sure they wouldn't have a fake fight and pretend the beef for drama to get more people to watch than if they were doing it for charity...besides...exactly how interesting of a fight between 2 people that can't wipe their own ass after taking a dump can it possibly be...a frickin hot dog eating contest would get more people interested than a fight

    METO UMETO U5 dagen geleden
  • These comments are enough to make Thor freeze....

    Byrom TaylorByrom Taylor6 dagen geleden
  • 👍👍👍🤓🤓🤓the beast is best

    Neil PrescottNeil Prescott6 dagen geleden
  • Has any competition happened by now ???

    ThE JoKeRThE JoKeR6 dagen geleden
  • When is it?

    Rob SempleRob Semple7 dagen geleden
    • September this year

      luke Adamsluke Adams7 dagen geleden
  • Thor is about to get owned big time.

    RichypRichyp7 dagen geleden
  • Okay so I've actually been keeping up with this because combat sports is my s***! I'm also as of now about 76% correct on my betting, and just from what I've seen in training videos... Eddie is gonna legitimately hurt Thor. Eddie's punches and combos are super fucking clean and fast as lighting for his size. I'm actually legitimately scared for thor because if he get hit in the temple by Eddie that could seriously kill him.

    Jacob ToddJacob Todd7 dagen geleden
  • Eddie has a great personality.

    shifzzz sshifzzz s7 dagen geleden
  • Brecca v. Beowulf

    Michael DoddMichael Dodd7 dagen geleden
  • In a duel with small swords both of them are fOcked ...

    Wolfhound UnitWolfhound Unit8 dagen geleden
  • My money is on Eddie all day every day

    BearDurangoLIBearDurangoLI8 dagen geleden
  • Who else knows that Eddie was in the junior swimming Olympics team once?

    Ayush AnandAyush Anand8 dagen geleden
  • Hay Edd why your teeth blue? lol, not going to wish you good luck I don't need to, you got this. Only one last thing I hope both walkout healthy and leave the ring with all the negativity left behind, live your life in good health, without that you got nothing! no matter how much money you have.

    MidnightMidnight12 dagen geleden
  • winner fights against Pudzian. :D

    nadia kanadia ka12 dagen geleden
  • Oh jeez I wouldn't want to be the enemy of Eddie

    AchillionAchillion13 dagen geleden
  • Holy shit I can’t fucking wait

    Loggin LoganLoggin Logan13 dagen geleden
  • That sent chiles down my spine. Eddie YOUR going to F**K this p***k up and I can’t wait. 👊🏼🤘🏻💪🏻

    Chris McNabChris McNab17 dagen geleden
  • Thor. Is tall. And week to the body. I think you'll box his he'd off just work on Abit of foot movement . Coz. He's got the reach advantage so would help to be able to just step back counter. Or work your angles I'm team Eddie 100%. And as for world's strongest Man 2017. Eddie Won easy. Could of done many more lifts . And Thor. Hit his limit even double dipped so u could see he was struggling. Eddie Won fair and square

    Drew KingDrew King18 dagen geleden
    • @10_of _spades I'm going on about the world's strongest Man. 2017 Eddie could of easily done a few more but just done enough. Won fair an square facts. And. I don't no about Thor's gim lift and don't really care Tbh and. Ye Thor is a big slow target. He can't even through a punch right. Lol and I agree there. I think they both guna gas Hella quick 😆 but hopefully there's a ko lol

      Drew KingDrew King17 dagen geleden
    • Eddie was the one struggling actually Thor could have likely got 520 kg... Also wtf? Thor is naturally more agile and had more finesse than eddie.thor has actually practiced fighting in movies. Also thors stamina is better I feel like eddies gonna gass out hella quick.

      10_of _spades10_of _spades17 dagen geleden
  • yeah but can we talk about how perfect eddies teeth are

    foopofoopo19 dagen geleden
    • yes, do that

      usframeusframe6 dagen geleden
  • This acc scared me 🤣 Thor is a dead man like imagine having a street fight with this zeplin of a man 😭🤣

    arthur farnabyarthur farnaby20 dagen geleden
  • Good luck Eddie much love brother

    Douglas ArmourDouglas Armour20 dagen geleden
  • wtf that ending scared me and it wasn't even for me

    Riley StogsdillRiley Stogsdill21 dag geleden
  • Idk Eddie big but thors bigger I still got faith in Eddie though

    Tyler MartinTyler Martin22 dagen geleden
  • imagine these to bellends trying to box, was is it? 3 rounds and they still will be gassed to fuck.

    TeddyTeddy23 dagen geleden
  • Hafthor does not stand a chance against Eddie.Eddie has more boxing experience, please make our country pround dude! 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    rrobsrrobs24 dagen geleden
    • Thor has fighting experience too and he has more stamina and finnese

      10_of _spades10_of _spades17 dagen geleden
  • I hate how Eddie worked so hard all his life and Thor has undermined eddies greatest achievement because he’s sour that he was simply not the better man that day in 2017

    Ricky LeleuxRicky Leleux27 dagen geleden
  • oh my my my ❤️ love this BEAST 💥

    Gyanangkush BorgohainGyanangkush Borgohain27 dagen geleden
  • Eddy you are the best

    john Koshelukjohn Kosheluk27 dagen geleden
  • He is hafthor and will never be wholethor.

    LP40 DoggLP40 DoggMaand geleden
  • Watching this 7 months later and eddie has stuck to everything he has said and is truly a BEAST Thor is in BIG trouble😂

    Jona OttewellJona OttewellMaand geleden
  • Big the beast fuck him up bro 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Karl JamesKarl JamesMaand geleden
  • what i keep thinking is who the fuck will ref this? and how many people will it take to saperate them if they get in a brawl? and what happens if eddie accidentaly punches the ref? will he die? will he go to another realm? will he go to another universe?

    Shady GamingShady GamingMaand geleden
  • Thor is the douchebag of Strongmen

    Joshua GregoryJoshua GregoryMaand geleden
  • re watching this in December and i still shat my pants when he gave the personal message

    RYOSLIXRYOSLIXMaand geleden
  • Huge fan specially for ur 500kg lift, Im just scare shitless listening to u speak, good luck to The Mountain and a speedy recovery for the beatdown

    José LeãoJosé LeãoMaand geleden
  • Hell yea

    Robert SpurrierRobert SpurrierMaand geleden
  • talk yo shit

    Steez MouseSteez MouseMaand geleden
  • I hope you stay safe and healthy Eddie, we all know you have the will to conquer but just know when to stop please

    Dan TaylorDan TaylorMaand geleden
  • Right on

    Throttle and ClutchThrottle and ClutchMaand geleden
  • The funniest part of all this pushing around is these two guys have enormous respect for each other but they've been told to stir the waters to garner some public momentum for the big fight.

    maxavailmaxavailMaand geleden
  • Fuck him up Eddie!!

    West End Feat. GamingWest End Feat. GamingMaand geleden
  • Thor is the best

    Niman SinghNiman SinghMaand geleden
  • Eddie is gonna need mass amounts of HYDRATION.

    MAGGZ __MAGGZ __Maand geleden
  • Been watching Gattaca?

    Dan QuinnDan QuinnMaand geleden
  • God I fuckin love it

    Frosty FreefallFrosty FreefallMaand geleden
  • Scary shit

    robin patriciorobin patricioMaand geleden
  • Eddie Hall wish I could b there to see u win Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie

    Cj GroveCj GroveMaand geleden
  • Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie

    Cj GroveCj GroveMaand geleden
  • eddie look like fat draven in the picture

    icantenternamedontbegme lolwhaticantenternamedontbegme lolwhatMaand geleden
  • Let’s go my fellow Englishman

    The meme lord 27The meme lord 27Maand geleden
  • It all ends in the ring I'm scared

    The ShadowThe ShadowMaand geleden

    BRUTEBRUTEMaand geleden
  • Is this fight still on? Im going with my idol Eddie Hall!

    Ace AlcuazAce AlcuazMaand geleden
  • Eddie is ganna fuck this foo up

    Margaret DesatoffMargaret DesatoffMaand geleden
  • That Power!!! It's over 9000!!!!!

    0dDbalL 11380dDbalL 11382 maanden geleden
  • He’s not even talking to me and I’m intimidated 😂

    JoeJoe2 maanden geleden

    tyler chapmantyler chapman2 maanden geleden
  • This aura ....its so powerful , the words hit harder than my father's belt

    StunnerStunner2 maanden geleden
  • Eddie's angriness over thor's comments and his focus for the win will get him the result

    CrickCrick2 maanden geleden
  • give us more of world strongest man on the ring...we wanna see them also

    Audi AudiAudi Audi2 maanden geleden
  • I think eddie hall and hafthor bjornsson should do worlds strongest man 1 more time

    Azhan AliAzhan Ali2 maanden geleden
  • Eddie already broke one persons ribs and made another cough up blood through body pads ( not naming names ) and this is just in training. I really don’t think Eddie is fucking about 😬

    Rachel HobbsRachel Hobbs2 maanden geleden
  • hahaha this is like a WWE promo. If you're ready for The Beast vs Thor, gimme a hell yeah! Edit: ..with special guest referee: Brian Shaw!!

    Leyland FoizeyLeyland Foizey2 maanden geleden
  • Dude you are funny taking on the contract on cam hehe, cheers mate i'll watch from here, poor guy cant come to UK to watch or anywhere else

    Thusitha wedisingeThusitha wedisinge2 maanden geleden
  • The ref is gonna have to have balls of steel.

    Mrcs15kMrcs15k2 maanden geleden
  • Who else can see Eddie making a WWE appearance after he wins this fight? His outro about the “cold dark place” was worthy of Jake The Snake! 😁👊🏻🐍

    One3rdNinjaOne3rdNinja2 maanden geleden
  • Less go

    JacobKJacobK2 maanden geleden
  • I LOVE how he just smilled though it all

    andLikeTubermandandLikeTubermand2 maanden geleden
  • When is it actually going to happen?

    Rebekah ChapmanRebekah Chapman2 maanden geleden
  • Scared for Thor

    Mahad AdnanMahad Adnan2 maanden geleden
  • please stop! Someone just lifted 537.5 kgs. :)

    Parash Raj BhatParash Raj Bhat2 maanden geleden
  • Underrated comment but it would be great to see Big Boy fight Eddie Hall

    Alex MasonAlex Mason2 maanden geleden
  • Dang that's a hard core acceptance..just don't kill each other. You both are legends!!!

    Chris LodgeChris Lodge2 maanden geleden
  • I love how he can still swim well despite swimming in his teen years.

    Misses WitchMisses Witch2 maanden geleden
  • This man got fucking hypnotized to lift 500 kilos. He kept deranged thoughts about his family getting hurt to unlock the adrenaline to do it. Myyyy money is on Eddie not mr. "I swear on my daughter".

    Jude RosaireJude Rosaire2 maanden geleden
  • 😅

    Rigel BerlingeriRigel Berlingeri2 maanden geleden
  • Ok, facts! Edie, was grown in a high risk area, He was a mechanic for trucks, he was training every day, and he's an ex bouncer, with some National swimming records🤘 Thor, he pulled 501 at the convenience of the living room, while doing face time....not cool. However Edie will beat him silly the shit out of him!🤘🤘🤘 If bets....my $$$ on Edie. U go Edie🤘🤘🇦🇺👺🇦🇺👹 I hope Thor is ready, this ain't GOT crap. Is going to Hurt A Lot🤘👹🇦🇺👺

    Forris VourvopoulosForris Vourvopoulos2 maanden geleden
  • Wtf is this... why aren’t we analysing this in English?

    David dDavid d2 maanden geleden
  • Mr Hall, I stumbled across your videos at random, and have been very impressed with your feats and accomplishments, as well as your good nature! You've made me a fan of strength sports. I think your rivalry with Bjornsson will make you both stronger, so good luck. Oh, and how about popping down to the gym to pick up, oh I don't know, maybe ... 502 kilos sometime soon?

    Troy TerryTroy Terry2 maanden geleden
  • Let’s go Eddie!!!!! I love you!!! You will destroy him!!!

    Party WeenerParty Weener2 maanden geleden
  • How am I only just seeing this ? ?? Go on Ed !

    William MayerWilliam Mayer2 maanden geleden
  • Yeah

    Zyro Is qtZyro Is qt2 maanden geleden
  • Practice punches underwater..it'll improve strength and speed

    Harvey GilsonHarvey Gilson2 maanden geleden
  • If you ain't play this at least 3 times in a row....You're not a man.

    Yvar WareYvar Ware2 maanden geleden
  • Give that sissy her pants back cuz someones called him a cheat 😱😂😂😂😂

    Hamid FrnzlHamid Frnzl2 maanden geleden
  • hahahaha hafthor doesn't stand a chance man, he' such an ego maniac.

    demonpride1975demonpride19752 maanden geleden
  • i used to respect hafthor.....i don't anymore, he comes across as smug and arrogant and not at all like the decent man i saw many years previous doing charity work, eddie comes across as a man who is genuinely angry,he has that kind of focus and dedication i can only dream of, i believe nothing hafthor says at this point,eddie has the face and the air of someone who has been genuinely wronged...eddie, do your best and leave it all in the ring

    Benjamin FortesBenjamin Fortes2 maanden geleden
  • I think thor 501 lift is fake

    Rishikesh AryaRishikesh Arya2 maanden geleden
  • If Eddie Hall looked me in the eye with pure passionate anger I would die right then and there

    Noah NeelsNoah Neels2 maanden geleden
  • Come on Eddie beat the shit out of him 🥊

    Alex BryantAlex Bryant2 maanden geleden